Bruce & John's Florida Promo Tour '98
Photo Album

1998 Florida Radio Promo Tour Photos

Instore in Tampa with cool KISS jacket to sign

Bruce and jacket owner

Debbie, store owner, with Bruce and John -- John holding a free condom!

In Sarasota by the bay

A fan's bass to pose with

On the radio

Playing "October Morning Wind"

Answering the tough questions

"Russ & Bo" staff in Orlando -- Big KISS & UNION fans

Doing an interview by phone in building security office in Orlando

Doing a phoner from the lobby

Posing with our first in store poster at FYE in Oviedo in Orlando

On the radio with "Bubba the Love Sponge"

On air in Tampa having lots of fun

Bubba with Bruce & John -- 98 Rock

Signing at an in store in Tampa

Fans in lobby of WJRR, Orlando

In store at "Tape Deck" in Ft. Pierce, Florida -- Bruce holding puppy from pet shop next door

Eric & Bruce at Orlando KISS Expo

John greets a fan at the Expo

John with his Les Paul during the Jam

WYNF radio show visit with lovely girl who works there -- Sarasota

John relaxing on a music store pocrch in Gainsville

John really settling in on that porch!

Bruce & John with "Love Doctor" DJ in Ft. Pierce, Florida

The gang -- Bruce, Keith, Mike and John -- outside WFNF in Sarasota, Florida. We thank them for helping make the radio promo tour and Orlando Expo a huge success!

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