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KULICK.net Interview with Bruce Kulick
- July 2001 -


Bruce Kulick KULICK.net: What was the inspiration behind your desire to do a solo album?

Bruce Kulick: I have always had lots of material floating around that needed to be shared with my fans. I just did not have the focus to do it before.

KULICK.net: Who was involved with you in putting "Audio Dog" together?

BK: Me with Curt Cuomo. And of course I got Brent Fitz to play the drums, except for the last two songs, which got started a year before I really got into doing the full length.

KULICK.net: What's the story behind the title of the album, "Audio Dog", and how is the "original" audio dog, Joe?

BK: Well, actually I had suggested a band name to what became UNION of "Audiodogs", but it didn't fly with the guys. So, I wanted it as an album title. Men are dogs, I love my dog, I love music... my dog loves my music as well!!

KULICK.net: How did you come up with the cover art for "Audio Dog"?

BK: The artwork was conceived by a talented guy in Argentina, Martin Comoglio. He did these type of drawings/artwork for all the members. Gene and Paul's appeared in KISSTORY I. With his permission I changed some things around, and there it was. People love it.

KULICK.net: How do you feel "Audio Dog" differs from the UNION sound?

BK: Sometimes similiar, but of course I am singing. Also, the writting is less with someone and more just my vision. Only Curt co-wrote some of the music.

KULICK.net: What is the current status of UNION? Do you see UNION touring or putting out a new album or video in the future?

BK: Not really sure... honestly.

KULICK.net: With the success of the "Audio Dog" EP and full length, do you plan to record a second solo album?

BK: I would love to get some new solo music out every year. That sounds ambitious I know!!

KULICK.net: Any shows planned specifically to support this album?

BK:Not yet.

Bruce Kulick KULICK.net: How did you get the gig with Grand Funk Railroad?

BK: I met Don Brewer, the drummer, years ago when I was working with Michael Bolton. His wife Sunni thought of me, as she thought it would work. She was right!

KULICK.net: Any plans to record with GFR?

BK: We will in the future, just no firm plans.

KULICK.net: What are your feelings about Eric Singer wearing Peter Criss' "Cat" makeup for the KISS Japan and Australian Farewell Tour shows?

BK: I was surprised at first, but the truth is Gene and Paul do not want to stop what they love doing just because they can't work things out with Peter. Eric fits in his costume and what a great drummer he is! Ace, I am sure, was pleased as well to work with Eric.

KULICK.net: If KISS asked you to join and wear Ace's make up would you consider it?

BK: Not fair! I can't answer it.. really. Asking in this way means nothing because it would depend on so much.

KULICK.net: How are things coming along with your biography, "Honorable Discharge"? Any tentative release?

BK: Well, slower than I hoped but it really will be worth the wait. The stories are very informative and well written. I think it will one the best KISS related books out there.

KULICK.net: What other plans does the future hold for Bruce Kulick? What else can we expect to see later this year?

BK: Just what I usually do, make appearances, shows with GFR, and generally watch the world go round. Never a dull moment in the KISS world either you know!


KULICK.net: To give the fans a more in depth look at each song from the Audio Dog album, perhaps you can give the fans the scoop on the birth of each track from the album and any interesting stories behind each.

"Pair of Dice" -This song was a very "Lick It Up" approach to a song, but I knew that I could make it a great instrumental song, something for driving in the car or working out to. It's really just a basic rocker with melody guitars and ripping solos.

"Strange To Me" - Actually this was two different songs put together. Curt Cuomo came up with a great verse melody that I was really into as soon as we put it together. Then I had an old demo of a song idea called "Strange to Me" and that was used as the chorus. I love the harmony guitar solo on it. I jammed out long on the end, and added on lots of layered guitars.

"Change is Coming" - The "heavy" one -- with feedback, guitar screams, etc. I used BIG distortion on this one. It's built around a riff from 1994 actually. The lyrics are simple, but to the point. EVERYONE can relate to this one. I wrote the main verse riff while OJ was running from the LA Police!! Called it "Fugitive" then! Brent really shines on this track as well.

"Need Me" - An obvious HEAVY KISS style riff that was called "Need Me" back in 1990 for me. I did add the stops in the verse later, like "Master and Slave" from COS. An angry Bruce, but many tell me they love this track. The bridge is kind of Aerosmith like with the groove and guitars, but then it gets back to business... NEED ME!!

"I Don't Mind" - Sensitive, yet bold and loud. I like the change from the verse to chorus. This was a track I had on a tape back in 1989, but never had any lyrics or melody. The words came easy when I was walking my dog early one morning. Cool guitar sounds on this one, and my big David Gilmore solo in the middle.

"Monster Island" - That is a toy Godzilla in the beginning... just for fun. The track never gets mellow, you are running for cover from the beasts! For the ending I get a bit into East Indian type scales, the way Jimmy Page would. Again, Brent kicks some serious ass.

"Please Don't Wait" - My BIG ballad! Funny to hear me sing one, but it is honest. I looked at the Beatles and Tom Petty for influences on this one, with a bit of Queen guitars thrown in!

Bruce Kulick "Liar" - My instrumental, but redone. A version of this was on the Return of the Comet cd, but I prefer this version. Very soulful and I love the bass on it... my old Gibson EB-3.

"I Can't Take" - A track from 1988 which was really written for Gene. I did not have lyrics, but it had the nasty chords and all. Imagine a Gene vocal and you get what I mean. Great guitar sounds on this track.

"Dogs of Morrison" - First of two songs with Kenny Aronoff (Smashing Pumpkins, J C Melloncamp, Bob Seger, etc) on drums An autobiographical account of moving on from KISS and a marriage. The title is about the fact that when I am walking my dog the neighborhood is full of other dogs, and I felt that was my new family! Living with the Dogs of Morrison! Cool guitar things going on if you listen carefully.

"Skydome" - Written while I visited Toronto and got to go up the Space Needle by the Skydome. Heard those chords and melody, so that is why that title. Kind of makes you feel like you should be on a magic carpet flying above your home.

"495" (bonus track from the EP) - Very fusion guitar type thing, written back in 1980!! I used to play this with the Good Rats to give the singer a rest. Very Jeff Beck influenced, but goes through some KISS styles in it as well! Written four years before my KISS tenure began!

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