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"AUDIO DOG" Bruce Kulick Solo Album
In Stock & Available NOW!
Bruce Kulick - Audio Dog Ok Bruce fans, the time is here! The highly anticipated full-length Bruce Kulick solo album, "Audio Dog," is now available and in stock on Bruce's website www.Kulick.net! The 11 track CD features 7 vocal tracks and 4 instrumentals: "Pair of Dice" * "Strange To Me" * "Change is Coming" * "Need Me" * "I Don't Mind" * "Monster Island" * "Please Don't Wait" * "Liar" * "I Can't Take" * "Dogs of Morrison" and "Skydome".
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From: Paul.Southwell@astrazeneca.com
Rating 4 out of 5 stars. If you missed Bruce live on his quick tour of Australia you missed not only a great guitar player but a true gentleman. Mostly known for his twelve year tenure with the unfathomably huge Kiss, Bruce has also honed his chops with Grank Funk Railroad, Union, ESP, Meatloaf and the ubiquitous Michael Bolton. Happily for me, Bruce threw a distrotion pedal at the mulleted oneđs head so for that reason alone, all guitarheads should buy this album. Simply, it rocks like a proverbial mofo.

The album opens with an almost blatantly Satriani influened instrumental called 'Pair Of Dice'. Take it as a tip of the hat to the man, not a rip off. Unison bends and slow sustain counters the soloing chorus that will stick in your head but not in the annoying way that Kiss' 'Crazy Nights' did. Soon enough we hear what Bruce has been giving to ESP and Union. It's no wonder the Kiss reunion left out most of the Bruce era Kiss because Kulick soars up high, leaving the Spaceman Ace in orbit. Stepping in front of the mic, his confidence has grown since the brooding 'I Walk Alone' on the last decent Kiss release of 'Carnival of Souls'. The commercial 'Strange To Me' is single material backed by some jangle mixed with Marshall power crunch and harmonies providing good song dynamics. "Change Is Coming" is more down and dirty featuring a great wah drenched solo. The chorus is simple and indicates an ability to write a compact song. 'Need Me' is a vocal and kick driven song that is raw and ballsy. As a bonus, the guitar solo goes for just under a minute and shows how guitar soloing should be played.

'I Don't Mind' is a standard power ballad, cigarette lighter effort until the expected wailing solo kicks in to redeem itself. 'Please Don't Wait' has strumming and vocal driven angst veering into power ballad land, saved by interesting arrangement bubbling under the commercial radio play sing along fare. But then 'I Can't Take' grabs a standard rock riff, a bit of piano, bluesy lead playing and sleazy lyrics to create a solid rock groove. Bruce solos with clear articulation and nails it.

The album's four instrumentals were written by Bruce, the rest written by Bruce and co-producer, keyboard player, singer and engineer Curt Cuomo. The Satriani influence is prevalent not just in 'Pair Of Dice' but in 'Monster Island' and 'Skydome', primarily wih the guitar mirroring a vocal line. They evoke Satriani's 'Extremist' and 'Time Machine' albums, really deepening influences with this track's Hendrixy two minute solo excursion. 'Liar' is a ballsy one that dips in and out of improvisation finding its leading voice in the chorus. The end reminds me of Brian May's harmony lines.

Bruce used a variety of guitars on the album including his KISS 'Hot in the Shade' days ESP and his signature ESP model guitar as seen on the back cover. Pursue 'Audio Dog' to hear his mastery of vibrato, quality song craft and tasteful rock playing with a smooth distorted Marshall tone and quick pentatonic runs. It's one of those albums that is worth hunting down which makes it all the more enjoyable for the listener.

From: Sal the Stockbroker from Howard Stern Show
The intro track PAIR OF DICE is really tasteful, reminds me of Joe Satriani surfing with the Alien, but not as "busy" and crammed with forced riffs like Joe sometimes does. The track is smooth and real inviting, I love it.
"Strange To Me" comes up a notch by complimenting the awesome guitar work with some real straight forward smooth vocals, diggin it!
"Change Is Coming" has a sick intro, JIMMY HENDRIX times 10,000! Heavy riffage that makes me wanna rip shit up! Vocals really mesh well, again smooth fucking shit!
Nodding my head off the bat with "Need Me". I like how the guitars drop off in the verse, letting the vocals shine. Cool.
Ahhh, showing off the tasteful licks with this nice ballad ("I Don't Mind"), I love the sweet erie chorus on this track.
"Monster Island", back again strong with class that kicks ass, love the low to high octave riffs going back and fourth! The riffs build up like a fucking truck plowing through my house. Nice shit!
Sweet and melodic here with "Please Don't Wait". Excellent production. Dam, this is a sweet song. Can't see how radio has not picked this up. Eat your ass out Paul Stanley
"Liar", just tells a story without a word spoken. brilliant.
"I Cant Take" rips some ass. This has a vibe that makes you wanna put the top down on a summer day and drive real fast. Nice...real nice.
"Dogs of Morrison" has a cool intro reminds me of another band..cant think of it.
"Skydome" is great! Again, the guitar acts as a voice and has a unique personality, with feel and intensity. Not just a bunch of bees buzzing! Great shit Bruce! -Sal

