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October 16, 2017 -Bruce Kulick

I'm pleased to announce that I have booked some exciting travels for November 2017. You all know I'm a guest on the KISS Kruise VII, and that Grand Funk has gigs scheduled throughout the month

In addition to those events, however, I'm also making a trip to Scandinavia. I'll be doing two events in Norway and then I head to Finland for the big KISS Expo in Helsinki.

Hope to see you at one of these great events in the coming weeks!

Bruce Kulick
July 10, 2017 -

I am super excited to announce I have been asked to be a part of the KISS Kruise VII. It's been a dream of mine to be invited, and I look forward to meeting you "Kruisers" in November. My brother, Bob, is also invited.

You can get all the details on the official KISS Kruise website.

Bruce Kulick

May 28, 2017 -

Bruce KulickI just returned from a two-week trip performing in Australia. I've always loved the land "down under," and the fans and friends I have there are very special to me. The trip started with a hectic but successful KISS Convention with Peter Criss, Four by Fate, Sisters Doll, me, and dozens of Melbourne bands performing at the famous Wicks Rehearsal studios in Brunswick, VIC. That weekend I did a clinic to a packed room, had a special lunch with some super fans, and performed (in the cold night) both Saturday and Sunday evening. I met many fans from everywhere, some coming from nearby New Zealand to meet Peter and me. That long weekend was rewarding for all.

Then it was a long bus trip to Canberra, the capitol of Australia. A very lovely city, and I had my nature walk and visited a small area called Manuka. Excellent shops, and if you want to visit a McDonald's, go to Australia! Always clean and good. The first gig with Four by Fate and Sisters Doll was well received, and that was the first of seven in a row. Yep. Brutal, but the show must go on.

After seeing Sydney--love that city almost as much as my #1, Melbourne--it was off to Newcastle, Brisbane, and Adelaide, winding up in Western Australia. I hadn't been there in 21 years, so with the new places I saw and my repeats to great cities like Brisbane and Adelaide, I can honestly say there's always a place in my heart for this great country. Challenges? Sure. A good salad is tough on the road. A request for something varied on the menu for "take away" is nearly impossible for them to get right! Club soda is soda water, there is no 7UP (sometimes a Sprite), but their "lemonade" soda is close.

The people are wonderful, and the fans are super! Many tattoos I saw again, and many collections with Gene Paul, and Eric were completed with my signature. Australia has a love affair with KISS, and my visit in 1995 was never forgotten. That makes me feel great of course.

Bruce KulickSpecial thanks to Peter Hoffman, Ian Spears, Jason Ferguson, Dan from Wicks, Alan our bus driver (big BK fan!), and Jim Rowland, who works like a dog for Sisters Doll. A super thank you goes to Brennan, Bryce and Austin, the three young brothers who were my band. You have grown tremendously, as musicians and people. Check out their last CD, as I did play on a track. Their father, Salv, is a gem of a man. It's always a pleasure working with them.

My brothers in arms, Four by Fate, a new band comprised of great players and singers who have a strong KISS connection: John Regan on bass (we bonded over Rat Pack stories!); Tod Howarth on vocals, guitar and keys; Rob Affuso from Skid Row, who all I could ever tell him was, "you're a powerful and attractive man" (an infamous Gene Simmons line I had to use with him), was killing it on the drums; and my new guitar buddy, Pat Gasperini, who is a talented player and singer, and a wonderful dude. Round them out with "Chopper," their sound man/tour manager, who also helped me out.

Bruce KulickWe had a great time dealing with the brutal schedule. We made lemonade out of lemons all the time, and I want to thank you all for coming together on this tour. I met some new and many old friends, like my dear January from Melbourne (if I had a sister, she is it!). Sharing pizza and chips with her is priceless, as well as hitting the big mall for Diesel clothing. And Kimbo from Sydney, who I first met during my Meat Loaf years in 1977!.

We all adopted Sisters Doll's friend, Ashley from Bunbury, who helped with the merchandise. And we all had a lucky fan who toured with us, Robert Jackson. Yes, he got plenty of abuse, but done with rock love, since you don't know what it's like until you LIVE it. Thanks for your support, Robert, and I am grateful you survived! And next time I tell you I will take you to the Virgin Australia lounge, DO NOT have brekky before we go to the airport! LOL. The lounges are lovely, clean, filled with good fresh food, the Wi-Fi is super, and the perfect flat whites are appreciated.

Last, but not least, is my manager, Mark Abbattista (known to all as Abba). With his unique humor and personality, he was, as always, invaluable to the job at hand. This man was built to be a gypsy traveler, so I believe he was quite thrilled touring the country along with looking after me. It's always an adventure, and when I have my meltdowns (fewer than usual this time, I will add), he handles them well. (Leaving your luggage in a Turkish cab is not a good feeling at 1:00 AM in Adelaide!)

Of course it's the fans I have to thank the most, as that long journey would never be worth it to me without their passion, smiles and joy hearing me perform and me getting that opportunity to meet them. Thank you all! Hope to see you all again soon.

PS -- Also check out this great recap of the tour over at The Rockpit.

PPS -- Thanks to Tanya, Andrew and Adam for the live photos.