Messages From Bruce Kulick - 2016

December 19, 2016 -

Another year has almost gone and the holidays are here again! It has been an exciting one for me, with lots of performing in places like Brazil, Paraguay, Sweden and most of the 50 states of the US with Grand Funk. I love playing my guitar, and I am blessed to have a career with my axe in hand. I will explore more things in the coming year, and I will gladly share with you all my love of music.

I always say good health and the love of your family are so important for your soul, and I hope you all have a healthy and happy holiday season. Thank you all for your support, and you should know that I do love you caring about my music and guitar playing. Whatever you do in life, be true to yourself, work hard, and respect all. Do your best, it always comes back to you in a wonderful way!

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


Bruce Kulick

October 19, 2016 -

Bruce KulickWell, you can't tell from the weather in LA that Fall has begun, but I know it gets dark sooner and the nights are cooler every day. Grand Funk still has lots of gigs lined up, and it seems like we don't slow down till later in October.

I also have some other events lined up, including a fun autograph show in Knoxville on October 28th & 29th at the Knoxville Convention Center, and of course the big NJ KISS Expo is coming fast, happening on October 9th!

I have other things to do as well, like some session work for my friends in Australia, and I will be sharing some more of my guitar collection in a unique way in the coming months. I will get you all the updates on my career and other crazy events as they occur, I promise. So stay tuned!

Until then, enjoy the Fall temperatures. And for those of you in the USA, don't forget to get out and vote on November 8th!

August 3, 2016 -

Bruce KulickI hope everyone is enjoying summertime! I have been traveling quite a bit with Grand Funk this year. We just had a short break in July, which was nice, but now we're busy again, booked almost every weekend for the next few months. Most of these shows are outside, and we have been lucky with great weather and huge crowds.

I have to admit, with this being our 17th year the band is grooving along wonderfully and the reaction from the crowds has been terrific. It's always fun to play with this band, and if you haven't seen me with them you are missing out on some good music and an entertaining show. My guitar playing is featured quite a bit, and having a rhythm section of Don and Mel is a dream come true musically.

I had a great time on my recent weekend in Detroit and near Dayton, Ohio doing back-to-back gigs with Grand Funk. I also did a clinic for ESP Guitars at Rock City Music (good name huh, as in DRC!), which had a fantastic turnout. I really enjoy those and I fit them in my busy schedule whenever I can. Thank you ESP, and Nick, the owner at Rock City for an awesome event for me and my fans.

Keep your eye on my FB and Twitter accounts, and I want to thank all my fans for supporting my career. I do love playing my guitar for you all. Have a safe and wonderful summer and come see Grand Funk!

PS-Photos by Daniel Sarkissian, a young filmmaker who is the creator of a new documentary these photos may be featured in called "What is Classic Rock?"
May 29, 2016 -

Last night at the Honda Center Arena in Anaheim, it was surreal to be hanging with Paul, Gene, and Eric Singer. I was there for the LA KISS football team, who won 54-42. Here's my game opening "Star-Spangled Banner," with pyro and all!

Gene had to ask me a bit about the ESP/LTD Viper design. He loves double cutaway guitars, and the Viper is an offset version of that kind of axe.

Thank you LA KISS and the band for the invitation.

April 26, 2016 -

Bruce KulickI just returned from an exciting weekend in Stockholm, Sweden. It was a very long trip from LA just for a few days, but it was worth it to see my friends and fans in Scandinavia.

My first full day, Friday, started with a photo session for a popular Swedish artist, Robert Haglund, followed by some radio interviews and a long video interview for a TV show on KISS. All of that was done at the famous studio ABBA recorded at, so I enjoyed the historic nature of the setting. After that I did a quick guitar session for some friends, then rehearsed with my backing band for the expo, some of them friends of mine from many years ago and UNION tours of Sweden.

But the big day was Saturday. The KISS Expo was professionally presented and arranged by some die hard KISS fans in Sweden. There was a special meet and greet I did for the VIP ticket, and that was fun talking and meeting those fans one on one. I took photos with them, signed items and even did a hand print for one fan that he had in a frame. That's a first!

Bruce KulickThe expo featured a 90-minute interview of me conducted by Alex Bergdahl, who is an uber KISS fan and especially well informed on my era of KISS. He took the crowd and me deep into the Asylum era of the band with thoughtful questions and a slideshow behind me to spark my memory. We ended with a rare video of the band live from an Asylum show, and I was freaked out by how many flashbacks I had from 30 years ago!

Next was the performance with my Swedish friends. It wasn't a long set, but I enjoyed playing "Unholy," "Turn On The Night," "Hell or High Water," "Domino," "Parasite," "I Walk Alone," and "Tears Are Falling," ending with the hit "Crazy Nights." It was a very crazy night indeed! I was so thrilled I couldn't even sleep before my early trip home to LA via a stop in Heathrow.