From: Jon Fletcher
WOW! Where 2 start! The instrumentals: ALL SMOKIN STUFF FROM THE MASTER!! vocal tracks: "Strange to me" - great fuckin song,the riffs very similar to his work with KISS.
"Change is coming" - Great groove rocker, very UNION like! ROCKS!! "Need me" - No shit! Who hasn't felt like this before!
"I don't mind" - Beautiful vocals and guitar melodies! Maybe Paul and Gene were smokin' crack, after all, Bruce could have helped them with another hit!
"Please don't wait" - I agree with the other reviews, good alternative pop rock song! Great vocals!
"I can't take" - Has Bruce been listening to a lot of Ace lately? Very Ace like vocal, as is some of the lead work! Which brings me to the question, WHEN WILL BRUCE AND ACE RECORD AN ALBUM TOGETHER?!?!
"Dogs of morrison" - A little harder to get into this song, but, it still smokes!
WEAK SPOTS: I couldn't find any!
STRONG SPOTS: Play it start to finish!
RECOMMENDATION: Play this fucker loud and piss of your neighbors! Great soundtrack to life!!!

From: Paul Gargano / Metal Edge Online
Let's face it, unless your name is Gene or Paul, being in KISS can be the kiss of death. How's that? Who'd have thought that Bruce Kulick--arguably the most talented guitarist in KISStory--could release an album in the height of a KISS reunion and receive a response more in line with a national guard than the KISS Army? You can't blame it on the music, as Union was a solid rock 'n' roll band with two of the most overlooked records of the past five years. Oddly enough, it just may be Kulick's talent that turned most people off to Union, as KISS fans aren't the most receptive crew to change, and Union enjoyed a more refined and grass roots approach to songwriting than the long, hard hours devoted to most KISS sessions as of late. So what does Kulick do as a follow-up? He becomes a weekend warrior with Grand Funk Railroad. Fans must really be shaking in their boots now...

Well KISS fans, grab those Statue of Liberty sunglasses, whip out the tiger-striped concert Tees, and get ready for some Crazy Nights, because AudioDog is the album you've been waiting more than a decade for. Add a Paul Stanley vocal track to just about any of the albums' 11 cuts, and you've got a makeup-free KISS song good to go, from Kulick's riffs, right down to the melodies that make KISS so damn infectious. Opening instrumental "Pair Of Dice" is the stuff that arenas are filled with, while Kulick's vocals on "Strange To Me" could be Crazy Nights material, his "Change Is Coming" is fitting of Carnival Of Souls, and "Need Me" strikes a chord with Revenge. The electric guitar tends to be a bit harsh on "I Don't Mind," but when dealing with ballads it's the sentiment that counts, and that one strikes a chord--Though the real gem of the quieter bunch is "Please Don't Wait." "Monster Island" is an instrumental juggernaut, "Liar" is more progressively minded, and "Dogs Of Morrison"--despite its title--opens nary a door into the stylings of The Lizard King. Overall? KISS fans rejoice, because though the reunion may be waning to a close, Bruce Kulick has served a platter full of guitar-driven tidings sure to please even the pickiest of fans. If it's Bruce Kulick circa KISS you've been craving, AudioDog answers the call.

From: Shari
BRUCE RULES!!! AudioDog is worth the wait!!! Bruce has given us reason to celebrate... exquisite guitar mastery...bass riffs that will knock you on your butt...even Bruce's vocal abilities are more than up to the task...Bruce gives us great songs that explore music and human emotion. Bruce is 'the quiet one' no longer.
Pair of Dice - great opener for the album, feels optimistic,and whets the appetite for more.
Strange to Me - fun song with great Bruce vocals. Has a sweetness to it (NOT overdone though) that reminds me of songs I grew up listening to. Lyrically there is almost an innocence to it. Driving rhythm and great guitars(of course)make people move to it!
Change is Coming - uh huh. This song would be right at home on the 'Carnival of souls' album. The guitars are wailin' bass is wicked and Brent's drumming ...powerful.
Need Me - Nasty!!! This track will get you through those days when ya gotta 'take that trip and smile just like a rat'!!! Been there.
I Don't Mind - gives us a chance to catch our breath and listen to melody and lyrics that reveal Bruce as a gracious, confident, passionate man.
Monster Island - Bruce's guitar SCREAMS on this track, no-really! Conjurs up Godzilla vs Mothra... only much more exciting... and no subtitles required.
Please Don't Wait - Great sing-along song (a la Tom Petty) Honesty is bittersweet. Been there, too.
Liar - I have loved this instrumental since I first heard it on 'Return of the Comet' Moody and moving, this rendition is less angry than the previous one, with Bruce's bass giving even more than before.Listening to it loud enough can leave one breathless. Honest.
I Can't Take - Great mid-tempo rocker that I'm glad KISS didn't do 'cause Bruce does it so well.Surprising lyrics.(I wonder if BK blushed the first time he sang it...I think I did the first time I heard it)
Dogs of Morrison - musical journey,making choices, rolling with the changes, rambling on...
Skydome - This instrumental has the feel of a big stadium show...lots of people,lots of flavours gathered from far and wide, as experienced by a guitarist, standing on the stage,just taking it all in...non?
There's a surreal quality to it that draws us in and takes us away ... only trouble is, the trip doesn't last forever...the song does a slow fade.........Play it again... Bruce chose his collaborators on this album wisely. Both Brent Fitz and Kenny Aronoff deliver great drumming, and Curt Cuomo is obviously someone that Bruce is comfortable with in the studio. AudioDog is a great disc that will stand the test of time. Bruce should be proud of his first solo effort.

