Ok Bruce Kulick fans, the time is here! The highly anticipated Bruce Kulick solo EP, "Audio Dog," is now available here on Bruce's website,! "Audio Dog" features 4 blistering tracks: "Pair of Dice" * "Strange To Me" * "Change is Coming" and "495." The first and last tracks are instrumentals, and the middle two tracks feature Bruce on vocals like you have never heard before! The track "495" is a bonus track that will not appear on the upcoming full length "Audio Dog" CD release. Each copy of the "Audio Dog" EP will be individually autographed and numbered by Bruce, with the pressing of the EP limited to only 1000 copies.


From: Nick M.
The Audio Dog EP is great, The instrumental tracks were great and the vocals were great Bruce suprised me a little on vocals because I did not realize how well he sings. I think this is the best work Bruce has done since KISS, Union wasn't bad, but it was nothing great either, NO offense Bruce!! I am just not a Corabi fan, His vocals leave alot to be desired and his stage antics are awful. I did like a few tracks on the ESP CD though, But I believe they are tracks Eric Singer sang on. So!!! After saying all this---Order the full length Audio Dog, You will love it, I know I ordered it as soon as I heard it could be ordered Come on Bruce, Crank them CD's out, I can only listen to these 4 tracks so many times LOL!!! I am now ready for the full-length CD. Keep up the good work Bruce, You know you will always have fans in my Wife and I.

From: Craig Bruce Tunnock
Totally awesome!!! "pair of dice" is somewhat Satriani but with way more balls and attitude (love it), "strange to me" is a ballsy rock ballad - great chorus - who's on the skins??? great stuff (great tune), "change is coming" is my favourite, awesome intro, shit hot drum pattern, great mix, sweet vocals, great verse, great chorus!!! What more can I say - shit hot rock!!!, "495" is just too cool - dig that bass intro, then the guitar intro (very ZZ top perhaps). This is just a great tune to cruise down any highway to, lovely guitar melody and great back up band who are totally in the groove of the whole song and of course just a little sample of Bruce from KISS with the star spangled banner thrown in!!! Anyway you slice it this is a fantastic piece of music and I cannot wait for the full Audiodog CD album. Mr Kulick, you are without doubt a ****ing legend!

From: Jon Hill
Well,the big wait is over!I just received my copy of AUDIODOG(Which was #1000 out of 1000!!).I felt like a giddy young kid as I immediately opened it and put it in my stereo.I was really groovin to the first track (PAIR OF DICE),which I was a little familiar with from hearing the sample on is an uptemo insturmental that would make Joe Satrani(not quite sure the spelling of his last name)envious!!! The second track (STRANGE TO ME) has a real pop feel to it although the gutiar playing is anything but. Bruce really gets some awesome tones on this one,while also proving that he is more than capable of handling lead vocals. But,I have to say it only gets better from here! The last two tracks totally kicked my ass!!!!OUCH!!!!!!! CHANGE IS COMING, I was also a little familiar with from the samples on But they did not play the solo on the sample,and all I can say is DAMN!!! Bruce just rips on this one with another great vocal performance,Very heavy.The last track (495)is about as about as good as it gets!!!!I get chills from hearing Bruce jam on this one! He also does some mighty fine bass playing on this,but his gutiar playing cannot be put in words! Do your cd collection and yourself a favor and buy the full length AUDIODOG when it comes out. I know I am!!! BRUCE RULES!!!!

From: Andrew Treadwell - Unionoz Web Site
I just finished listening to the Audiodog EP, and I WAS BLOWN AWAY! To the people that missed out on this, Get of your asses and order the full length CD Now, or you will be sorry. Track 1 - Pair of Dice - great kick off - Bruce shows his versatility with tracks Reminds me of the great 80's rock music but with far more superior playing. Track 2 - Strange To Me - Is this a message to someone in particular Bruce. I wish i could deliver a message that well. And why did you wait so long to sing this song shows how much your previous band missed out on. Track 3 - Change is Coming - This song is fucking awesome, dark feeling music with vocals delivering a message, and in this day and age a relevant message - go and live your life people. Track 4 - 495 - Many of us have heard this before but this is updated and a little quicker if i am not mistaken. Bruce told me in an interview once taht this track was written in 1980. It's 21 years later and is still sounds fresh! This was written as a tribute of sorts to Jeff Beck's Freeway Jam (I Think - correct me if I'm wrong Bruce) This is Bruce's tribute to himself in my opinion and shows he really is a virtuoso. To end this all i want to say is I have now realised who the most talented KISS member was Mr. Bruce Kulick - If you have this EP - go back and turn it on and enjoy yourself If not - Don't regret it - Buy the CD NOW!!!!!!

