I want to thank KEFREN and their friends for all the hospitality. My sincere thanks and admiration to everyone at KISS Fever for making me feel so special, they worked incredibly hard to make it a great success. We will do this again in the future for sure! I also want to thank my friend Jules Rocca for looking out for me and making sure I had an amazing time in his native country. Salute! - BruceKool@aol.com

Me and Gabriel of KISS Fever - main Expo contact

Posing with KISS Fever ad for Expo

Me & VJ interview babe

With the KISS Fever crew

Me & Sebastion (Paul lookalike from the band KEFREN)

On the hotel balcony overlooking beautiful Buenos Aires

With Jules, my translator and friend from LA

Doing MUCH MUSIC interview

Rehearsing with KEFREN

Going over the set list


"Metal sign" to camera!

Promotion on the radio

With radio crew

On the Radio

Posing for KISS Fever

You better watch out!

A boy and his guitar

Me & Jules at the Expo Q&A

Fielding questions

After the interrogation... we sweated it out!

The amazing crowd greets me!

Getting crazy with KEFREN

Turning it up with the band!

Performing for the wild crowd

Rocking Buenos Aires

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