From: RockRevival.net
Audiodog is easily Bruce Kulick's best work to date. I would have never thought of Bruce Kulick as a master vocalist, but this CD has completely brought his abilities, both vocally and instrumentally, to a whole new platform. Even the songs themselves have a fresh, edgy, raucous sound that any true rock fan will be anxious to embrace. For anyone who has not yet witnessed Bruce's raw talent in solo form, this is the CD to judge by, as it allows him to completely depart from the shadow of KISS and stand alone as a phenomenal solo artist. Each song is followed by another of equal strength. The shredding instrumental "Pair of Dice" is reminiscent of guitar greats long since replaced by generically stamped, cut from the mold musicians of Gen X. The ballad "I Don't Mind" is absolutely incredible. It displays a perfect balance of depth and soul paired with rough-edged power.  With contributions from Curt Cuomo, Kenny Aronoff and Brent Fitz, Bruce has finally managed to unleash the musical beast that lurked inside of him. This is, by far, the best work that he has attached his name to and a "must have" for any fan's collection. It is also a perfect CD to lure new fans to the lair of Kulick.

From: Neil Lecy
Timeing could'nt be better, I have a three day weekend and have just recieved my Audio Dog CD. The prior means that I've had three days for a total Bruce Kulick Expieriance. I see this disk as when Bruce started making more moves on stage with Kiss, the man is making tracks. This is especially evedent in the vocals, after being silent for so long it takes a little adjustment to realize this is Bruce vocals. I'm proud that he did sing and it shows his confidence in his abilities. I felt the songs were all arranged well, some stronger than others. Lyrically I feel this is a very personal jorney for Bruce, it not only states where he's been but maby gives us a glimps into his futer. All I can say is the more industrious you are with your projects Bruce it can only benefit you. Keep up the good work, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to own this CD. (Where did my three day weekend go?)

From: phineas
Unbelieveable!!! What else can be said about the full-length AUDIODOG cd? How about.. awesome... awesome.... and uh, awesome!! Bruce is in fine vocal form on songs like "Need Me" and "I Don't Mind." It's GREAT to hear Bruce doing such a wide variety of tunes... both instrumental and vocal. Bruce, hurry up and record another one!!!! MORE MORE MORE!!!! And best of luck with GFR.

From: Dave Phillips
What can I say but impressive. Bruce is always consistent as a player and now sings some fun songs within in his range. Track 1-Pair of Dice, like I recently told Bruce it kicks ass! solid lead playing great bridge and powerful drums from Brent, this one makes u wanna put the pedal to the metal in your car. Track 2- Strange to Me- foot stompin song, great lyrics and outro solo nice singing from BK. Track 3 - Change is Coming- Great intro lyrics straight to the point rocker with excellent solo.Track 4- Need Me- This one slams Bruce! powerful lyrics and a great riff a real angry rocker, lyrics kinda tells everyone where to stick it, great song rythym behind solo is nice and funky! Track 5- I Don't Mind- Beautiful clean intro, clean singing from Bruce a real nice song everyone should enjoy great lyrics is that Curt singing with you? nice!Track 6-Monster Island Bruce gets the guitar singing this time around with a nice smooth layered lead some cool wah effects in there, good work!-Track 7-Plaese Don't Wait- clean sing and a great rythym behind it would be a gret song for a movie soundtrack, pure quality Bruce! simple and rocks well.-Track 8- Liar- Melodic instremental with soaring leads, reminds me of climbing up a mountain then comming down,I like when it gets heavy because its not overdone and the way it quiets down some great scales in there too!Track 9- Is this one about picking up women Bruce??Great intro chords tuff singing good rocker makes u scream for more like the lyrics state nice fills too!-Track 9- Dogs of Morrison- Nice intro sing and lyrics, a straight rocker to me has a mystical feel, positive lyrics about the meaning of life, nice work Bruce!-Track-10-Skydome- The last track another instrumental with power ful drumming from Kenny Aronoff, cool riffs taht remind me of stuff on Revenge good raw 70's jam kinda feel. After seeing Bruce recently at Wkdd show with Grand Funk his style is not just hard rock or metal but a broed range of musical styles that he performs consitantly evry time, keep Rockin Bruce!