The Ep was well worth the wait that Bruce has put us all through. I received it via mail right before having to drive three hours. Perfect timing if you ask me! Well I listened to all of them over and over. I enjoyed them all, but really enjoyed Bruce on vocals. After a long time I needed something different--so I put in UNION, What can I say? I just pre-ordered the LP and cannot wait until I get it. Bruce is a great guitarist and although not usually credited--he is the most talented all-time KISS guitarist. I hope he is invited to play the last leg of the Farewell tour in the states. He also seems to be the most down to earth "star" ever, never hesitates to sign an aoutograph or pose for a picture with his fans, and he returns your email questions in just ONE DAY!!! Keep kicking ass Bruce!!!!! And I hope that UNION can get back together because you guys sounded great.

Wow, when I first heard the "Audiodog" EP, I liked it right off the bat, but MAN-ALIVE, the more I listen to it, the better it is. Here is a song-by-song breakdown:
PAIR OF DICE: Catchy instrumental with a VERY Kiss-like guitar solo (think Revenge era).
STRANGE TO ME: Again, a VERY catchy rock tune which sounds much more Kiss-like than most of the stuff he did while he was in Kiss (!). Listening to this song really makes me realize how much Kiss (may have) held Bruce back.
CHANGE IS COMING: Here is another catchy tune with a simple machine-gun-like guitar riff that really works. In a way kind of reminds me of "In the Mirror" from COS, only a much better song IMO.
495: A really upbeat insturmental closes this great EP. Musically, it reminds me of "Radar Love".
Bruce's vocals sound somewhat Ace-like, although deeper. This is a great EP, and I would recommend it to anyone, if there are some still available (limited pressing of 1,000 - All signed by Bruce). If you are a fan of Kiss music, you will not be disappointed (this is nothing like Union, believe me). I now cannot wait to hear the upcoming LP if this is any indication of how good it will be. **** / 5 stars.

From: Debby Corey
Throughout his musical career, Bruce Kulick's name has been linked to some of the most talented people in the industry. Now with his solo debut, AUDIODOG, he leaves them behind and moves into the center of the spotlight. The limited edition, four-track EP gives a preview of whatís to come when the CDís released in the Spring of 2001. (Note: Current information (at the time of this writing) is that the CD will be released in April of 2001.) If this preview is any indication, Kulick's fans are in for a real treat! The four tracks found on the sold-out version of the EP are diverse, giving the fans a sampling of what's to come. With the help of Unionís drummer, Brent Fitz, Bruce razzles and dazzles with his trademark licks, giving guitar fans exactly what they've been looking for. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't leave the bass fans out either! His bass lines are full-bodied, rich with intricate triplets, walking lines and throbbing slides that arenít just lost in the background but instead, elevate his guitar work to a higher, harmonious level. The first and the last track are both instrumentals with the first, "Pair of Dice", having the most Kiss-like feel of the quartet. This song has a blazing solo thatís pure Kulick. The last track, one that many of Kulickís fans are familiar with called "495", is a personal favorite. Bruce's bass work on this one is on par, if not better, than many bassists in the industry. The winding journey that the music takes is punctuated by Fitz's pounding drums, including a few solo licks, that goes far into making this the best of the four. The other two songs, the melodic love song "Strange To Me" and the hard driving "Change is Coming", both feature Bruce on vocals. The ex-Kisser's vocals, first heard on Kissí Carnival of Souls, have become both smoother and richer with time, and are perfectly suited to his style of music. "Change is Coming" could, perhaps, be a prophetic track. If the fans responses are any indication, this song will become a favorite. This song has a strong back rhythm, enhanced by Fitz's aggressive drumming and expressive fills, that propels the song along swiftly and smoothly, culminating with a surreal guitar solo that is Kulick at his best. All in all, this is a solid, most enjoyable effort by Kulick and it's going to be a must for his fans, especially those who couldn't wait for the full-length version. Great job Bruce!

