Messages From Bruce Kulick - 2014

December 22, 2014 -

My first band, when I was 20 years old, was called KKB. The initials are the last names of the talented musicians in the band who had a dream to record for the love of music. Little did we realize life would never afford us the opportunity to do more with what we created. I first shared KKB with the world in 2008, when we created 1,000 limited edition, numbered CDs.

Since then, Mike Katz, our singer and principal writer, found the original multitrack tapes we recorded in 1974. We discussed writing a new song and updating the mixes, with a vision of squeezing every bit of fidelity and spirit out of the performances.

In early 2015, KKB will be released with a brand new song that will blow your mind, along with remixed versions of the original 6 songs and some more recently unearthed material as well. It was a long time ago, but the tracks still sound remarkably current.

Enjoy the teaser video, and check out the KKB Facebook page!

November 7, 2014 -

Bruce KulickTuesday night I was invited to attend Classic Rock Magazine's Roll of Honor Award show held at The Avalon in Hollywood, CA. It was an amazing night filled with a "who's who" of the rock world. From Queen's Brian May and their new singer, Adam Lambert, who won the Band of the Year award, Aerosmith's gunslinger Joe Perry, ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, the one and only Ozzy Osbourne with his wife Sharon and kids, to Julian Lennon, Eric Idle (Monty Python) and Jeff Lynne from ELO, the list went on and on.

The mood was festive, I'm a big fan of the magazine, and it was their first time stateside after nine years of the awards being held in London. Sammy Hagar was the host, and he's such a personable and funny guy he made the show move along successfully.

Other winners and guests included Gregg Allman, drummer John Densmore, Dave Mustaine, Eric Burdon from The Animals, producer Eddie Kramer, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke of Guns N' Roses, John Varvatos, Zakk Wilde and Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme. Joe Elliot gave an award, and so did Henry Rollins and Scott Ian.

It was super fun. After April's Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, this one was similar but still unique with its vibe. Some live performances included Scott Weiland's new band The Wildabouts, and a real crowd pleaser was Rival Sons. Glenn Hughes's band California Breed were great, and later on Kings of Chaos played with Sammy Hagar, Glenn Hughes (hitting notes that prove he is an alien!), Joe Elliot, Brian May, Billy Gibbons and Joe Perry sitting in!

Bruce KulickI was right in the front getting blown away from the amps on full blast. It was quite cool to see some of my heroes like Brian May and Billy and Joe jamming on stage right in front of me. I left thrilled to have attended, and was especially happy to be there to say hello to quite a few of the rockers. Chatting with Julian Lennon was surreal for me, as I've always felt he is super talented, and what stories he must have in his life! He was appreciative of our conversation about the music business.

Sharon Osbourne made a really great comment about the state of Classic Rock when she asked, "Who will be replacing these rock pioneers in ten years?" Well, thankfully all us "classic rockers" are still playing and loving the idea of being on stage. So I am looking forward to rockin' on "forever."

Thank you, Chuck Brennan, for a very cool last minute invite. He was one of the sponsors of the event and owns the Brennan Rock and Roll Academy, a free music program for the children of the Boys and Girls Club in South Dakota.

Happily, I feel Classic Rock will thrive and be valid for a very, very long time. Amen!

November 5, 2014 -

Bruce KulickRecently the rock world was shaken by the loss of legendary musician Jack Bruce. Today is his funeral in London, which sadly I could not attend. Meeting him and his wonderful daughter, Natascha, was always a thrill to me.

Jamming "White Room" and "Sunshine of Your Love" with Jack at a famous London rehearsal facility during Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp in 2007, I consider a lifetime highlight for me.

Simon Kirke, from Bad Company/ Free, was on drums. Improvising with Jack toward the end of "Sunshine" made me feel the power and energy of Cream, and I will never forget that day.

He wasn't a tall man in height, but the shadow he has cast on the music world with his creative singing, EB-3 bass playing and songwriting makes his passing a huge loss to the world of music. I am just honored to have had that short time with him on a few occasions.

Jack Bruce -- RIP.

October 17, 2014 -

Today is the 25th anniversary of HOT IN THE SHADE's release by KISS in 1989.