From: Rob Chapman
Well I've owned this cd for about 24 hours now and have listened to it at least a half dozen times, I just can't put it away, it's that damn good man!!!!!I knew this was going to be a great cd but WOW!!! Every song on this thing is solid. If you are reading this and don't have a copy yet, order it now. You won't be disapointed.

From: Mariano
I've just purchased Audio Dog through my friends from KISS FEVER (visit www.kissfever.com.ar) What can I say? It's great!! I've really liked Bruce voice since "I walk alone" but this time it shines!! I'm not surprised about the guitar playing after seeing ten shows in South America with our man. Bruce's the man!! We're looking forward to seeing you soon in Argentina.

From: David Pulliam
Bruce has produced a trully remarkable cd. The seven tracks and four instrumentals are well worth the listen. This cd is certainly the start of many spectacular projects ahead. LOOK OUT world here comes Bruce! I am highly anticipating whats next. Please keep us informed.

From: Jason
Awesome CD! The instrumentals are all Satriani-ish (bet ya haven't heard THAT enough times!) and the vocal tracks sorta span his career in KISS (ex. "Strange To Me" would be good on Asylum, and "Need Me" sounds like Carnival material). This and Rockology are must-haves for any fan of 80s KISS!

From: Lars Jonsson
After listening to Audiodog like 8 times in 2 days these is my thoughts:
Pair of Dice:A great instrumental track that really shows that Bruce is a great guitarist!
Strange To Me: A great rocker, a mid-tempo song that sticks with you. It really shows how he has evolved since Kiss. Great solos!
Change Is Coming: This is a song that would have fitted on any of the Union cdīs. You canīt help rocking to the song! Very catchy.
Need Me: Nice beat, Bruce tells just how it is! Great vocals he really shines!
I Donīt Mind: A slow ballad kinda song. Bruce doesnīt mind. A great song. A really moody song! You can really feel his words.
Monster Island: A great intro, I wonder what makes that sound? Now Bruce picks up the pace a little. Awesome solos. An up-tempo song thatīs just great. Another song to demonstrate just how good Bruce is.
Please Donīt Wait: We drop the pace a little for a nice sing-along tune. The intro is just great with the guitars. Another song with good feeling. In all of the songs you can hear Bruce soul and his feeling for this album. He has become a great song writer. Please donīt wait for my heart!
Liar: I wonder if this is a new recording for if itīs the same as on the Retun Of The Comet cd. I donīt have that cd to compare to so I donīt know. Someone said on the Asylum Board that "The song needs no lyrics, cause it tells it all anyway", and I couldnīt agree more! Sad song.
Canīt Take: Another nice intro. I just canīt help stomping my foot and swaying to the song. You can guess what this is about ;). Screaming solos! Itīs all about what Bruce wants to you.
Dogs Of Morrison: Starts off slow, about paths and roads we all choose in life. Bruce chose to live with the Dogs Of Morrison. Picks up the pace in the chorus and continues from there.
Skydome: This is the last song on the album, an instrumental song. Damn you canīt helped beeing impressed with Bruce. I mean I thought he was great before, but now...My god his talent is just amazing.
I can honestly say that there is not a bad song on the record! All the drums on this album is great. And the bass are also very very nice. Do I even need to mention the guitars?? Well Bruce just gotta keep em coming! I look forward to the next solo cd, which I hope will me in the next 2 years. Great work Bruce, Love Ya

From: Mike Shupe
GREAT JOB BRUCE! Definately the best "solo" effort of ANY current/past KISS member. It is fun listening to the whole album and air guitaring my way through the work day. Keep up the great work!