From: Janet Harris Nunn (PLAN8JAN8)
Bruce Kulick fans have enjoyed melodic and astounding guitar playing for decades. Whether audiences listened to Kulick's imaginative and fresh riffs as a budding guitarist in BLACKJACK, or to his progressive and pungent tones throughout his twelve year tenure in KISS, or to his provacative and meaningful licks within UNION, one element in his music has always remained steadfast: perpetually solid and emotionally powerful Rock 'N Roll. After contributing over 30 years of his life to music, Bruce Kulick has finally given his fans and the music world the ultimate gift: A SOLO ALBUM. For years, Bruce fanatics have been anxiously awaiting the release of a record that focuses on Kulick's personal works. Now with the fated delivery of AUDIODOG -- a four-song limited EP "teaser" -- the wait is happily over.

AUDIODOG opens with the song "Pair Of Dice", an exciting and addictive musical wager that is worth it's weight in gold. From the first thumping notes of the bass to the harmonious strides of the lead guitar, the listener is warned that Kulick isn't playing any games. Before one realizes it, the hook-filled "chorus" rolls inside the ear, finds a warm cozy spot in the head, and nestles deep inside the brain. Abundant in rich tones and skillful phrasing, the only risky gamble at stake is trying to resist it's addictive power. The listener's best bet is to sit back and allow "Pair Of Dice" to rotate again and again, with each roll coming out a winner.

"Strange To Me" is an upbeat and fun tune that offers great lead vocals by Kulick. With confident and uninhibited expression, Bruce successfully mixes a sweet and steady 60's-style voice with the thrusting urgency of his modern-day guitars. Pushed by the ever-pressing beats of UNION drummer Brent Fitz, Bruce warmly sings: "I wanna be inside her arms/ Should I be falling for her charms/ Oh, the way she moves, I lose control/ And for her touch I'd give my soul". Kulick's melodic guitar solo is performed at lightning speed, which once again propels the song to a higher level. Lead by a charming voice, "Strange To Me" is the perfect balance of rousing yet playful Rock 'N Roll.

Dark crunchy guitars and positive lyrics about life become the essence of AUDIODOG's third track, "Change Is Coming". Bruce's colorful, bold, and confident vocals compliment the tune's encouraging words, "You know what you need/ It all comes right down to your beliefs/ Do you believe in yourself?/ (Because) Change Is Coming/ Change Is Coming". Kulick's guitar solo stridently shrieks beautiful and piercing screams, howls, and cries... reminiscent of songs like "Domino" and "Unholy" from KISS' 1992 album, REVENGE. Brent Fitz, one of the most musical drummers of our time, provides classic "fitzisms" of sporadic beats and rhythmic pummels throughout the song. His melodious, intentional, and purposeful pelts add great musicality to the tune. With a cohesion of self-assuring lyrics and contemporary sounds, "Change Is Coming" is a UNION-Meets-KISS type musical marvel.

AUDIODOG's fourth and final track is "495", an accelerated and wild ride written by Bruce earlier in his songwriting career. Inspired by New York's Interstate 495, Kulick's vision of fast travel and honking horns comes alive in this unbelieveable instrumental that is embodied by swift guitars and fueled by vigorous energy. Bruce's lead guitar soars with a handsome and radiant tone, while Brent's incomparable double pedaling kicks the song into high gear. "495" is a sharp, agile, and invigorating Rock vehicle. If the listener isn't moving by the first few passages, then one is simply out of gas.

The release of this limited EP brings fans one step closer to experiencing the real music that lives inside the heart and soul of guitarist Bruce Kulick. AUDIODOG provides just a glimpse of the masterful talents of this first-rate virtuoso, all the while proving that Kulick's solo album has been worth the wait. Inside the realms of BLACKJACK, KISS, and UNION, Bruce Kulick has graced the world for decades with his melodic, peerless, and passionate music. AUDIODOG is a beautiful honorarium as he continues his amazing career for decades to come.