Like I said in my interview on Friday for Swedish television, every day of my life is touched by my 12 years in the band. Because of the worldwide fame of KISS and the passionate fans everywhere, it is something that seems to continue to grow. The weekend in Sweden proved that many miles away people love my era and are willing to come celebrate it, like the many Star Wars fans enjoy their conventions. I am very thankful for my fans' support, and I hope they enjoyed the event as much as I did.

Bruce Kulick

Thank you all at KISSIN Time and the KISS Army fans in Sweden. Thanks to Mats and all in the guys in the band for working so hard on backing me. Thanks to all my friends who live and work in Sweden. They are a part of my life even here in LA. It's a small world after all, isn't it!

PS - Thanks to Mattias Lindhs/Lindhs Grafiska for the clinic photo.
March 17, 2016 -

Bruce KulickI just returned from an exciting trip to Brazil and Paraguay. Due to my busy schedule with Grand Funk, it's always a challenge for me to find breaks that give me a chance to celebrate my KISSTORY in far away places.

What makes it incredibly worthwhile, besides enjoying playing my guitar, are the fans. I keep seeing younger and younger ones, loving my era of KISS and knowing all about me, and that makes me thrilled. KISS is the kind of band that will continue to grow new fans from every generation, and they discover the non-make up era, strongly evident in their support of me playing favorites like "Tears Are Falling," "Crazy Nights," "Hide Your Heart," "Unholy" and "Forever" to name a few.

I want to thank many people for making this short tour a success. The band members of Parasite, Loud, and KISS Killers all did admirably backing me up on stage. My special guest in Paraguay, Sebastian Gava from Argentina, was also a pleasure to perform with again. My infamous rehearsals, where I am happy to share the correct subtleties of the songs, are a treat for me. I like the music to be right, so they get a KISS "professor" to show them the way. Many tribute bands make the same little mistakes in the music, but I quickly get them on the right track.

Bruce KulickThank you to Felipe from Rock Freeday, Felipe from Parasite, Helio (a friend for many years from KISS Killers), and Jose and Gustavo from Paraguay for all their hard work leading their bands. All the band members worked hard to do their best at my shows, and I really appreciate their love for KISS and performing the music.

All these guys' friends and family were amazing to meet as well, and the promoters involved and venue owners all were good to me. Some of the band guys had wives and girlfriends who were super helpful to Abba (my manager) and me as well. Also thanks to Joey and Vinny Appice for getting this all started, and of course to Abba for having the vision and smarts to make this trip a success.

Of course, a very special thanks to the fans for their continued support. I met many sweet people, all so crazy for KISS music and excited to meet me. I even got some Grand Funk love from a few! It's amazing how music makes the world come together in a special way. I am a lucky man to get this opportunity.

Grand Funk's summer schedule is very busy, so come see me this spring/summer if the American Band is coming to your town. My next foreign event is a KISS Expo in Stockholm Sweden on April 23rd, and I am excited about that.

February 26, 2016 -

Bruce KulickSo far 2016 has been very exciting. I've had a busy January with Grand Funk, including a trip to Palm Springs, and of course a very exciting trip for the band on the Legends of Rock Cruise IV. Those trips had me traveling more than usual for early in the year. Grand Funk also performed for the Bacchus Parade in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, and that was insane!

Coming very soon is my trip to Brazil. There are four gigs to start off my South American trip, some in cities I never played before, including Rio. Then I'm off to Paraguay for the first time for a gig, then I head back to Brazil for a few more events, the details of which I will have for you soon.

I also wanted to remind everyone about Avantasia, the Tobias Sammet project, on which I played lead guitar on two songs. It's terrific music, so check that out.

Of course I will have a full report from my trip to South America once I'm back home. Hope to see a lot of my South American fans soon!

January 8, 2016 -

Bruce KulickIt's a new year, and I do want to wish you all a great 2016.

Some exciting things are happening already for me in January. Grand Funk has the usual type of dates coming soon everywhere in the US, from California to Rhode Island and many places in-between.

Grand Funk is also booked on the "Rock Legends" cruise at the end of January, and this is very intriguing to me. Bands include Peter Frampton, Gregg Allman, Foghat, America, and Orianthi, just to name a few, and another KISS guitarist, none other than Ace Frehley himself, will also be on board. This will no doubt prove to be a very exciting trip for sure.

In this new year I also plan on recording some more, and there are some other touring trips and appearances being worked on as well. You know I love sharing the details when they happen, so I promise to post as soon as things are confirmed.

Thank you for your continued support. I do appreciate you all keeping up with my career.

Photo courtesy Steve Christiansen