Bruce Kulick

As I've done in the past with REVENGE, CARNIVAL OF SOULS and CRAZY NIGHTS, I will be taking a track-by-track look back at all fifteen songs.


September 23, 2014 -

Bruce KulickSunday at the John Varvatos store in West Hollywood there was a big event, by invitation only, featuring Ringo Starr and his All-Starr Band. We all know that John Varvatos has had a successful year with KISS, and now he's got Ringo!

As John said to me at the party, "How could I follow KISS?" Well, a Beatle is certainly a good choice! Apparently Ringo was already buying clothes by Varvatos, so the association was easy. John's clothing is simply pure rockstar, with the styles and quality. (I had a full Varvatos outfit on at the RNRHOF.)

We all know that Ringo is for peace and love, so a peace campaign was launched and yesterday was a celebration of that. Everyone is encouraged to use #peacerocks on all social media, especially Twitter, Instagram and Vine. For every #peacerocks used, John Varvatos will donate $1 to the Ringo Starr Peace & Love Fund. Learn more at John Varvatos: Peace Rocks.

Ringo's band members each did a song, and then the man himself came out to do three tunes. It was a fun hang, with Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Nick Simmons, Glen Hughes and Clem Burke among others who were in attendance. Joe Walsh was also featured onstage. I love Ringo, and seeing him again on stage in a smaller "car park" setting, as he called it, was quite exciting.

Thank you, JV, for the invite, and to Ringo for believing in PEACE.

August 29, 2014 -

Bruce KulickWednesday the 20th of August was a special night for many reasons. First of all, it's not often that people representing Rick Springfield call me up for a favor, but when I heard that Rick's guitar tech, Ruben Velasco, is very ill with stage four cancer and his very favorite band is KISS it was natural for me to jump in and help out.

I was lucky that a few great players who live in LA were available to join me for this mini-set at the House of Blues on Sunset. James Lomenzo (White Lion, Megadeth, and the Amazing Race Reality show), Kenny Aronoff (too long a resume to list here!) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses) would be the band playing KISS classics. Funny thing is that Ruben asked management, "Can they play 'Rocket Ride'?" Wow, that was an interesting request--an Ace song from the ALIVE II studio tracks. The evening was about Ruben, however, so even though my first reaction was "Huh?" it quickly turned to "Yes!" Rick would join us to sing the song, really making that a special performance for Ruben.

The evening was well coordinated and the crowd had an amazing time. Rick's set was awesome, with some special guests. Elliot Easton from The Cars sat in a few songs, as well as John 5 from Marilyn Manson and White Zombie. Then my band played five KISS songs before bringing out Rick to perform "Rocket Ride."

After that was the big hit from Rick "Jessie's Girl," which James and I sat in for. I always loved that song, and it came off perfectly. Afterward, there were KISS themed cupcakes and a huge cake backstage, and a Gene Simmons candy bowl statue made an appearance too. I loved the combination of Springfield and KISS, and I will add that Rick is a totally cool dude who was gracious and friendly to all. So it was a night to remember, and best of all the event raised lots of money for Ruben's medical bills. And I should add KISS donated a package for auction. To read more about it check out here.

Thank you to everyone involved, from the band to management to publicity, and to Gary and Jill ( and Sheri Hastings for the photos from the evening.

August 27, 2014 -

So, a lot of people called me out for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and now that I'm back home after a couple of Grand Funk gigs I have stepped up to face the challenge. As you know, the challenge is to help raise awareness and money for the fight against ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. Enjoy my dousing to the sounds of KISS classic "Tears Are Falling" (KISS fans will get the joke), and please donate to the cause--every little bit helps.

Oh...and I call out former UNION bandmates John Corabi, Brent Fitz and Jamie Hunting. You're on the clock, gentlemen!

July 10, 2014 -

Bruce KulickIt's clearly summer in North America and Europe, and that's the busiest season for touring in most places in the world. Naturally, it's the time GFR gets busy and huge mega tours like KISS/Def Leppard, Motley Crue/Alice Cooper, etc., get going on the road.

I had a show with Grand Funk down in San Diego, CA on the 5th of July, so with KISS just a few miles away on the 6th in Chula Vista it made sense for me and Lisa and some friends to take in the festivities. I wanted to get there early to see the special meet and greet acoustic performance that KISS does late in the afternoon. I knew it would be kind of crazy.

