Messages From Bruce Kulick - 2013

December 31, 2013 -

Everyone have a wonderful New Year! Be well, be happy, enjoy! Here's to an amazing 2014!

Bruce Kulick

December 13, 2013 -

Bruce KulickLast night for my 60th Birthday party, my fiancée, Lisa, invited my closest friends and family to share in a celebration at our favorite Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

I really enjoyed the party, and my 89 year old mom was quite popular! Eric Singer was a super friend sitting next to her, and we all loved the food, drink and cake for dessert--a giant seven layer cake with guitar picks spelling Happy Birthday. I got some cool gifts as well, as they know what I like!

And now I'm looking forward to my wedding in January! I have over 100 guests coming to that celebration.

Hope your Holiday Season is fun and safe, and thank you all again for the many Happy Birthday wishes!

December 9, 2013 -

After a long year of traveling with my guitar, way over 100,000 miles on airplanes, I am finally happy to be back home for the holidays, and my upcoming wedding early next year. Thank you all for the support. I really wish you all a very happy holiday season!

Bruce Kulick

November 27, 2013 -

Bruce KulickBack from a Reno gig with Grand Funk this past weekend. While there, I also got to see Alice Cooper and my good friend Chuck Garric, which was a great show. Here's a cool photo of me and Orianthi before they took off to their next show.

That afternoon, I stopped by Reno's premiere guitar store, Bizarre Guitar. Dave, one of the staff, picked me up from the hotel. I knew he was a serious KISS fan when I saw his license plate was "Shock Me!"

The store is chock full of all brands, with a special downstairs vault of vintage and custom shop goodies. I actually fell in love with an ESP LTD EC1000T--a full body Eclipse in Snow White. So, I made it an early birthday gift to myself. Dave got a kick out of me playing KISS songs on it!

If you're in Reno, don't forget to make a stop at Bizarre Guitar. I highly recommend it.

October 31, 2013 -

Bruce KulickHappy Halloween, everyone! I had a really amazing time in Miami this past weekend. I met so many KISS fans from around the world who were excited to join their favorite band for KISS KRUISE III. I was invited to do a pre-party at the Hard Rock Cafe in the downtown Miami area. My Meet & Greet was 3 hours long, and I felt like I was visiting the UN, as there were so many fans from so many places! Just shows the power of KISS.

I was given very cool fan art and many other interesting gifts, and signed tons of KISS memorabilia and unique items. Maria Contessa, who was KISS's famous clothing designer for many early tours, was also in attendance, and she gave me some awesome KISS gloves. I think Gene style. Thank you Maria! I also want to thank all who helped put on this event, from Adri, who hosted, to Gonzalo, who manages the Hard Rock Cafe.

I jammed 7 songs with PRISS, a unique and excellent all female KISS tribute band. Thank you, PRISS, for making the music rock in a special way. Opener SirKISS did a fine job as well with their set as well.

The evening ended with "God Gave Rock 'N' Roll to You II," and then me picking the winner a beautiful ESP/LTD guitar which was donated for the raffle by ESP, with all proceeds from the raffle going to the "Wounded Warriors." It was surely a sweet ending to a great day. Thank you all for your support.

Funny, even though I was all the way across the country from LA, I had dinner the night before the Hard Rock party brother Bob, who was involved with another KISS KRUISE III pre party event nearby! He was thrilled with all the fans who came out to see him as well. We are both honored to be a part of the KISS family!

A Very Strange Anniversary -- October 16, 2013 -- I'll Survive

October 16, 2013 -

Bruce KulickEveryone, today marks the 10th anniversary of a very strange incident some of you may remember, when I was shot during the early morning hours of October 16, 2003 while walking with a friend on Sunset Blvd. after visiting a music club on "the Strip" where bands play. Someone got into a fight up the block at The Rainbow, and was so angry he went and got his 9mm gun (turned out to be stolen as well) from his friend's car.

Well, his friends took off, leaving him behind, dangerously drunk and seeking revenge at The Rainbow after being thrown out. He started shooting wildly, sending bullets flying on the patio of The Rainbow...and all the way down the street where I was walking with a friend. One bullet went through my right leg, above my knee. The other grazed my temple.

I was in shock, as it sounded like a car backfiring, and felt like a hot poker went through my leg. I didn't know exactly what happened until paramedics, who wonderfully looked after me before the ambulance took me to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, told me. The paramedic treating me was happy to see me move my toes, as that meant I was very lucky-the bullet went through flesh and muscle, not bone and arteries.