From: Erik Rupp
I got Audiodog in the mail a couple of days ago, and I just can't get a few of the songs out of my head. The production is good (almost major label good, but not quite), and the performances are outstanding. Here's a song by song breakdown:
1. "Pair Of Dice" - This is a great instrumental track. Imagine Joe Satriani trying to write an instrumental 10th track for inclusion on Krokus' Headhunter album and you get a pretty good idea of what it sounds like.
2. "Strange To Me" - There are so many influences on this one that it's hard to list them all: KISS, Union, The Beatles, The Smithereens - It's just a GREAT song with a hook that will get stuck in your head for days!
3. "Change Is Coming" - This could have been on Carnival Of Souls. It fits in stylistically somewhere between "In The Mirror" and "Jungle," with a bit of "Hate" thrown in for good measure. "Change..." is my pick for best song on the album. Again, a solid vocal melody, and Bruce's best vocal performance on the album.
4. "Need Me" - A 90's song with 70's ties for sure. Kind of a grungier version of a heavy Cheap Trick song. Grungy power pop. Another great song, and another damn catchy chorus!
5. "I Don't Mind" - The first ballad, and it's a both a little bluesy and a little alternative. It's got a slightly grungy power ballad chorus. It reminds me of both "I Will Be There" and "Every Time I Look At You," only slightly grungier. Not bad, but not great either.
6. "Monster Island" - Phenomenal instrumental track, much like some of Satriani's heavier songs on his later albums, and also a little reminiscent of Vinnie Moore's Mind's Eye album. GREAT song.
7. "Please Don't Wait" - Power Pop. Good dynamics (starts mellow, and builds to a Power Pop chorus). Very well written. Not Power Pop in a KISS Unmasked kind of way, more like Cheap Trick or even some of Everclear's stuff, or maybe some of the later Goo Goo Dolls material.
8. "Liar" - The moody instrumental. More Satriani influences here, but also more Vinnie Moore (and several Shrapnel Records guitarists) influences as well. A solid song, but not as memorable as the previous two with the exception of some fantastic lead playing that sounds kind of like what Ace would play if he was a stellar technical player.
9. "I Can't Take" - Oh YEAH!! This one could easily have been written for Trouble Walkin'. A GREAT Heavy Rock And Roll tune. The chorus really sounds like an Ace song, and Bruce's vocals are very reminiscent of Ace's as well.
10. "Dogs Of Morrison" - Another moody track, only this one has vocals. The verse is OK, but the chorus is really good. Kenny Aaronoff plays drums on this one and the next track. Great drummer.
11. "Skydome" - Another great instrumental track with some GREAT drumming from Aaronoff. It is a moody hard rocker and a perfect way to end the album.
All in all a VERY surprising album from Bruce. His lead playing would satisfy just about any Rock and Roll fan, especially KISS fans. He really has developed a distinguishable style. His vocals are very much improved over "I Walk Alone," and his songwriting is as solid as ever. Audiodog has elements of KISS, Union, Satriani, and several 90's bands. If sales were based solely on the quality of the songs, then Audiodog would sell 5 Million copies! Sadly, musical quality alone is NOT what sells albums....... Order Audiodog. You'll like it (most of you will LOVE it). Honestly, it's that good.

From: Dave
Great album I was very excited with anticipation knowing i would receive it soon. the whole world needs to hear it!!!!!! Unfortunately I guess april 4th was too late to get the free guitar pick but thats ok. I really just wanted to let you know you did a fantastic job on the album.

From: Jim Huff
Great job Bruce, this album ROCKS! The instrumentals are really cool to listen to and have great melody. The vocal tracks also kick some serious ---. This disc really shows your talent as a guitar player AND vocalist. I have been listening to you wail on the guitar for years now and you never disapoint. I like all of the songs on this CD but the stand outs for me are "Pair of Dice", "Change is Coming", "I Don't Mind" "Monster Island", "I Can't Take", and "Dogs of Morrison". Your vocals are very good Bruce, keep up the great work. I expected a great album from you and that is exactly what i got. Good luck Bruce and keep on rockin. Thanks for a great CD.

From: Julian Gill
Before you even get to the music, there's a lot of symbolism in the cover of Bruce Kulick's "Audio Dog" album. The follow-up to his successful taster EP, of the same name which was released in February, which did well via mail order and KISS Expo sales, the album is more of the same: A blend of instrumentals and vocal songs which show off Bruce's development, as a singer, a song-writer, a guitarist, a human-being, etc, etc, ect. What is clear is that Kulick sets himself apart from "other" instrumentalists with melodic layered highly polished songs. As a producer, Kulick has definite skill, and assisted by song-writer Curt Cuomo the finished product is of high quality.

The first three tracks, "Pair Of Dice", "Strange To Me", and "Change Is Coming" were originally released on the "Audio Dog" EP previously. In some ways "Pair Of Dice" could be the bastard brother of "495", another instrumental that dates back to Bruce's days with Goodrats in the early 1980's. Cyclic and rocking, it better demonstrates Bruce bass skills and has a very "Vai" feel to it, or at least it would be at home on Satriani's "Flying In A Blue Dream" album. The rhythm section is further boosted by Union buddy Brent Fitz who drums on the first nine tracks on the album. "Strange To Me" gives the listener the first Bruce vocal attempt on the album. I would doubt that Bruce would describe himself as a natural vocalist. Duh! He was always a guitarist, but since his "Breakout" on KISS' "Carnival Of Souls" he was progressed from awkward to adequate. His style will not please some, but on this album Bruce shows vocal growth - or at least his comfort level with singing has reached a point where the singing doesn't seem as forced as on "I Walk Alone". "Strange To Me" is a great blend of melodic rock music and Bruce's vocals. Lyrically, the song, written by Bruce and Curt, is fun, but there is a KISS feel to the tune, after a few listens I could swear I could hear what Ron Nevison would love to do to the song!! Closing out the EP trio is "Change Is Coming", another vocal song, which takes the "Carnival Of Souls" chord crunching, the "For You" vocal style and blends the Union-esqe harmonies into one of the best tracks on the album. The attitude conjures images of Bruce Revenge-era, leather clad, and guitar six-gunning and string bending. This one would be most worthy of being played live. While it is understandable that the final track from the EP "495" was a special bonus to help market the EP it is a shame that it was not included on the full release. Ever since hearing Bruce and Eric Singer rip that track at Expos it's been a personal favorite. Oh well, it's on the EP, on numerous bootlegs, and was released on the bonus disc of Eric Carr's "Rockheads" album.