As soon as the fans were led into the air conditioned tent, my party and I squeezed in the back. It was super casual, and I was calling out tunes to play, like "Going Blind," and sure enough they tore into it.

Much like the Unplugged Convention Tour from 1995 that led up to KISS doing the MTV Unplugged performance (that I am still very proud of), the guys were relaxed and having a ton of fun. They were all excited to see me in attendance, so that made it quite interesting for the fans too.

Bruce Kulick The Def Leppard guys I have met before at the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, so I got some photos and quick hellos with most of them. I can tell the vibe of the tour is lots of fun for both bands, no ego issues at all. Well the crowd got what they paid for, and I know the tickets are pricey, but the production value of this tour is HUGE. I saw the "Spider" in action for KISS last summer in Ottawa, Canada, when GFR was in the town the same night and I was able to see the show. If you're a KISS fan, you shouldn't miss this spectacular display of music, pyro, lights and sound, not to mention all the typical wilder elements that are always a part of a full KISS show.

I have lots of shows with GFR this summer, but in a different way than KISS. We do what the biz calls "fly dates"--we fly into a city, do the show and fly home. Mostly on weekends. Sometimes there are a few shows in a row, but it's nothing like the mega tours I mentioned at the top of my message. If you haven't seen Grand Funk, do your best to come hear us! It's not a huge production like KISS of course, but the music is the message with us. And I get to really shine on their songs as well, playing solos in just about every song of the night.

I hope you all enjoy your summer. Be safe, and remember that music is a blessing, so enjoy it! I know I do. And also, if you haven't checked out BK3, my last solo disc, on iTunes please do. North America has a few new bonus tracks, and I am setting up to have Audiodog and Transformer released on iTunes and all digital outlets worldwide very soon. Of course, you can also find BK3 on Spotify and Pandora, as well as other streaming radio sites.

Thank you all.

May 20, 2014 -

Bruce KulickSaturday, May 17th was an incredible event in the world of KISS Expos. Start with current KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer, add me as another guest, then dress it all up with Maria Contessa, the costume designer of many famous KISS outfits, and that's quite a good lineup. Add into that day the one and only Paul Stanley, and you have a "Grand Slam" of an Expo! For the lucky 1000 plus in attendance, to get to meet, have photos taken, and hear from all of us made for a day of great memories for the fans to share forever.

It started at the early hour of 9 AM, and there were already over 150 people in line for the "Platinum Package." After Tommy and I took "combo" photos with the fans for about an hour, it was time to meet them one by one. I signed tons of great items, including some of the new reissue 180 gram vinyl KISS, met plenty of kids who are now enlisted in the KISS Army, and answered and heard from the fans, who kept appearing in the very long lines.

With all the confusion of having so many in attendance, I know I did my best to shake all their hands and get a good photo with them. I sold out of almost all of the merchandise I brought with me, which really was an accomplishment. My lovely wife Lisa was there to help, along with my good friend Kristin and the usual friends of The KISS Army Warehouse. I want to thank them all for looking after me so well.

Bruce KulickAround lunchtime, after Maria Contessa did her Q&A, it was my turn to address the crowd. I told them all about the exciting year I have been having, starting with my wedding in January, and explained to them about the video montage from it that is accompanied by a lovely song performed by my wife Lisa, with me on jazz guitar. I then addressed the hoopla of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and how pleased I was about the attention 40 years of KISS was getting, even if I wasn't inducted.

I mentioned how I hung with Tommy in NY during that trip and got to know him much better. Keith and Steve, the promoters of the expo, asked Tommy to come up and say a quick hello with me onstage. It was great to share the spotlight together for the fans. After that, I discussed my new iTunes release of my last solo disc, BK3, including the newly added songs.