From: Jim Collins
Okay, before I start, I have to tell you where I'm coming from. I'm a 30 year fan of Grand Funk Railroad and to be honest, I just got turned on to Bruce when he joined Grand Funk. Man, have I been missing something! This cat can COOK! On to Audiodog. The first track, Pair of Dice, is a straight out power rock instrumental. This is straight down the road, hard driving rock and roll that will blow your hair straight back and nail your butt to the wall! Strange To Me has more of a radio tune feel but still rocks. Bruce has a great voice. He should sing more often. Change Is Coming is another great vocal number. Very wild guitar work on this one. As a Grand Funk fan, it reminds me a lot of Mark Farner's "controlled distortion" that he liked to use in concert in the early days. 495 is another instrumental. I swear this song starts out exactly like Grand Funk's Footstompin' Music. That was spooky (g). This is a great jam tune. If you don't tap yur foot with this one, you have no soul (g). Bottom line is, when Audiodog comes out in it's full version, RUN don't walk to your nearest music outlet and BUY IT! This is rock and roll at it's finest. Bruce, welcome to Grand Funk. I hope you stay for a long, long time but whatever you choose, you've made a fan of me for good!

From: Michael Edwards
Before I start my review of Bruce Kulick's new Audiodog EP, I suppose I should state for the record that this is a totally biased review, seeing as how I run his fan club and all! However, if I didnít like it, I would have just remained silent and not said anything at all - something my mom taught me long ago! With that out of the way, let's go to track one, "Pair of Dice." This song, an instrumental, is probably the most "Kiss-like" of anything on the disc, and has a really great groove. Being an instrumental and that Bruce isnít named Satriani or Johnson, it probably would never get on radio without vocals, but itís still a fun, rocking track that everyone who has ever bought a Kiss album should enjoy. "Strange To Me" is a cool track about a girl who likes Bruce, which seems, you guessed it, strange to him. A great vocal from Bruce here, with a driving hook that reminds me a bit of the main riff from Hot In The Shade's "Betrayed."

My favorite tune is next and it begins with a trick previously employed on "Do Your Own Thing" from Union's Blue Room album and "Hate" from Kissí Carnvial of Souls - lots of noise and feedback! "Change Is Coming" quickly kicks in though, and I can imagine it as a powerful opening number for a live show or as a great opening track for the full-length CD. Bruce's singing here is different from anything weíve heard him do, and itís apparent heís come a long way since singing "I Walk Alone" with his eyes closed every night! The song would fit in great in a Union set list (which Iím not giving up hope weíll see again one day) and could also be quite popular on modern rock radio if given the chance.

Before I go on to the next track, I think it's important to point out that the reason some of these songs sound like Kiss songs is because, whether some people are willing to admit it or not, Bruce Kulick was a major influence on Kissí sound from the day he joined the band. It also shows that several of their songs seem to be missing a writing credit next to the P$ and G$. Bruce, to me, is as big a part of what made Kiss great as Gene or Paul, but unfortunately people seem to notice flash over substance. Okay, enough ranting (and believe me, I could go on for a LONG time about that subject) - the last song on the EP is the instrumental "495," and I hesitate to say too much about it since I understand it may not be on the full-length album. A lot of you may have heard this at various Kiss conventions and expos over the past few years, but if you havenít, let me just put it this way - this song will inspire even the most stoic and jaded person to begin playing air guitar like a twelve year-old. It was not only responsible for yours truly doing such, it also, due to my stereo being turned up VERY loud, caused a vase on top of one of my speakers to break all over my living room floor. Thanks Bruce!

Well, that about wraps it up for this short little taste of what is to come from the big dog himself in April. I'm sure Joe gave it his paw-print of approval, and Iím doing the same. Since the disc is sold out, I canít say be sure to get one of your own, but I can assure you that, from this preview, the full-length disc will be among your favorites of the year when you get a chance to hear it in a month or so!

From: Freaky Deaky
All's I can say is Holy Smokes can Bruce sing!!! Strange To Me is killer!!! Change Is Coming could have been on Carnival of Souls!!! And the 2 instrumentals are not too shabby either!!! Way to go Bruce!!!!!!