With "Need Me" we're into new material. This song has a strange feel, almost quiet Soundgarden in style. Bruce's singing is the most relaxed, perhaps helped by the subject matter of the song which has some excellent lyrics. Once again we have a pulsing rhythm section an mellow background guitars for atmosphere, until the introduction of a wonderful dueling guitar solo which has segments fighting for your attention. "I Don't Mind" sees Bruce slip into Gary Moore reflective mood with a mellow ballard, which again shows what a tool Bruce's voice has become. The song also doesn't stay too mellow for its' entirety with energetic chorus' which keep the listeners attention from slipping away with a very poignant chorus lyric. "Monster Island" is a ripping instrumental, as the title would suggest, with some of the most frenetic pace on the album. There's a subtle "Middle Eastern" feel to parts of the song, though not as prominent as on Mark St. John's "Baghdad". There's a tempest heading for Monster Island with Bruce using the song to flex his fingers up and down the fret board with some powerful overdubs! The song also provides a great workout for Brent who presents some excellent drumming for the track. Unlike some instrumentals, it doesn't go on too long, nor do the others on the album with Bruce finding a balance not to bore the listener with any fret board histrionics. "Please Don't Wait" is the most current sounding piece on the album. As such it could easily be a single by one of the few rock acts currently having success on the radio. It's different enough, has enough attitude, but isn't too heavy for the virginal ears of modern radio listeners who've forgotten what real rock is (damn, 70's, with Nuge, Trick, Aerosmith, etc). "Liar" was a left-over from "Carnival Of Souls", at least is was first recorded around that time. It eventually was one of the first recording Bruce did with Brent Fitz for the excellent, but seemingly forgotten, Doug Snazel "Return Of The Comet" project, which showed the level unofficial tributes could reach before the whole tribute 'thing' went comical. This recording has little new to offer, but is at least better homed on a Bruce Kulick solo album than on an Ace Frehley Tribute which the instrumental remains a powerful piece of work raising images of Bruce thrusting his guitar and attacking the strings! "I Can't Take It" is the final track on the album on which Brent Fitz drums, the remainder are handled by Kenny Aronoff who's drummed for John Mellencamp, Meatloaf, and numerous other artists of all genres. Lyrically, musically, and vocally, this song is the weakest link... Goodbye! But, even by that standard, the song simply shows how strong the rest of the album is. Must have been a result of the keyboards being the most prominent on this track! "Dogs Of Morrison" is an oddity, the most Union, from the first album, sounding song. It is also an excellent piece of lyrical work which shows the powerful partnership Curt and Bruce have built. The down side is that the chorus is rather weaker than the verse. As is the norm, the music is wonderful and haunting in places with a plethora of effects worked in on different levels. "Skydome" provides a fitting conclusion to Bruce's first solo outing with an outro-styled instrumental. There is little to say about it apart from the fact that it feels that it is closing the album...

What is clear about Audio Dog is that while the album has touches of KISS, Union, and older Bruce related material it is very much it's own beast with a character of determination that simply seems to state: Take it or leave it, I'm playing on... My way... Go Bruce!!

From: John Drozewski
AWESOME CD! Excellent instrumentals and great vocal tracks! Highlights are "Pair Of Dice", "Strange To Me", "Change Is Coming", "Monster Island", "Please Don't Wait" and "Skydome". "495" from the EP should have been included, it rocks! Bruce, you just keep gettin' better! Wish you could be back in KISS again. Good luck and keep on rockin'!

From: Allen Spreeman
I was on of the lucky ones who got a pick with there cd,first I would like to say the cd is great the first song really kicks --- the vocals on strange to me are great I only wish bruce would have sung on some kiss tunes because then It would't have taken so long to hear his voice.as for the rest of the songs they are all pretty darn good.I would say everyone who is a fan should order it today keep on rocken Bruce!!!!

From: Jan Schipmann
My Review of the great Album AUDIODOG:
Pair of Dice: Good opener, I think it's one of the best intrumental tracks.
Strange To Me: Great Track, I like it very much.
Change is Comin':I think it's the most famous track from Audiodog. Almost everyone one this page has allready listened to it, you know how good it is.
Need Me:Good Rock Track, the first time I heared Bruce scream (at the end)
I don't mind: My favourite Track it's fantastic. GREAT WORK BRUCE!!!
Monster Island: Good Instrumental track
Please don't wait: I like the song very much. It's the softest song on the Album but this ballad is awesome.
Liar: On the BB it has many friends, but I like it not that much. Overall a good instrumental track.
I can't take:I think it's the Heaviest Track on the Album, good work
Dogs of Morrison: The best lyrics on the Album, cool track (what the hell is Morrison?)
Skydome: Another good Instrumental
I would rate the Album in schoolnotes with a A- FANTASTIC WORK!!!!