I then addressed Paul's new book. I was like a schoolteacher to the fans about his must-read hardcover Face the Music: A Life Exposed. Paul calls me a "mensch" in it, and I'd asked some of my friends the evening before if they knew what that meant. Most of them, being from the Midwest and not of the Jewish faith, had NO CLUE. Well, "mensch" is a Yiddish term. It's a bastard language used by Eastern European Jews, with some German thrown in, that many New Yorkers whose parents are Jewish would speak at times in the household. My parents used it when they didn't want my brother and I to know what they were talking about! So, in the Yiddish dictionary mensch means "a person of integrity." A mensch is someone who is responsible, has a sense of right and wrong, and is the sort of person other people look up to. In English, the word has come to mean "a good guy." As you can imagine, it is quite flattering to have Mr. Stanley refer to me in this way. So, since I had a captive audience, I took that liberty for the fans to learn about it. Paul was going to sell almost everyone there a book (who wouldn't want a signed a copy and photo with The Starchild?), so I was glad I explained it to the crowd.

Bruce KulickLater on, when Paul did his Q&A to a crowd that would best be described as drooling with excitement, Keith asked me up onstage again to be greeted by Paul, who was aware that earlier I had explained that word to the crowd. He added a few other interpretations of what he felt was a mensch: salt of the earth, a good guy, and then a private joke of sorts--at my wedding, during my toast to my bride, I explained to my guests that I love to make salads for her every morning before she leaves for work so she has a great meal for lunch. So, Paul also said I was a mensch because "he's a salad maker." He reminded the fans I was crazy too, and I agreed. I was blushing, and a bit speechless. It was like a mini roast of BK on stage by Paul!

Keith made my wife get me off the stage, as I was bumbling a bit from all the excitement. But I did tell the crowd before my exit how cool it was to have Paul finally appear at a KISS Expo, and they roared in approval! Paul took photos for hours with the fans who bought books, and I was finally done for the day around 7:30 PM. Yes, I started at 9 AM! Insane, but my adrenaline and the excitement in that room in Indianapolis will never be forgotten. I kept saying to my friends and the promoters, "How will you ever top this?!"

KISS fans are so unique and passionate, and so dedicated. Yes, we know there are Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans and Beatles fans, but I just have to say the KISS ARMY is one of a kind. I am blessed to be a part of the band, or shall I say the KISS family, and I know I thanked the fans repeatedly. Without their strong support for all eras of the band, my life would not be the same. From generation to generation they keep the flame alive, and I can assure you that you won't get picked on if you're a KISS fan like back in the 70s. It's actually hip to be a fan now. But don't get snobby about it! After all, only the people in the KISS Army really know what it's all about, and I love that. Thank you, KISS Army Warehouse and Get A Life Productions. The life of a KISS fan just gets better all the time, and the lucky 1000+ who experienced that special day in Indy know exactly what I am talking about.

Please visit your favorite digital store to check on my BK3 release--tracks 12 and 13 are brand new. More on that soon!

All the best, and thanks again for all your support.

April 23, 2014 -

Bruce KulickTuesday was the official release of an eight song CD called Hard Light from my friend Andrew London. I have spoken about him before on my social media for many reasons. Not only is he a good friend of mine, his talent and professional ability to share his music with passion so effortlessly is something I really admire. He performed at my wedding in January, doing a song he co-wrote with me and my co-writer and producer Jeremy Rubolino (BK3), who produced this new release. That's the connection, as when Jeremy was introduced to Andrew, he was very excited to work with him.

The songs on Hard Light are filled with passion and hooks, all lead by Andrew's excellent vocal abilities. He is a true singer songwriter, and it's all about the song. What was my involvement? Well, I play guitars on about 80% of the music. But on this release, I share my love of my rhythm guitars, textures and strumming to help Andrew's music give you that thing that only music does--a feeling that is wonderful. If you're expecting KISS style guitars, nope. If you're expecting tons of distorted wah solos, no way! What you will hear is many guitars of mine: Telecasters, Stratocasters, Rickenbackers, single coil LP guitars from Gibson, my old Les Paul, as well as big and small acoustic guitars from Martin and Gibson all happily being played. Amps were much smaller too, although we did have my trusty Marshall head at some sessions.

Andrew's music, with Jeremy's direction, is much more Peter Gabriel, Coldplay or U2, although I use those comparisons loosely. His style of writing is from the heart, and as an artist he takes every word, every note, every chord to mean something deep from his soul. It's that connection he has that inspires me to be a part of his career. He is always grateful for the guitar work I have contributed, and we work well together. As a team, I feel Jeremy, Andrew and I, along with the other talented rhythm section players (keyboards and remaining guitars played by Andrew), really captured something unique here. The choir on the song "The Water Rises" will give you chills. Songs like "When I Saw Your Ghost," "Someone That Makes You Happy" and "Hard Light" all make me feel the joys in my life that music creates in me. His slower songs are heartfelt and powerful. Give it a listen yourself to see what tickles your fancy.