From: Dennis Riendeau
Bruce really rocks on all four EP tracks but I like the two instrumental tracks the best. He has definitely improved his singing since COS (not that he did a bad job on 'I Walk Alone') but the instrumentals feature Bruce doing what he does best. I can't wait to hear the full CD.

From: Eddie Helms
Audio Dog is a must-have cd. Bruce has improved his singing alot since Carnival Of Souls. The whole thing rocks and I personally can't wait for the full-length album. My only complaint is that there should be vocals on all the songs, but I'm just not a big fan of instrumentals to begin with. I met Bruce in '99 and 2001 and I hope he has a huge success with this album. He's a great guitar player and a really cool guy.

From: Tim Larew
Went to the expo in indyand picked up Audio Dog. This is a must have Audio Disc! Most excellent guitars and very surprising vocals. Bruce I had no idea! I was at the expo in Indy, Bruce played a couple of other songs called "Liar" and "Skydome", sure hope those make it on the new disc. The GFR situation sounds very promising, hope to catch one of those shows. You will not be dissapointed with Audio Dog, so grab a copy if you get the chance and blow the dust off your speakers! My ears THANK YOU Mr. Bruce!

From: Rich Gagnon
I was lucky enough to be one of the first ones to hear audiodog. I got to listen to it as we were setting up for the Indy expo. When I first heard track one (PAIR OF DICE)I knew this was going to be BIG. Track three (CHANGE IS COMING)is a straight forward hard edged guitar driven kick in the ass. To keep it short and sweet this is a must have for all Bruce Kulick fans, If you have not got yours already then order it today. I got my copy right off the bat because I knew they would not last long. If this is just a intro to the full length album then put my copy of the full length on order now because I am ready and waiting. Thanks Bruce for all the great music of the past and if this is a hint of whats to come then I feel your are at your zenith.

From: Craig Clingan
WOW! Just got done listening to the AUDIODOG EP. Even though there are only 4 songs, I was sweating by the time it ended. The first and last cuts, "PAIR OF DICE" and "495", are instrumentals that are great jams. The type you really want to be careful listening to in your car, unless of course you like driving 90. STRANGE TO ME is an excellent song. Bruce's vocals are deep, sounds a lot like Ian Moore, another excellent guitarist. The beat almost reminds me of the late 60's, early 70's "flower-power" days. He gets a few good licks in towards the end of the song. Remember the commercial where the guy sits in his chair in front of his stereo and the music slides his glass off the table and blows his hair back? Well, I'm pretty sure he was listening to CHANGE IS COMING. Bruce lets it all hang out on this one. I'd love to see him play this live. Another solid vocal performance though all parts of this song are shadowed by his guitar. Man, this guy can jam! I must say the other musicians are excellent as well, in particular the bass and drums on 495. A must have if you can get your hands on a copy!! Bruce, YOU ROCK! Thank you for being a part of GFR! See you at the Palace!

From: Gary Garbett, editor, KISSIN' Time, USA
Bruce Kulick, known for his years as the guitar standout with KISS, has always been a well crafted musician but with his current release of Audio Dog, Bruce has clearly evolved to another level. The new EP brings to the forefront a matured guitarist full of edge, texture and attitude. Kulick's guitar playing shines throughout with a rich electric jazz-rock style that is certainly a signature all his own. The songs "Pair Of Dice" and "495" are both outstanding instrumental numbers showcasing the maturity of Kulick's playing style. Kulick's sound is amazingly rich and leaves the listener gasping for air at the end of these high speed convertible cruising tunes. "Strange to Me" is a rocker featuring Kulick on great vocals and highlighted by more incredible guitar work. While "Strange to Me" mirrors a style similar to KISS' Revenge era sound, "Change is Coming" could easily have been a missing gem from Carnival of Souls. The guitar is assaulting and full of energy and Bruce's vocals are easily his best yet. "Change is Coming" is pure rock and roll at it's finest and simply kicks ass. The Limited Edition EP, which happens to come autographed and numbered is a shining jewel from start to finish and leaves the listener charged and ready for more than a sampler. Bring on the full album Bruce, we're ready and from the sound of Audio Dog, you certainly are.

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