The hospital staff were expecting a head wound, and they looked at me like, "Wow, he's chatting and looking okay!" Well, they put some zinc on my temple grazing and then tested the leg for extent of the injury. By the time I got home from the hospital at 6 AM, it was already scrolling on CNN--"KISS guitarist shot"--and was soon all over the internet at places like Billboard and MTV.

Bruce KulickThankfully, I had called my parents early to tell them what happened and not to be alarmed. Of course I was on medication, some pain pills and antibiotics, and doctor's orders were to keep my leg wound clean, as it heals from the inside out! With the help of some dear friends, I was able to heal quickly and survive a truly surreal experience.

People say to me, "Wow, how unlucky of you." My reply has always been that I was very lucky to be blessed and saved somehow! One inch one way or another, I could of been dead, or crippled for life. The shooter that night was tackled by some brave people at The Rainbow, and he served his time in jail for his crime.

I wrote a powerful song that was on my last solo CD BK3, "I'll Survive," that says how I feel about that day. It was the first composition I wrote for the CD, and even though it took me until 2010 to complete the CD and release it, the message of that song still takes me back to the day it happened.

If you've not heard it before, listen to the song below and then stop by Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and tell me what you think.

-- "I'll Survive" from the album BK3 --

August 19, 2013 -

Bruce KulickOnce again I've had an amazing Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp experience. This one, based in the beautiful area of Napa, CA, certainly was unique and extremely special.

First off, I can cross off my Bucket List jamming with Joe Satriani, as we traded riffs on Hendrix songs on stage at the final Saturday night performance. Wow! His humble personality and wisdom of guitar is tremendous. He was incredible. Thank you Joe!

The wonderful hospitality of the Martini family, known for some of the world's best Cabernet, teaching us the art of winemaking and treating everyone at the camp like family, is also something I will never forget. They finally have me understanding what magic goes into wine making, and the eerie parallel of making music and making wine became apparent to all.

Blending ingredients is an art, like members of a band creating something unique and timeless. Speaking of which, thank you to all the campers for your hard work, and all the fun playing our tunes.

I'm blessed my schedule allowed me to participate in this unique Rock Camp. Thank you again to the marvelous Mike Martini and family for hosting this magical event.

Sadly, now it's time to get back to reality, not surrounded by the smell of grapes and delicious wine!

August 5, 2013 -

Yesterday, after finally getting home from a ten day mini tour with Grand Funk, I was invited to see a show based on my favorite band, The Beatles. The concept of the show is "what if?" What if Lennon never died, George was still healthy and alive, and the guys got together in 2013 for the 50th anniversary of their first hit?

Bruce Kulick

Performed by the players who appeared in the hit production of "Beatlemania," the concept and intimate setting put on at El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood was very enjoyable. The songs, the joking around, and watching a fictional concept of those four special musicians from Liverpool--who changed the world as we know it--getting together, first to rehearse in Ringo's basement and then put on a full performance at The Cavern club, put huge smiles on the faces of everyone in the crowd.

It's not really how much they look or sound like the original Fab Four, it's really about the spirit of that music and the love that makes that band still move the world. Like KISS, The Beatles are continuing on with new generations loving the group as younger and younger kids continue to get turned on to them, as was evident in the crowd. The Beatles legend will certainly live forever.

Thanks to Mitch Weissman for the hookup, and to the guys performing the music that I love so much. "A splendid time was guaranteed for all" in the production of "All Together Now."

July 28, 2013 -

Bruce KulickHad a really busy day in London, Canada, yesterday. After my killer set at the "Rock The Park" show in the downtown area with Grand Funk, I was happy to be done early enough to make it to the nearby arena to see KISS.

Toto and Styx were up next after Grand Funk at "Rock The Park," and though I would normally have stayed to watch those great bands I wanted to get to the KISS show in time to say hi to the guys before they hit the stage.

After picking up my all access pass and ticket, I was able to see the guys backstage a bit before the big show. I'd heard great things about the Monster tour and "spider stage" lighting rig, and I have to admit the show was amazing.

Paul, Gene, Tommy and Eric were all in fine shape, and the set looked great and sounded powerful. I was proud to see them rocking, and I loved greeting the fans who said "Hi" and taking photos with them.

It was a very memorable night in Canada.