Bruce KulickI feel Andrew is just starting to scratch the surface of what he is capable of. He is already working on his next CD. But for now, I hope you enjoy this music like I do. Keep in mind I listen to many styles of music, from Sinatra and Dean Martin, to Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell, to even classical and prog rock. (Man, I love the Tarkus CD from ELP I just scored in Florida, a German pressing! Lisa was like, "Who is that?" as I was blasting it in the car!) Regarding Andrew's music, of course this is more feel-good music that I truly enjoy listening to. It's not aggressive like hard rock music, but I do love the feeling it gives me, and isn't that what it's all about? Music is emotion that connects us all, and of course individually our choices of what we love to hear vary like the shapes of leaves fallen from a tree. We're all not wired the same, and that is good.

For those of you who may have missed my wedding montage, which has a song performed by my lovely wife Lisa on vocals, Andrew on a Steinway baby grand piano and me on a GIbson 1958 ES 175 Jazz box, listen below to how sweetly Andrew lends his keyboard talent on this jazz pop arrangement. It's about the feeling. I get goose bumps hearing my wife and all the elements of this performance showcasing what talent can do. Makes you really FEEL something. A special thank you to Jeremy Rubolino, who produced the wedding song, "I Dreamed Of You," as well of Andrew's new release, Hard Light.

One more thing: Andrew, Jeremy and I co-wrote a BK3 track that wasn't used, which will soon appear on iTunes, as the upcoming iTunes release of BK3 will have two bonus songs. You'll really enjoy the Beatles style track that Andrew sings, and I can't wait to share that all with you.

Enjoy the music!

April 23, 2014 -

Bruce KulickLast night I was invited to a screening of a documentary about Alice Cooper called Super Duper Alice Cooper. It was excellent, and I learned so much about this iconic artist.

The footage was impressive, and the style of how it was presented made it so exciting to watch. It was like you were there all along during the life of this man, who was very much like the character from the 1931 horror movie Jekyll and Hyde.

In attendance at the Grammy Museum theatre besides Alice and his wife and daughter, Calico, were Eric Singer and Richie Sambora, as well as Orianthi and Kane Roberts, who played with Alice, my keyboard friend Teddy Andreadis, current Alice Cooper drummer Glen Sobel, and Twister Sister's Dee Snider.

Thank you Rob Gill from Eagle Rock, who is distributing the movie, for the invite.

"The Great Bruce Kulick"
April 14, 2014 -

Bruce KulickNow that I'm back in LA, unpacked and exhausted, it is time to share my thoughts and experiences from my day with KISS at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Why is my head still soaring in the clouds with joy over such a controversial induction ceremony, where KISS was treated poorly at best and I was snubbed by the powers that be at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? Simple. Tom Morello's speech showed passion and respect for all years of KISS. Thank you, Tom, for your eloquent words so clearly laying out what KISS means to people and how important it was for KISS to be inducted. Including all the members of KISS as you represented the HoF from the podium made me very proud.

Next elation moment for me? Gene Simmons giving me a shout out during his induction speech that will ring in my head for the rest of my life: "The Great Bruce Kulick!" I nearly fell off my chair! I know Gene has always showed me respect in spades, and the feeling's mutual, but to have such a powerful figure in the world of music and show business single me out that way was so special for me to hear. Paul's intelligent and eloquent words laying out the joy and the frustration of what the Hall did with regard to KISS and how the people that matter are the fans who BUY the music and BUY the tickets to the shows was powerful to hear, and important to note. He also mentioned my name, along with Eric and Tommy, who were sitting next to me.

Bruce KulickBut, back to the beginning...

After we arrived in heavy traffic, we went to the green room, where I was able to take a photo with "Silvio," or I should say Steven Van Zandt from the E Street Band, who was getting inducted that night by Bruce Springsteen. "Team KISS" was asked to head to the table about 5 minutes after Jann Wenner, the much disliked publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine, was at the podium announcing the evening's welcomes and inductees. I thought that was very odd, but we were in the dark with many of the logistics of the evening. It drew lots of attention, and I loved that, as fans shouted KISS!

