BY Antonio Rodrigues Junior
November 2007

You're working now on your new solo album, BK3. What can you tell me about this material?
It is still being worked on.  I have the 11 songs that will appear, but there are so many things still being worked on regarding a few of the songs, that I take the progress one week at a time.  This disc of new Kulick music has to be the next step in my evolution of BK as a solo artists.  I also have a few special guests involved.  But all  the news will come out in time about that.

There're some rumors that the new record will have some special guests. Can you tell me who is going to joining you on this CD?
Eric Singer and Doug Fieger from The Knack have recorded on the disc.  More will be announced.

What are the main differences between BK3 and the other two records you released previously (Audiodog and Transformer)?
Well I have a co-writer and producer who is very talented.  His name is Jeremy Rubolino.  We have been working together for a few years on this new music.  He pushes me in ways I can't.  So I am very excited about the new music. 

You've been negotiating a tour for Brazil for December of this year, to show the new material. When is the expectation to come back to Brazil?
The reaction this past May was AMAZING.  They love KISS and know everything I am up to.  It will be exciting.   Brazilian fans have been wonderful to me.

Still talking about this, you were here in the beginning of this year for a convention of Kiss' fans. How was the contact you had with the Brazilian fans?
Really incredible reaction.  Made me feel great!

Both you and your brother, Bob, are part of the history of Kiss. Together you released last year the DVD Kiss Forever. Tell me about this project.
We were approached at the NAMM show, and I thought it would be great for me to do an "update" on the songs of KISS.  My other instructional effort was only from the Asylum disc for KISS.  I enjoyed explaining the tunes, and Bob did the KISS related tunes that he was involved in.

It's been about seven years that you've been working with Grand Funk Railroad. How's it been?
We really get great reactions from the crowds.  We enjoy the music and all get along well.  I love jamming with them.  Grand Funk has some incredible musicians that I share the stage with, and the shows are exciting in the way they feature me in a big way!

There's a lot of talk saying that there's a possibility that Grand Funk Railroad might release a new album. Have you been working on something like this?
We do some original songs from this version of the band, but no firm plans to record are happening yet.

I believe that are a lot of differences between going on tour with Grand Funk Railroad and Kiss. What would you say are the most interesting?
Well, KISS goes out during my years, for long periods of time.  Say goodbye to the family etc, and off on the road you go for months.   With Grand Funk we fly in and out of town.  Sometimes we are on the road for a 2 week period, but mostly just a weekend at a time.  Keeps me plenty busy though.

Also this year the CD and DVD ESP Live in Japan got into the stores. Talk a bit about this material.
It was great we captured our shows.  I am proud of both the products.  Check them out!  We play the KISS stuff in a cool way, and the covers we choose we love as well. 

During your career, you put together and played with a lot of groups, like Meat Loaf, Blackjack, Kiss, Union, ESP, Grand Funk Railroad, among others. How do you evaluate your history?
I am proud of all the bands, and players I have had the pleasure to work with. Tomorrow I have Jimmy Haslip from Blackjack come in on bass for a song on my BK3 disc. He went on to become a Grammy award winning member of the fusion band called "Yellowjackets".   I have lots of experience from all these bands.  Some fun, some just hard work, but I am blessed to have been playing with so many bands all through the years.

Among all the bands you played in, without a doubt Kiss is the most popular. Is being known mostly because of this period in your whole career something that bothers you?
Not at all.  It is a VERY positive thing, coming from KISS.  Of course people ask what make up you wore.  Those are the ones that are really aware of the band etc.   But how many bands can you be a member of that is known around the world.  People's faces really look excited when I say, "I played lead guitar with KISS for 12 years!"  Wow that sounds awesome even to me!

You've being interviewed for the sequel of the DVDs Kissology. What do you think of the results of those releases so far?
Very exciting to be involved with those DVD's.  Finally some quality stuff from MY era is being released. The fans are eating it up!

It's been 10 years since your last album with Kiss was put out (Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions), but you've kept contact with the other members of the band. What is your relationship today with the members of Kiss?
Well, I have worked with Paul of course on his solo disc, and Gene as well.  I did two Fantasy Camps with Paul and that was very cool to jam with him onstage again with him. Gene and I keep in touch often and I am a fan of the A&E show.   It was wild to be watching the footage a month ago that will be on Kissology III and hear us all comment on the shows from my era.  Very cool. Of course Eric and I are very close.

How did you feel when the reunion of the original line-up of Kiss was confirmed that result in you leaving the group?
Well the success was not surprising to me.  So of course they had to carry on in make-up.  But I still think the Revenge band was important!

The reunion lasted till 2000, and after that a lot of other musicians played guitar and drums. Would you say that the relationship with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons is difficult to keep?
They are like brother in a family.  They will always disagree to a point but keep the amazing creation called KISS moving forward .  Can't say they aren't good at it!

Lately, Kiss hasn't done a lot of concerts and the band members have been working to other projects. How do you see the current phase of the group?
Well Gene is busy with his show,  Paul has some great art out, and his new solo disc, so they do the shows that make sense for them as opposed to touring for long periods.   They are very tight with Tommy and Eric in the band.

Did you ever think about going back to Kiss? If you were invited back today, what would be your answer?
Tommy has done the "Ace" role just fine.   If they want to do a Revenge style tour etc, that would make the most sense to ask ME of course.   Know a promoter with LOTS of money to make that happen?????

Besides your solo career and the Grand Funk Railroad, do you have other projects?
I do session work from time to time. I was involved with a mulit-platinum disc in Finland for a band called LORDI. I also really enjoy the Fantasy Camps that I work with.  I have met many players and got to jam stars like Roger Daltry, Dickey Betts, Jack Bruce, Neal Schon, Bill Wyman and many many more. 

What are your future plans?
More of the same.  Getting BK3 done of course, and touring with Grand Funk, and doing more session work and just traveling the world with my guitar.  Sounds like fun right!  It is, but let me just add it is something you have to work hard at.  So whatever your dreams are, they don't happen thinking about it. You have to get out there and DO IT.

See you all in December!