From: James Martin
The best compliment that I can give you Bruce is: IT FREAKIN' ROCKS!!! I love it and as usual, I can really tell who was the real talent in KISS. I love every song. I just wish that the corporate Kiss machince would have let you sing lead on those albums. Keep up the good work and please followup with more. Love ya Bruce.

From: Michelle Smalle
THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVEN'T BOUGHT THIS CD YET--YOU'RE MISSING OUT! Bruce, this is the best cd I have purchased in a long,long time. "Pair of Dice" is a wild first track that foreshadows the great tracks that follow. The instrumentals and guitar solos are powerful, intense and attention-grabbing. You're vocals are absolutely articulate. You have a wonderful and distinctive voice. My favorite songs are "Strange To Me" and "I Don't Mind". You play from the heart and soul, which is remarkably reflected on this cd. AUDIO DOG ROX!! Best of luck,Bruce!

From: Robert Knapp
WOW! This whole cd just rocks! I bought the 4 song ep at the Atlanta KISS Expo so I already knew what the first 3 tunes would sound like and the rest of the album is just as good if not better! Catchy rockers,smooth ballads with some 'oomph' for good measure,and ass kicking,shredding guitar! Bruce really shines on every tune on rythym,lead,bass and vocals! He's like a 1-man band! Some of my faves are 'Strange To Me','Need Me','I Dont Mind','Monster Island'(love the Godzilla roar!),'Skydome' and 'I Can't Take'. There's no filler here boys and girls,just some GREAT rock-n-roll which is lacking on the radio and mtv(what a joke)these days. Bruce's vocals have improved and come along way since his KISS-Carnival of Souls vocal debut. I only hope this cd gets some of the recognition it deserves cuz it's just too good not to be heard...the cover artwork is kewl also with a few little past KISS references scattered around. If you're a KISS/Bruce fan and dont already have this cd then GET IT....you cant go wrong. It might even open some eyes(and ears) to the 'strictly Ace' fans,etc. who never really gave Bruce any credit. Give it a chance and you just might be blown away. Also, this cd is GREAT road music for the car stereo which is where my copy has been lately. Kudos to Bruce,Brent and Curt for putting out some great songs with some killer music! Hope there's more to come in the near future. Go Bruce!!!

From: Jared DuBach
Audio Dog is truly masterful! It proves Bruce's immense talent, and provides a fresh outlook. After listening to this disk, I immediately placed it next to the other KISS members' solo albums. But there is something much grander about this disk than those produced by the other members of KISS. Bruce has moved beyond being labeled by any one band. He is his own man, and his own artist. This album, when combined with all his other efforts prove that he is, and always will be a rock n' roll original. Thank you, Bruce, for your kick-ass, inspring music!

From: Ray Lewis
BRUCE!!! Your CD is great!! Admitedly, I like the instumentals the best, but all the songs are good. Your a helluva guitar player and I'm looking forward to your next one. If you keep it up, you could be the next Joe Satriani. I love your solos, so please do some more instumentals!! My wife wanted me to tell you she misses your long hair...haha. Dude, you rock!!

From: Richard Cappetto
I wrote this for the GFR Mailing List Cyberfunkers, THIS all the GFR referances. I LOVE this CD, this is right there with Joe Satrainis Flaying In A Blue Dream and Surfing whit the Alien. I already knew the 4 songs from the Ep were great (Pair Of Dice, Strange to Me, Change Is Coming and 495-which is not on the full length CD). Bruce is one of those special Guitar players who can make his Guitar talk, sing, cry, scream out and wail. He is a complete lead player and more importantly he plays with such emotion. The CD starts off with three of the songs from the EP.

"Pair of Die" a mid tempo rocker, reminiscent of summer song by Joe Satraini in its feel, it has a beautiful lead that sores throughout the whole song, it sings out in a gentle fashion and then it Bites which some find shredding then back to the Beautiful lead again; "Strange To Me" Is the first song with Singing, it reminds me of Union. Nice song, love the lyrics, real catchy, the singing style reminds me a little bit of Alice Cooper; I don't me the sound, but the way its sung, if you know what I mean, GFR has Three lead singers-maybe four if you count Tim; Strange To Me has an excellent lead in it; and "Change is Coming" what a great intro Guitar screeching, powerful. Another song with lyrics and Bruce is a fine Lyric writer. Every song on this CD is catchy. I have now listened to it all the all the way through 15 times, plus I have a CDR in my car.