Once settled into our seats, I was like, "Holy crap, this is AWESOME!" 'cause I saw who was sitting arms length from me--Bonnie Raitt, Carrie Underwood, BIll Murray and Courtney Love, with Peter Criss and his wife just opposite me. Definitely made my head spin a few times! Hall and Oates were also close, and naturally the table I was at had lots of attention from the crowd. Along with Tommy and Eric on either side of me, was Paul and his lovely wife, Erin, Paul's son the talented guitarist Evan, and Gene and Shannon, with their gorgeous daughter Sophie. A family friend of Shannon's rounded out our table of ten.

After the induction of Brian Epstein (The Beatles manager) and Andrew Loog Oldham (Rolling Stones manager and famous music producer), Peter Gabriel was up next. WIth two podiums for the inductions on either side of the long stage, Chris Martin of Coldplay was far from my view, but being a huge fan of some of Coldplay's pop UK music I was excited to hear his playful introduction for the legacy of Peter Gabriel's career. Bob Ezrin (KISS producer and others) was also an important part of Peter's early solo hits, so I was excited about Gabriel's performance and acceptance speech. He did three numbers I believe, and it sounded awesome. I was sad of course that nothing from KISS would be performed, but clearly all of the music performed that night was WELL rehearsed, and we all know the drama leading up to the event would not have made that an option.

No controversy regarding Mr. Gabriel, so the joy of his music and the celebration of it by all was quite moving. Peter had some important words to share with the crowd, and they rang very true that night: "Watch out for music. It should come with a health warning. It can be dangerous. It can make you feel so alive, so connected to the people around you, connected to what you are inside. It can make you think that the world should and could be a much better place. It can also make you very, very happy." What KISS fan wouldn't freak hearing those brilliant words?!

Bruce KulickNext up was finally the moment I have been anxiously waiting for since the announcement of the induction. The video screens lit up with a video short sharing all the excitement of KISS, with quotes from the band and amazing footage of the live shows. Tom Morello did his magic sharing his love for KISS, then Paul and Gene headed up to the stage. Peter was nearby, and even though Ace was at a table on the other side in front of the stage they moved him over to Peter's table, as Tom's podium announcement was directly in front of our side.

The place went crazy as the guys were given the large statue award. I noticed the guys realizing they weren't holding the right ones, and a quick trade off was done! In the order I mentioned earlier, with each of them being as I feel true to whom they are, they gave heartfelt speeches of what the induction meant for them. "Four knuckleheads," said Gene, "who 40 years ago got together and decided to put together the kind of band we never saw onstage, critics be damned." They all spoke the perfect amount of time, as some others that evening being inducted went on terribly long. Then the four of them, along with Morello, were whisked backstage. Those cool photos of them holding the awards, looking somewhat uncomfortable, were taken then.

The stage attention was drawn the induction of Cat Stevens. I enjoyed the music and the speeches, but obviously my body was drained of the "KISS Fever" I was feeling for months before reaching a peak during the induction itself. After Cat's performance was Linda Ronstadt's induction, and that is where Bonnie Raitt and Carrie Underwood were to come up and sing. The women on stage, along with Glenn Frey, were simply amazing. Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks were all on one stage singing Ronstadt's hit "It's So Easy." Well, wasn't so easy for KISS, was it?!

Bruce KulickNext up was Bruce, and not me. No, "The Boss," and the evening turned into a love affair with all things Bruce Springsteen. I watched Springsteen and the E Street Band play their hearts out, as that night was important for them. Ten years since they were all together. However, knowing the KISS band had an early morning for TV and my flight back to LA was early as well, I knew we would miss the Hall & Oates and Nirvana portion of the evening. Shannon and Sophie stayed behind, but after brief chat with Glenn Frey of the Eagles in the green room (Glenn produced Max Carl from Grand Funk's solo disc, so he said to say "Hello!"), it was time for the rest of us to head back to the hotel in Manhattan. Gene, Tommy, Eric and I rode together, and we all discussed the night during the ride. I'll share some of that, but some will be kept private, naturally. Gene was frustrated with not knowing in advance what the plan was for the band or how the logistics of the evening were to unfold. I am also aware that Paul has been tweeting some displeasure with the powers that be at the Hall of Fame about this lack of information/communication as well.

