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guitar_guest: Hi Guys!

kissarmygeneral74 asks: Hi Bruce , was wondering is you and Eric have spent any time with Paul and Gene lately, and if so.. what might a fly on the wall hear?
guitar_guest: I've been so busy with Union that I haven't had a chance to see the guys
guitar_guest: I always kind of get good info on them because I know people that work with them
guitar_guest: if we all get together, we'd talk about touring, and what's up with everybody
guitar_guest: we're very comfortable with each other...
guitar_guest: in the beginning it was more difficult, but no stress now

wess_34482 asks: What kind of guitar do you like to play the most ?
guitar_guest: I have a couple Les Pauls and ESP guitars
guitar_guest: they're like family to me
guitar_guest: it would be very hard for me to break into one guitar
guitar_guest: but I can do a show and be very happy with just 2 guitars

shred01_2000 asks: How did Union start? How did everyone meet?
guitar_guest: Me and John.. by Nikki Six
guitar_guest: once we were happy with things, we looked for a drummer and bass player
guitar_guest: Brent is Canadian... plays many instruments...
guitar_guest: he came to LA to be in a band

froggy_69_fury asks: Will UNION ever consider covering any KISS classics, if so which one?
guitar_guest: We did, as a favor to fans and fanzines in Argentina and Sweden
guitar_guest: we knew they wanted to hear some classics
guitar_guest: Watching You.. Parasite....
guitar_guest: It was fun
guitar_guest: But we don't want to be a KISS cover band, y'know?
guitar_guest: *laughs*

down_on_the_farm_69 asks: how has your style of playing changed krom the days w/ kiss???
guitar_guest: In some ways my approach is the same
guitar_guest: But I'm not playing necessarily in the KISS mindset
guitar_guest: I had more freedom than you'd think with KISS
guitar_guest: but with Union , cowriting the songs, it's more "me"

shred01_2000 asks: What's your gear setup?
guitar_guest: Pretty basic
guitar_guest: I'm trying a new marshal tsl
guitar_guest: but I have the 900 series dual reverb
guitar_guest: 100 watt
guitar_guest: they serve me extremely well
guitar_guest: I'm looking forward to the 2000 tsl
guitar_guest: triple solo lead
guitar_guest: I use vintage marshall cabinets
guitar_guest: pedal board with a chorus, wahwah, delay
guitar_guest: a phaser and a boss distortion
guitar_guest: that's basically it
guitar_guest: I can make a lot of noise out of all of that

penguin_54636 asks: What was the decision for pulling out of the Poison tour? I had heard Union was tentaviley scheduled to play the summer tour, & i thought it would've given the band great exposure
guitar_guest: We want to do it
guitar_guest: We didn't pull out
guitar_guest: the promoter of the event couldn't work 5 bands out
guitar_guest: that was the problem
guitar_guest: we respect that decision

mtn_kiki asks: Where was you favorite tour spot!
guitar_guest: I love anywhere with a great crowd
guitar_guest: It could be in my backyard or in S. America
guitar_guest: I have to admit that S. American fans are very passionate
guitar_guest: same with some Midwestern cities
guitar_guest: I really like the Midwest

kissarmygeneral74 asks: Do you still any of "those" costumes from the 80's KISS years???
guitar_guest: No, most of them were left in the warehouse
guitar_guest: they weren't something I'd be seen wearing
guitar_guest: sometimes boots, jacket, or a shirt... but
guitar_guest: nothing else

steve_1968_ca asks: What kind of guitar preferences do you have when performing live?
guitar_guest: I've been an ESP endorser for many years now
guitar_guest: they do well live
guitar_guest: The signature model got discontinued unfortunately
guitar_guest: some regular vintage strats...
guitar_guest: and a 90's Les Paul
guitar_guest: I don't like using expensive vintage gear on the road

ainboden asks: you've collaborated with a lot of people so far - is there anyone else left that you'd like to work with?
guitar_guest: I"m envious of the Black Crowes working with Jimmy Page
guitar_guest: what about Robert Plant.... Paul McCartney.. that would be really cool

shred01_2000 asks: When did you first pick up a guitar and what inspired you to begin playing?
guitar_guest: I was probably about 10 years old
guitar_guest: My brother started to learn
guitar_guest: I was like "I wanna do that"
guitar_guest: One of our cousins had an acoustic
guitar_guest: It came pretty natural
guitar_guest: Never stopped

nyc_ratm_chick asks: what do you think of today's rock/rap unions?
guitar_guest: Some of it is really cool
guitar_guest: and some if it doesn't work
guitar_guest: I'm always a big fan of really strong melodies and a great groove
guitar_guest: some of it has it, and some of it's just a lot of noise

