Cato, Bruce and Lars from KISS Army Norway

Bruce, Lars and Keith Leroux in Norway

Bruce outside hotel in Norway.... it's snowing!!

Bruce on stand up bass in music shop in Norway

Bruce's friend Ric taking poloroid of BK

Playing tourist in Oslo

Bruce on German sleeper car on train to Germany from Sweden

The trip over was long but was I greeted by the KISS Norway fanzine runner, Cato, who's a great guy I had met at the Coconut Teaser show back in late October of '98. Before meeting him though, I met an Oslo customs officer who pulled me over and then was happy to meet me when he recognized my name and I gave him a UNION KULICK pick!!! That night Cato and his co-worker Lars took me to a club where they have regular KISS parties and karaoke nights. That was fun and I even ran into some old friends there. The next day was great, lots of shopping and snow and meeting more friends from America!! The Expo was the following day, and what a day it was! There were so many fans, over 800, that I never did meet all of them as I hoped to.

Off to Sweden by train where I stayed at the great Globe Hotel, which was where KISS played their Swedish stop on the "Psycho Circus" tour in the arena that is attached. It's a very cool hotel and the Expo was held there the next day as well. I did lots of press which was very cool. The Swedish are KISS crazy and every day there was a full color report on KISS, and even an article on my trip there in the press!!! The Swedish Expo was a big success, with people from all over Scandinavia attending and then heading off to the KISS show afterwards.

The first of two nights for KISS at the Globe I ran into Paul backstage and he was excited to see me. In costume he is much taller than me, which is still hard to get used to!! I then said hello to Gene and Doc and Tommy Thayer, and last ran into Peter and Ace. They were all in great spirits and I was very happy that the vibe was so cool. I will admit the second night was a better show, but that is the way it goes sometimes. The crowd was electric and I hung with my friends and guests. The night before didn't end though without a visit to Cafe Opera, the "in" place in Stockholm. The special event was a KISS Playboy party - what great news!!! I had whiplash from all the women and it was in the all the newspapers the next day. The guys all came (not in makeup) except for Peter, and it was a great time hanging out with them and Tommy.

Off to Gottenburg and once again a cool expo at a school building. I also went to the KISS show that night and they were still having a blast on stage! Finally it was off to Germany by train (on a sleeper on a ferry!) where I arrived in Berlin, a strange city still in transition. There I met old friends that were fun to see. The Expo was held in a strange, new hotel and the elevator kept breaking, but the fans were great and all in all it was a busy day. I missed the KISS show that night because I had to travel onto the next Expo city.

Cologne was cold and rainy and the train station is a state of disaster, but off to bed to be ready for the Expo in the morning. The Cologne Expo had a great crowd and once again I had to travel that night to the next city. Frankfurt was a treat because I had a great hotel and some time to recover from all the travel of the previous days, which I needed. Unlike my KISS dealer friends who are workaholics and do not sleep... they do the Expo, then see KISS, then drive all night to the next Expo to set up in the morning!!! They are passionate without a doubt! Frankfurt's Expo was far from the KISS show but we still had a decent crowd. On my day off I bowled with some friends, and went shopping of course. I also went in search of the "nightlife," but actually was quite glad to just go to the hotel and sleep!! I got a massage at the hotel the next day and really got a good rest before the last few Expos in Bremen and Utrecht.

Bremen was cool and slowly but surely the crowds kept coming. I traveled by night and arrived in Utrecht on the morning of the 13th. It was a beautiful day and this expo at the Tivoli was HUGE!! More than 800 attended and once again I unfortunately could not say hi to all of the fans due to the sheer numbers. After goodbyes to the friends and dealers that I have known so well it was off to the KISS show with some good friends from Amsterdam and Germany. I did some press for TV backstage and then headed off to watch to band. Gene couldn't fly and he was pissed at his roadie so it was not a great night for him, but he said hi to me during the show and afterwards I introduced him to my friends. They, of course, were blown away!! More goodbyes and then off to bed for an early flight back to the US.

Well, my pictures will tell more than words, but again thanks to all the fans and friends and business people who were so cool to me. And to the US customs officer as well who wondered what I was doing in Europe - he got excited when I gave him an ESP disc and UNION photo!!!

Gotenburg University... with wood in the windows!

KISS hairstyle!!

Bruce answering the tough questions

Bruce and the "handsome" couple in Bremen, Germany

Fan art at the Expo

Fans waiting to get an autograph

Bruce's train set!

Bruce and Keith bowling in Frankfurt

Bruce judging KISS makeup contest in Oslo

Meeting fans in Berlin, Germany

Train station pose

With fans in Germany

Bruce posing with a Bug's Life poster in Sweden

Madman doing performance after Oslo Expo

Paul Stanley in action!

Bruce with some very pretty Swedish girls from the Playboy party!

Bruce and a Paul look-a-like!!

Ready for the train - food for the road

Bruce and a German fan

Bruce on the cell phone

Bremen train station sign from years ago

Ric and Bruce get to field the questions

Bruce and a very small car at a mall in Germany

Bruce with fan in Koln, Germany
Bruce with fan in Koln, Germany
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