Thank you KISS and crew, and all the cool rock fans in Ontario.

July 25, 2013 -

Bruce KulickI love supporting local music, but it is hard to get out of the comfy home sometimes. I am glad I was invited to a local jam near Burbank, CA lead by James LoMenzo on bass and vocals, featuring Kenny Aronoff (who has appeared on two of my solo CD's) on drums, with guitarist Brent Woods rounding out the core trio.

The idea of the jam night is that they play great covers of all your favorite bands, and then have guests in the audience come sit in. I was prepared for AC/DC's "Highway To Hell" and "You Shook Me All Night Long," which featured Paulie Z from ZO2 on vocals.

It was awesome, and we rocked the small club. My three song appearance ended with "Hot Legs," and Buckcherry's drummer Xavier Muriel joined me on two of the songs.

The evening had many other great musicians sitting in, and I loved all the songs chosen. The best of classic rock, done well, no sloppy jamming. I highly recommended the experience for those in the LA area. The club is called Lucy's 51, on Riverside Avenue and they perform every Monday night. Thanks, James, for the invite. Keep it going!

July 23, 2013 -

Bruce KulickI get asked often about certain early KISS guitars that I have toured with and used in videos. Sadly THREE of mine used during the Animalize and Asylum eras were stolen from the KISS warehouse in NJ, sometime back in the mid to late 80s.

1. Blue Charvel
2. Black BC Rich
3. Purple Charvel

The thieves cut a hole in the ceiling and got away with these three guitars of mine, as well as some others. At least one of Paul's that was stolen was recovered years ago when someone sold it to the Hard Rock Cafe. If any of you have seen these, I'd like to have them back.

I don't have serial numbers, but they are very identifiable to me. Please contact if you have any information.

Thanks for reading!!

July 16, 2013 -

Bruce KulickHello, everyone! My flight landed early coming back from a gig with GFR in Wisconsin over the weekend, so I had a chance to visit a guitar show in Glendale, CA on Sunday. So, along with my fiancée and some good friends we hit the show.

I love guitars, you all know that, so it was fun posing with a few. I didn't see anything I absolutely had to come home with, but honestly that is okay, as I have many to keep me company at all times.

If you don't play a guitar, or don't have one, go get one--they keep you happy! And you don't have to spend $65,000 - $85,000 for a good playing one.

I have to run tune a few and jam a bit now, but Happy Pickin'!!

July 11, 2013 -

Bruce KulickSadly, The Good Rats, a legendary group from Long Island that I worked with from 1980 till 1983, has lost founding member Peppi Marchello. His powerful voice, songwriting skills, and wild live performance nature (shorts, high gym socks, and a baseball bat in hand!!) wowed fans across the tri-state area of NY/NJ/PA for many years.

Not restricted to just the tri-state area, however, The Good Rats fans are both passionate and worldwide. I remember joining KISS in 1984, and while on tour in France someone in the radio business there knew about my years in The Good Rats and was freaking about that, not me being in KISS!

So let's remember Peppi, with that baseball bat in his hand, leading strong band members throughout the years and entertaining his fans from his heart and soul.

He will be missed.


Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick

July 1, 2013 -

Bruce KulickI finally feel like a rock star today.

It's random little things that move me: a small gesture of kindness from some stranger, even a smile or nod from a passing stranger to acknowledge your existence as a human being. But some moments move me intensely.

Having a highly respected surgeon who was a camper at Fantasy Camp tell me, "You think like a doctor" thrilled me to no end. Crying, shaking fans taking a photo with me, humble me. Signing arms and legs for tattoos, strange as it feels to me, I get their "need."

But then flying home today from Milwaukee, the flight attendant, who I would have no reason to think knew of my career, called me by name and thanked me for my years of great music! Laura, from American Airlines, then shook my hand and said, "I'm a huge fan of the 80's. Thank you." I was humbled and elated by the appreciation.

Now all of you who think I don't read the wonderful comments on social media, I do, and I sincerely love them. But a random compliment from a woman in her airline garb, shaking my hand with appreciation, just really put things in perspective for me.

I'm blessed with my talent and the opportunities I've had to play the instrument I have loved so dearly since I was ten years old. So I'll reflect on today's kindness as a reminder on those days when life being a musician gets rough.

See, now I know I'm a rock star...Laura told me!!