Union_98 asks: In the past, you've played bass occasionally - what's your favorite axe?
guitar_guest: I do have an ESP bass that's very friendly
guitar_guest: I have a red Precision
guitar_guest: but my first love was an EB3... from Cream...
guitar_guest: they're like an SG

sasee_gerl asks: glad to hear u got your guitar back after having it stole at the indy expo......what was your first reaction when u got it back???........was it all intact?
guitar_guest: It was completely intact
guitar_guest: I was very excited
guitar_guest: I went back to the mail center
guitar_guest: the lady who does my mail told me there was a big box
guitar_guest: turned out it was sent completely duct taped
guitar_guest: I don't think anyone knew what it was
guitar_guest: as soon it caught my eye, sitting there, I was like "Oh my God"
guitar_guest: I was very happy

nyc_ratm_chick asks: if u werent a musician, what would yo be doing?
guitar_guest: I always liked building things
guitar_guest: even with music. putting together a song
guitar_guest: so maybe an architect....
guitar_guest: I don't know if that would really work but I think about that
guitar_guest: the factors of practicality, art, creativity..... of making a building

steve_1968_ca asks: The music industry is a very competitive field to get in to nowadays but what are some of your suggestions for someone like myself to have a chance at the brass ring?
guitar_guest: It's always been difficult
guitar_guest: I think it's important to make your own path
guitar_guest: Do what you like
guitar_guest: Learn from the people you enjoy
guitar_guest: but don't be a clone of anybody
guitar_guest: That won't help you
guitar_guest: Individuality is key
guitar_guest: Learn how to write a good song

malenurse_98 asks: what kind of amp,, tube or transistor?
guitar_guest: Tube fan... but that's for volume
guitar_guest: It's amazing what people have come up with
guitar_guest: with imitating tubes

steve_1968_ca asks: It seems that a lot of big bands are doing smaller venues...Are you considering doing this yourself?
guitar_guest: Right now, Union is still considered new
guitar_guest: We have to start working in clubs
guitar_guest: We have to let people know who you are
guitar_guest: If you're big enough to play theaters, it's good sometimes
guitar_guest: But we're still in our baby stages of growth
guitar_guest: I enjoyed it when KISS played clubs
guitar_guest: We had a great time

continental_3 asks: Bruce I really enjoy your solo in 'thrills in the night' did you have to work at that one?
guitar_guest: All of them were a labor of love
guitar_guest: I don't remember it being particularly difficult
guitar_guest: I was happy with it

shred01_2000 asks: How do you go about songwriting?
guitar_guest: Sometimes it just starts with a cool rhythm part or an insteresting riff
guitar_guest: it just grows
guitar_guest: a germ of an idea.....
guitar_guest: it just feels right
guitar_guest: Sometimes you don't get all the parts
guitar_guest: so you put it away
guitar_guest: and look at it again later
guitar_guest: I'll show it to John, and he'll have a take on it, for example

continental_3 asks: Bruce, if I may one more! Van Halen is tredding water, and AC/DC and Def Leppard have contributed recently, do you think hard rock of the 80's genre is about to re-establish itself? I have a feeling the public really misses it.
guitar_guest: I think the public DOES miss it
guitar_guest: music is very diverse right now
guitar_guest: it's hard to get the recognition
guitar_guest: it is out there more now though
guitar_guest: VH1 is supporting it
guitar_guest: and MTV barely does any music at all
guitar_guest: Union may be new but our roots are in the classic years

ainboden asks: what do you think of the current media fueled connection between music and violence?
guitar_guest: I think that it's sometimes overblown
guitar_guest: Music has always been there to release emotions
guitar_guest: getting angst out... or make love to
guitar_guest: I don't believe that some kid is gonna create violence because of music
guitar_guest: if they do, it's a parenting or chemical imbalance thing
guitar_guest: we all should have a basic knowledge of right and wrong
guitar_guest: obviously someone who takes a gun to school has bigger problems than a band he listens to

steve_1968_ca asks: We all know that rock is your ultimate style but what are other types of music that has been beneficial towards your style of playing today?
guitar_guest: Good question
guitar_guest: The first time I heard Stravinsky... I thought it was brilliant
guitar_guest: not necessarily an influence but it was fantastic
guitar_guest: I fell in love with Bill Evans, a piano player
guitar_guest: Incredible... choice of chords... melodic structure... so amazing
guitar_guest: it really opened my ears
guitar_guest: I think, also, Chopin
guitar_guest: At some point I was studying piano and I learned some of these things
guitar_guest: His preludes are brilliant

kissero_70 asks: Are you planing to release a Solo Album??
guitar_guest: Not yet.
guitar_guest: Union is my priority
guitar_guest: but I do want to do one
guitar_guest: So far I"ve just recorded ideas
guitar_guest: When the time is right I look forward to doing it