Next comes "Need Me "and it is da bomb, it rips, good lyrics, well sung, a total rocker, cool ass lead, Guitar just screams out. "I Don't Mind" is slower tempo, starts off softer and then gets heavy. Really nice chorus, Beautiful lead. MONSTER ISLAND Just rips, faster tempo, its as good as anything Joe Satraini or Steve Vie (sp) do. Fantastic Leads rifts, great chruchy Chords. "Please Don't wait" is a nice Ballad, Bruce does a good job singing on this one, it also has a nice lead which goes along like the song.

"Liar" is a fantastic song, man oh man, Bruce's Guitar is weeping and wailing on this one, it has such a somber, sad, feel, what a great tone he achieves. This song is so moving, there is no need for lyrics, the Guitar tells the whole story. It starts off with a beautiful plaintive lead wail (Hard to put in words you have to experience it, such emotion in his playing) and picks up with some shredding. Fantastic. Great use of either bending of the strings (or vibrato, foot peddle I don't know I am not technical-just sounds funkin great) toward the 1:30 mark and on. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR GFR DO THIS SONG LIVE (actually any song on the CD). "I Can't Take" is a song in the vain of KISS, it has that same feel in the vocals which Bruce handle well. The Music is way thicker than Kiss though. I would call this one a mid tempo rocker. Good song.

The Next Song "Dogs of Morrison" Just rips, its another song with vocals, it is a heavy song. This song is real catchy, could be an FM Radio hit if you could get it on the radio (corp BS). Real Nice Heavy Bass work in this one, nice Chords laces across the bass work, and a real cool lead lick they has some Guitar harmonies as part of it (duel leads). Did I say I love this CD. WHAT a GOD Send Bruce is for GFR (so is Max and Tim Wonderful people and musicians). The Last Song is "Skydome," this is a musical and a great song to end toe CD with. This one is extremely catchy, and just has GUITAR god Stamped all over it. This song is a Guitar Clinic, cool heavy beat and nice chords. Great shredding and hammer and pulls on this one, Bruce's leads are just wailing again on this one he goes from beautiful to viscous. Great stuff. GET IT

From: Chad Oppliger
This is a great cd. Go now and buy one. To bad Bruce doesn't have it available in stores yet. It is great from start to finsih. The thing that impressed me most was Bruce's improvement in vocals. Maybe John (Corabi) been's giving him lessons. One thing is for sure, I really believe Bruce has always had vocal talent buried inside of him and now you can hear that he has finally found it. To bad Paul and Gene didn't have him start years ago with them. Also it was great to see that Brent played drums on most of the tracks. He's is a great drummer. The only other person that I would have liked to see playing with Bruce of course would have been Eric Singer. But hey Brent kicks ass also. Bruce,thanks for the guitar pick.

From: Jer
Well I got the LP today and I have probably listened to it 5 times all the way through--- nothing like doing a lil' schoolwork while listening to Bruce tear it up!! I think my faves are "I Don't Mind" and "Please Don't Wait", but I was not disappointed in any of them. This cd was worth the wait and I only hope it gets some exposure because I think us fans are the only one that get to see these reviews. Looking forward to hearing it live now!!!!

From: Jim Collins
Audiodog kicks some MAJOR glutteous maximus! If you like hard driving, turn-it-to-11, head banging rock and roll, Audiodog is a MUST HAVE! If you like fabulous, soaring power ballads, Audiodog is a MUST HAVE! If you love listening to someone who has TOTAL MASTERY of the guitar, Audiodog is a MUST HAVE! My favorite vocal song is Need Me. This song really brings out the best in Bruce's vocals. Change is Coming is a close runner-up, though. Love the scream that opens Monster Island. Is that Bruce's guitar? Man, he can make that thing do anything! My favorite ballad is a tossup between Please Don't Wait and I Don't Mind. Both are beautiful and powerful at the same time. My favorite lyrics are Dogs of Morrison, a song about the choices we make in life. "Life's always just a matter of time, it's ticking away and one day it's gone. I don't care if you don't understand, cause in the end, I'm living with the Dogs of Morrison". I'd love to hear the meaning of the title phrase some time. My favorite instrumental has to be Skydome but Liar and 495 are a very close second and third. Bruce's guitar really sings and wails on Skydome. Bottom line, get this cd! GET IT NOW!!!

From: Susan Lang
Totally AWESOME CD. The guitar work is some of the best I've ever heard as well as the vocals. This is one of the best CDs I've heard in a long time. Bruce's hard work over the years has paid off to create one of the years best. Kudos to Bruce and company; and thanks for some great music to listen to...

From: Steve Durben
I received my copy of Audio Dog today. Thanks for sending it & thanks for making it! I've listened to the CD a few times already. My favorite tracks are (in no particular order) Pair of Dice, Need Me, Monster Island (I love the Godzilla roar at the beginning), Liar & Please Don't Wait. The only disappointing thing about Audio Dog is that it is not a Double CD (hahaha). Great music. Thanks.

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