UNION Scandinavian Tour 99
Below are some photos from UNION's tour of Scandinavia.

KISS Expo / UNION Concert Ticket

Articles on UNION from the Scandinavian newspapers

Jamie on the piano backstage

Bruce with a Swedish fan

Bruce and Stefan (KISS Army Sweden Pres) and lobby painting

Brent resting

Bruce and John with radio friends in Gothenburg

Brent online

Bruce in front of tour bus

Bruce with beautiful Swedish fans (and Andre)

Beautiful Helsingborg

Keith, Andre and Bruce freezing at rest stop!

Still freezing!

Brent and train

Andre and Brent

Andre relaxing

UNION photo shoot in Stockholm

Bruce and Andre at radio station

Bruce and Josef promoting "Blue Room"

Andre and Josef promoting "Guardian of the Gods"

John and Andre

John, Andre, Bruce (Tuff Guys!)

Andre and Brent

Bruce and Asylum outfit!?

UNION photo shoot

Brent at soundcheck

Bruce at soundcheck

Brent and cup of joe

Keith, Stefan and Andre

Keith, Bruce and Patrick from Bai Bang

Keith, Bruce and X-mas lights in Norkoping

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