Rick9977015 asks: Hey Bruce what do you think about MTV this days?
guitar_guest: I prefer VH1
guitar_guest: Although the girl ain't bad looking on MTV

ladyinwhitesatain_44231 asks: do you have a favorite kind of pick?
guitar_guest: I always play with nylon
guitar_guest: Jim Dunlap, 73 millimeters
guitar_guest: it's the most comfortable
guitar_guest: different materials don't feel right

mjharvey316 asks: What is it like being a famous rock guitarist?
guitar_guest: Well in some ways it's very rewarding
guitar_guest: but everybody has to deal with certain things in life
guitar_guest: I'm proud of it though
guitar_guest: I'm suprised by how much people are moved by my music
guitar_guest: If I worked at Taco Bell I doubt people would be moved by me as much

kissero_70 asks: what do you remember about your recent Sweden-Argentinian Tour??
guitar_guest: That was a lot of fun.. had a great time
guitar_guest: It was great being an international touring baned
guitar_guest: band

widowmaker2000_us asks: What Strings do you use?
guitar_guest: SIT... 10's...
guitar_guest: 9's and 10's

Robert8473 asks: What was your favorite album you have ever worked on??
guitar_guest: I love The Blue Room but I don't wanna say that since it's so recent
guitar_guest: Revenge showcased a lot of guitar work for me

steve_1968_ca asks: What were some of your favorite memorable times with KISS?
guitar_guest: Certainly Madison Square Garden, since I'm from New York
guitar_guest: Playing for over 100,000 people in England....
guitar_guest: I see pictures and just think "wow"

bigman2051 asks: did you ever feel stage fright or were you ever nervous at the beginning of your professional career?
guitar_guest: I always would get butterflies
guitar_guest: but I get less lately
guitar_guest: but if Union plays an arena I'd get scared again
guitar_guest: there's nothing like it
guitar_guest: it gets the adrenaline going

widowmaker2000_us asks: What are your goals for Union in 2000
guitar_guest: We're so new, so we need exposure
guitar_guest: Get them hip to what we're doing
guitar_guest: Some KISS fans haven't heard of Union yet
guitar_guest: They have to give it a chance
guitar_guest: It's very much my vision

continental_3 asks: Hi Bruce! your solos are legendary and you truly made your own statement!. Are you planning to follow traditional solo styles which were non-existent in the 90's?
guitar_guest: If you pick up The Blue Room you'll hear a solo in every song
guitar_guest: It's a good point
guitar_guest: all of a sudden it became not cool to have a guitar solo
guitar_guest: I think people like them
guitar_guest: I'm here to do it for them

jnateb asks: Bruce who do you think that in the rock and roll area that has the best chance of staying around and become legends like KISS, Van Halen, etc?
guitar_guest: of the new groups, it's hard to say
guitar_guest: the turnaround in bands' popularity has gotten shorter
guitar_guest: not sure why

widowmaker2000_us asks: Bruce, is it true you did alot of the Guitar work on KISS's PsycoCircus LP?
guitar_guest: I helped Paul with the demos
guitar_guest: The only guitar work is on Within
guitar_guest: There are some solos where the styles are much more KISS
guitar_guest: but I didn't play them
guitar_guest: but I took it as a compliment

t_squared_35 asks: Do you feel that being a founding member of Union that you have more freedom to write songs, etc. than you were able to in KISS
guitar_guest: Absolutely
guitar_guest: In KISS Gene & Paul would normally sing the songs
guitar_guest: So basically there's a huge difference
guitar_guest: in KISS i complimented it

nohopestilll asks: What are your hobbies on your time off?
guitar_guest: Well, my dog Joe
guitar_guest: I like to play with him
guitar_guest: Bond with a pet.... keeps you centered
guitar_guest: it's not competitive like the music business
guitar_guest: I like movies
guitar_guest: doing to dinner.....
guitar_guest: I go see bands, hang out...
guitar_guest: sometimes I jam with other guys from Union
guitar_guest: at the Baked Potato in LA
guitar_guest: I love TV... Sopranos, Star Trek...Ally McBeal
guitar_guest: It all varies

sasee_gerl asks: do u think u, paul, and gene will ever work together again?
guitar_guest: I don't think there will be a band called KISS with that lineup
guitar_guest: I'd like to think that I could work with them on some end though
guitar_guest: whatever that may be

patoonya33 asks: how is your current tour with Union going?
guitar_guest: It starts Thursday.
guitar_guest: we did a show on Saturday in S. California
guitar_guest: But it really hasn't started yet

sigknight asks: how did you get the opportunity to audition for kiss?
guitar_guest: my brother knew them
guitar_guest: I had some other people in NY that had mentioned me
guitar_guest: I kinda walked in on a situation
guitar_guest: they needed a temp person
guitar_guest: when Mark St. John got ill and couldn't tour, they couldn't wait for a brand new guitar player
guitar_guest: I looked at it as a temp thing too
guitar_guest: I never thought it would be 12 years