Bruce KulickFor me, I was along for the ride. A ride that for my KISS years--performing, touring, recording, doing videos and photo shoots and interviews, losing a band member, getting a new drummer, making more great music, and then being left behind for the reunion tour to carry on the legacy of KISS--was completely validated. The acknowledgment of my contributions, the acceptance of the fans, and the love and support I get from them means the world to me. My love for the fans who support me will always be appreciated, and the talent that I contributed to this great band will always be known in my heart. Having those "shout outs" at the podium made all the times I didn't feel as much a part of the KISS legacy completely and utterly washed away. My contribution is solidified in KISSTORY.

I had a magical opportunity the day I was asked to join KISS in 1984 as the lead guitarist. I never disrespected it, and although I am not sure I understood the importance of it back during those amazing 12 years, I now do. Thanks to Gene and Paul for the invite of a lifetime, both for the time in the band and this fateful night in Brooklyn. I guess going home to where I was born for such a momentous event means life can certainly come full circle without you ever really making the plans. Being patient and "steady as it goes" gave me this night to share with you all. I know I am blessed and I don't take that lightly.

Now go crank up your favorite KISS music and celebrate the fact the world knows that KISS music means everything to millions on this planet. I am just one part of it. The KISS ARMY is what keeps it valid and will carry the cause forever.

February 14, 2014 -

In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to share this video with you. As you know, I married my sweetheart, Lisa Lane, on January 4, 2014. The wedding was perfect, and I have finally compiled the best photos to share with you all. The song you will hear, "I Dreamed of You," I am proud to say features Lisa singing. She really has a terrific voice, and with my jazzy guitar and our good friend Andrew London on piano, this song that Barbra Streisand originally sang for her own wedding made quite the impression on our guests. Love has many bonuses, and hearing her sing melts my heart. Happy Valentine's Day everyone, especially my lovely bride Lisa.

Bruce Kulick

February 11, 2014 -

Bruce KulickYou have probably seen some photos last week of my trip to Iceland. I just really need to explain to you all what an incredible place Iceland is. I arrived on a Thursday morning with my manager, Abba (Mark Abbattista), and was greeted by two of the band members of MEIK, with whom I would perform with on Friday night.

The hotel, near downtown Reykjavik, was perfect. Thank you, David, for your hospitality with our accommodations. After some much need rest, it was off to rehearsal. Thrainn (pronounced Throw-in), one of the guitarists, who is well known in Iceland for his band SKALMOLD, had a great place for us to practice.

Although now it was snowing, which made for an interesting commute getting there. Snow is actually NOT a regular event in Iceland, but the four inches of wet snow made it look so "winter wonderland."

After plugging in, it was time to work on the songs. MEIK (pronounced MAKE) are comprised of 6 players who all are professional musicians. They are all well-known in Iceland as the best of the best. They use the band MEIK to perform KISS music, as they love KISS, but they all work with many artists in Iceland.

So you can now imagine how easy that rehearsal went! It was so much fun, and the pressure was on ME to play well as they were all so good. Of course, there are always the little things for me to point out regarding drum fills and bass notes, to be more Eric and Gene like, LOL. But great players take direction fast!

Bruce KulickThen it was off to our guitarist Jonsi's house for a home cooked meal. Besides being THE hot session guitar player on the island, he is also a professional chef, so it was educational for me to get some cooking tips, as I really have enjoyed cooking over the past few years.

Abba and I had a great dinner, and we felt so welcomed in their home with his family, and his dog Tumi who really took a liking to me. (Of course!).

After getting a sugar rush from the MEIK / KISS chocolate cake that was prepared by a fan who works at a local bakery, it was time for proper rest.

