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Bruce Kulick In Switzerland & Norway 2002

Alexander, Bruce & Nicola

Alexander, BK, Nicolas

Bruce & Alps

BK, Nicolas, SION

Bruce & SION

Bruce & Swiss dog

Bruce in Swiss Restaurant

Bruce, Skien, Norway with Tribute Band

Bruce In Cold Temperature

Bruce on Lucern Balcony

BK, Nicolas outside Lucern

Bob Garlick & Bruce

Bruce & Tribute Band

Bruce & Tribute Band

Bob, Sam, John, Bruce & Vince

Bob, Sam, John, Jean-Da, BK, Vince

Chef & Bruce

Bruce & Freddie Mercury Montreaux

Radio Show

Radio Show

Set List Swiss Tour

SION Casltles

SION From My Hotel Window

SION Photo

Swiss Band Out To Dinner

Swiss Hotel Dog

Swiss Poster

Swiss Rest Stop

The Band & Crew

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