stuffdadd12 asks: I am learning guitar do you have any advice?
guitar_guest: Go slow
guitar_guest: Really listen
guitar_guest: Be patient
guitar_guest: Try very hard
guitar_guest: Have fun with it
guitar_guest: Kind of like going to the gym to get a new body

reigth asks: Ever thought of teaching Guitar?
guitar_guest: I used to teach, actually...
guitar_guest: really little school in Queens
guitar_guest: used to pick up some extra dough a long time ago
guitar_guest: sometimes it felt like babysitting
guitar_guest: but it was pretty interesting
guitar_guest: I had some young kids
guitar_guest: but most of them were pretty hip
guitar_guest: <- shameless self promotion

berrykeeper asks: Which band does your brother play with?
guitar_guest: He produces now
guitar_guest: He's not in a band of his own right now

gee_dub_ya_busch asks: What is your opinion of Yngwie Malmsteen??
guitar_guest: He's a very talented guitarist
guitar_guest: He has a great tone, vibrato...
guitar_guest: i'm not a big fan of the classical guitar approach

kissero_70 asks: are you writing new material???
guitar_guest: there's so much involved with getting a tour ready, so no

copperhead_ca asks: What is Gene Simmons like to work with? I heard he is quite the perfectionist
guitar_guest: He does like everything to be perfect
guitar_guest: but I respected it a lot
guitar_guest: He has a strong drive to work hard
guitar_guest: and to do well

sasee_gerl asks: What is your thought on the whole KISS farewell tour..........? does it make u a little sad to see them go?......does it bring back memories now that they're goin through the whole history of the playing "heaven's on fire"?
guitar_guest: The good thing about the tour is that they' re finally recapping the whole history
guitar_guest: This time it includes me
guitar_guest: As opposed to the reunion tour
guitar_guest: I knew at some point they'd have to wind down

penguin_54636 asks: What was the reason behind KISS not releasing "Eyes Of Love" or Somebody's Waiting" on Hot In The Shade? I thought those were 2 very strong songs, that should've been on there
guitar_guest: they are strong.. that's the problem with not being a founding member of a band
guitar_guest: people always like their songs better
guitar_guest: doesn't mean they weren't good songs

kissarmygeneral74 asks: did you playing with Michael Bolton have anything with he and Paul meeting and co-writing together?
guitar_guest: I was involved with introducing them
guitar_guest: but I can't take credit for creation of the song
guitar_guest: but we knew something good could come out of it

just_wish_it_was_dark asks: I've been told that repetitive exercises (riffs, licks, arpeggios, etc.) is the fastest way to build chops. Would you agree, and how much of my practice time should I devote to that?
guitar_guest: I'm not a big believer in sitting for hours, doing exercises
guitar_guest: it's important only to a certain extent
guitar_guest: your feel for music is connected to your inner being
guitar_guest: and it's not gonna come from exercises
guitar_guest: strengthen your hands but don't make too much of your practice come from that
guitar_guest: learn now to feel and create music
guitar_guest: the biggest challenge is connecting your head to your fingers

ainboden asks: do you break your guitars on stage? what do you think of people who do?
guitar_guest: No I don't
guitar_guest: I love my guitars
guitar_guest: the only ones I see being broken are cut by a roadie so they'll break easily
guitar_guest: I don't know why anyone would want to smash an expensive instrument they like
guitar_guest: but the breakaway guitars.... those always get used for that

froggy_69_fury asks: Where was the inspiration behind I walk alone from?
guitar_guest: Gene wrote the lyrics
guitar_guest: his mindset was kind of like a loner guy but being ok with that
guitar_guest: lyrically it was so prophetic for me
guitar_guest: feeling left behind when the guys started on the makeup, etc
guitar_guest: email me at
guitar_guest: look at the sites

river_of_dogs asks: Ever thought of playing jazz?
guitar_guest: I like jazz, and I did study it a little bit
guitar_guest: I do a jazz version of Yesterday
guitar_guest: but I"m not a jazz player

Union_98 asks: Exactly how many guitars do you have???
guitar_guest: almost 50
guitar_guest: but it's never enough as a guitarist :)
guitar_guest: I appreciate your support, guys
guitar_guest: Give a look & listen to the Union album
guitar_guest: check out the streaming audio at
guitar_guest: keep in touch!
guitar_guest: come see us on the road!
guitar_guest: Thanks for chatting!
guitar_guest: Good night!
guitar_host: Thanks for coming guys
guitar_host: The chat's over and the room will close soon
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guitar_host: and check out our upcoming chats, too!
guitar_host: Goodnight
guitar_host: We had fun and hopefully so did you
guitar_host: Again, thanks for coming!
guitar_host: Hopefully we'll see you chatting again sometime soon
guitar_host: Thanks for joining us for such a cool chat
guitar_host: Bye guys!

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