The next day would be a visit to the biggest radio station in Iceland, RUV, for an interview and performance for promotion. They had a great studio, the interview was cool, and we played "Unholy" and "Detroit Rock City" live. [Here's a link to audio of the radio performance.] Now keep in mind, MEIK has three guitarists. Add me, there are FOUR! Guess what? We were the ultimate GUITAR ARMY. So us being tight proves how well these guys play! It was really fun to do that promotion, and I know it helped get more people aware of my visit, as this gig at the club called SPOT was only promoted on Facebook by me and the KISS ARMY ICELAND.

Bruce KulickThat this actually how it usually starts for me. A KISS ARMY from some country requests a visit for me to play, and I let Abba jump in and handle the logistics. That's the power of KISS fan clubs around the world, and they take the word ARMY seriously! After the radio station it was time for sound check and to get ready for the show after a quick dinner. I had an early Meet and Greet for those in the KISS Army Iceland who signed up, and those fans were simply amazing. Tattoos, KISS memories from my visit with the band back in 1988, and families for me to greet. No matter where you are in this world, KISS fans are the greatest.

Then it was time for the gig. MEIK warmed up the crowd with about 8 songs, then I joined them for 11 songs. The place went crazy and we whipped through tunes like "Deuce," "Tears Are Falling," "God Gave Rock N Roll To You," "Crazy Nights" and others. It was very emotional for me to see the reaction. We were tight, and the sound was excellent. Next time I will play a longer set with these guys, as they are terrific.

I have to mention the singer, Magni, was a star from the US TV show "Rock Star Supernova." So you get the talent these guys possess. After a fun backstage hang with the guys, as we all knew it was a great success, it was time for rest. The next day would be a day to hit some sights.

Bruce KulickIceland is so unique, being so far North, and made from Volcanic rock, and active in many areas. It only has about 350,000 people living on the entire island! We had a 300 km drive (186 miles) to visit what they call the "Golden Circle," which takes you to see famous sites like Strokkur Geyser, Gullfoss Falls, Kerio Crater and the viking Parliament meeting place, which was very weird indeed. Words can't properly describe these natural wonders, so check out the photos.

A quick stop at the famous horses on the island made me feel I was in a "Lord Of The Rings" movie! It was great for Jonsi and Thrainn to take Abba and me on this day trip to see the sights. Afterward, we headed to Thrainn's home and I met his family and two daughters.

Of course his KISS collection of vinyl and CDs was MASSIVE, and I signed many items for him, thanking him for his hospitality for this trip. Then it was off to dinner with Jonsi again, as he shared his French style of delicious salmon and cheese with butter, which I have already prepared for Lisa since my return home!

Bruce KulickOn our last day, we had time to drive with Thrainn downtown in Reykjavik and then head to the Blue Lagoon, a manmade Spa. The minerals and underground springs in this far away land are considered quite healing. We didn't book a dip in the water, next time, but the place was surreal, like most of this Nordic island! Its history is very wild, and the place really looks like the moon. Many famous movies feature the landscape here (Prometheus, Batman Begins, and Oblivion just to name a few). My only regret was not being able to see any of the beautiful phenomenon called The Northern Lights. Next time I hope to see them. You can't book a day you know they will appear... so I must return to this special place.

The KISS ARMY ICELAND (thanks Kitty and Heidar) were terrific, and MEIK were the best musicians I could ask for to jam with! Thank you to my musicians, and all who helped make this trip a joy. It was a journey I won't forget easily. Now I just have to get that song -- "We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow." -- from Led Zeppelin out of my brain! Not easy...not easy at all. Enjoy the photos, and coming up soon, a full recap of my wonderful wedding!

Photos courtesy Atli Hergeirsson, Orlygur Smari and Mark Abbattista.

January 24, 2014 -

Pleased to announce my Limited Edition Rock N' Roll Relics BK Model guitar, available exclusively from Rebel Guitars.

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  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Nut: Hand Cut Bone
  • Frets: Med Jumbo
  • Radius: 12
  • Scale: 24 3/4
  • Nut Width: 1 11/16
  • Neck Profile: 50s
  • Bridge: TonePros AVT Wraparound
  • Tuners: Schaller
  • Pickup: Seymour Duncan JB Antiquity
  • Finish: Sunburst Nitrocellulose Lacquer
  • Case Included

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Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick

January 5, 2014 -

Yesterday I married my sweetheart, Lisa Lane. It was a magical event, and I'm so blessed and happy!

Bruce Kulick