Messages From Bruce Kulick - 2015

December 22, 2015 -

Bruce KulickWell, the holiday season is finally here and it's time for us all to enjoy the opportunity it gives us to step away from the usual work and stresses we all deal with in life.

I love the gifts I share with Lisa and my friends and family, but what we should love the most is the time we get to spend with our loved ones. I feel the best gift in life is caring and sharing the joys of life with those close to you. To me, that's the true spirit of this time of the year.

I'm very grateful for another successful year in my career, traveling to many places both international and across the USA with Grand Funk Railroad. This December marks my 16th anniversary of performing with GFR! I'm blessed to be so busy doing what I love: playing my guitars and sharing my talent with you all.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year. I hope to see many of you in 2016!

November 23, 2015 -

Bruce KulickHad a wonderful weekend outside of Mexico City in Toluca, Mexico recently at an amazing venue called the KISS Lounge. It can only be described as a shrine to all things KISS and Kiko, the owner, is a HUGE fan of the band.

I jammed a set of classic KISS with the house band, Overdrive, to help celebrate KISS Lounge's 12th Anniversary. The only thing different for them was the drummer, Jon Carr, who obviously is totally obsessed with Eric Carr. He did a fine job, along with the singer from his tribute band, Tony.

The meet and greet was fun, and I received many thoughtful gifts. Some even cried when meeting me! Ironically, since I don't eat Mexican food (can't really digest it right) I had pizza and pasta from Antonino's Pizza nearby Kiko's place every day. Being on the road, you have to do what works!

Thank you Kiko and Daniel, and your lovely wives. Thanks to Jon, his amazing girlfriend Katie, Daniel for helping the band before my arrival, Sergio, Fernando, Tony and Roman. You all made the performances exciting for me.

Thank you Mr Abbattista for your hard work, and most of all thanks to the fans who showed me their love. I always love the passion you all have for my guitar playing and all things KISS!

You all rule in my world.

August 31, 2015 -

Bruce Kulick

As you all surely know, Wes Craven was a legend in the world of horror, and fans of the genre were saddened to learn of his passing late yesterday.

I am proud that I was part of a Wes Craven film, SHOCKER, which features the song "Sword & Stone" that I co-wrote with Paul Stanley.

There's a new collector's edition of SHOCKER coming soon from Shout Factory, and I was interviewed for the special features.

You can learn more about it by clicking here.

July 21, 2015 -

I hope everyone's having a fabulous summer! As the world knows, we kick off summer here in the U.S. with fireworks on July 4th celebrating our national holiday.

"The Star-Spangled Banner" I'm sure you all know is a part of every baseball game, and I was honored to perform it acoustically with Petty Officer Mike Dalager (a powerful singer and the man behind Dreams in the Witch House) at Dodger Stadium on July 4th.

I hope to catch many of you at a gig this summer with "The American Band" Grand Funk. Check our tour dates out and see if we're coming to your town!

Bruce Kulick

May 28, 2015 -

I am excited to announce the release of GOT TO GET BACK from KKB, my first band. The CD opens with a new song, "Got to Get Back," that's catchy and a throwback to my youth. The CD continues with six newly remastered and remixed songs recorded in 1974.

Got to Get Back
I'll Never Take You Back
My Baby
Trying To Find A Way
You Won't Be There
You've Got A Hold On Me

This music is a glimpse into my past, but still highly relevant today. Hope you agree with me that GOT TO GET BACK is awesome!

PS - GOT TO GET BACK is available in a collector's package that includes the CD, an exclusive KKB guitar pick, two-sided photo card, and digital download code. Click over to the merchandise page to order yours!

Bruce Kulick

March 16, 2015 -

Bruce KulickI want to thank all the fans in Australia who came out in support of my recent journey down under. From the set at the Cherry Bar on AC/DC lane in Melbourne with Dressed To Kill, to a full show at the wonderful venue in Adelaide called the Bridgeway Hotel backed by a very talented young band called Sisters Doll, to Sydney's Frankie's Pizza venue jamming a full set with the killer house band, and finally the wonderful weekend in Seaford, VIC for the KISS Convention where I jammed both electric and acoustic sets, it was a nonstop two weeks.

And in between all of that, I did three very successful Masterclasses for Allans Billy Hyde!

Everywhere I was welcomed with open arms. The fans were friendly, respectful and totally excited to meet me and watch and hear me play. I felt like a king from all the adoration. I have to thank the young lads in Sisters Doll for working hard on learning the set--Brennan, Bryce and Austin really killed it--and my longtime friend Paul Drennan for playing 2nd guitar and performing with me acoustically, along with Matt Bradshaw, a very talented singer from Melbourne.

Bobby, Joel, Mark and David in Sydney were amazing backing me, and all the people that made this happen from Peter Hoffman and George from the KISS ARMY Australia, to Focus Productions in Adelaide, to Jade, Jordan, Vince, Will and my fearless friend January, the success of my journey would not have happened without their dedication and support. Special thanks to my travel buddy and manager, Abba, who had a good time as soon as he met a penguin on a pier in Melbourne one night, so I am grateful to Mother Nature for that miracle.

Thank you people of OZ for all for your support. Although I was many miles from Los Angeles, all my friends and fans made me feel at home in their special Aussie manner.

PS - You can check out some great photos from my trip over on Facebook.
March 16, 2015 -

Bruce KulickHeads up, Australia! I'm headed your way for a 20th Anniversary visit packed with lots of great events.

Hope to see you in Adelaide (March 21-22), Sydney (March 23-24) or Melbourne (March 26-29).

My complete itinerary is listed in the accompanying poster (click to make larger).

I'm looking forward to visiting with all my great Aussie fans!

January 27, 2015 -

Bruce KulickNAMM 2015 was exciting, exhausting and totally overwhelming.

Between all the fans, gear, lights, sounds and the general buzz that happens when a huge convention center and surrounding hotels are filled with an attendance of something like 50,000 people, you can imagine how incredible this music event actually is.

So without me saying much else, enjoy the photos.

And remember that music is like the air we breathe--we would die would without it. So go listen to some music for your heart and soul...RIGHT NOW!

January 4, 2015 -

One year ago today I had the immense pleasure of marrying my sweetheart Lisa Lane. I am blessed with her constant affection and I always appreciate her love and support. Lisa, here's to many more anniversaries!
Bruce Kulick