June 5, 2013 -

Bruce KulickI just returned from Mexico, where I had an amazing time at the 10th Anniversary of the KISS Lounge in Toluca, which is just outside of Mexico City. The KISS Lounge is a true testament of the dedication of owner Kiko Riojas's love of all things KISS.

Kiko has been collecting KISS items for years, and ten years ago he created this insane KISS sanctuary that is so intense, with rooms and rooms of displays featuring rare items--merchandise, T-shirts, gold records, guitars and more--all on display to enjoy. Kiko also collects vintage music related equipment, so that was a treat for me being an "analog man" myself.

My meet and greet was fun, as the fans (who seem younger and younger!) enthusiastically shared with me their love of KISS and my time in the band. All the comments about how much I mean to them certainly made me feel well loved. Since it was his 10th Anniversary, Kiko also invited me to do two shows with the house band, who are huge fans as well.

Bruce Kulick

Bruce KulickBoth nights were very successful, and what a treat it was for me to play in such an intimate setting for such a passionate crowd. I changed up the sets both nights as some were in attendance twice, and you know how KISS fans are! I want to thank the band for their hard work, and of course the staff at Kiko's KISS Lounge for their hospitality and looking after me so well.

I stayed in the Santa Fe area of Mexico City, which is very modern and beautiful. The restaurants and hotels were excellent, and it was really great to be so comfortable. Mexican culture insists on hospitality, and I definitely felt welcome everywhere. If you're a KISS fan and headed to Mexico, go visit the KISS Lounge. You will love it.
May 28, 2013 -

Bruce KulickThis month is almost over (where the heck is 2013 going?!), and I can't forget to remind you of the live release from the KISS Revenge tour. Released in May 1993, ALIVE III is a strong representation of what KISS in the 90s sounded like. With current drummer, Eric Singer, in full double kick drum glory powering the machine, along with Paul and Gene, I helped to create what I think was a high powered approach to the KISS catalog, old and new.

As die-hard fans know, most live KISS albums had been fixed in the studio as needed. I can assure you, this release had the least repairs. We did have some audio problems with crowd recordings, and we fixed that. Some other audio and performance issues were also repaired, but the mix process was smooth considering all the sources. I remember going through cassettes of the three nights recorded for consideration. More of the Cleveland, Ohio concert was used compared to the other cities.

Yes, we had an off stage keyboard player, but he's hardly featured on the mix of this album. Including a song only recorded at soundcheck, "I Was Made For Loving You," seemed odd to me (Why not just play the darn thing it the concert?!), but overall there are plenty of shining moments. And I really felt the setlist was not trying to be too similar to Alive I and II. "Take It Off" was added to the CD for foreign releases, and then included on the Alive Box set, which has all three live CD's and neat booklet explaining all.

I loved the look of the vinyl pressing of Alive III with its gatefold and bold graphics. The promo materials for the release were great as well, with the giant letters filled with our colorful stage performances. My angular body and my ESP Explorer look great in the "I" of all the artwork featured. So even the CD stood out in the bin.

Bruce Kulick

I guess some music highlights to me would have to include all the Revenge material. The ending track with "God Gave" going into the "Star Spangled Banner" was also always a thrill to play. At the start of the tour I purchased a rare Univox Uni-vibe like my hero Jimi Hendrix used. You can hear the effect on the SSB.

Bruce KulickRegarding my guitar sound in general, on the classics I took pride in my approach, not cloning Ace, just making the signature riffs fit into my style with respect to the original parts. My live guitars included a number of ESP M-1 models and Explorers, both black with a mirror pickguard, and an off-white version as well. One more important guitar was an iconic "beat to hell" 1957 sunburst Gibson Les Paul Jr with a humbucker instead of the P-90. There's some news on that guitar coming later this year.

Marshall 900 amps were off stage in stacks of 4x12 cabinets. For the wah effect, some of my ESPs had a "Tone-X" pot installed. I could set the pot to a desired wah tone and get a similar effect to a full foot style wah pedal. Truth is, I couldn't imagine being tied to a pedal on a huge KISS stage. Too much going on for that!

The stage design of a patina-tinged Statue of Liberty with the rubble of a fallen city as our backdrop, and then the statue turning into a robotic skull of evil, was quite effective. I have a photo on my site called "Revenge Skull" which features the creation.

It was an interesting and growing time for KISS: supporting the fierce sounding Revenge album, my fave, with the band clearly stating its intention to forge on after suffering the tragic loss of Eric Carr. I think ALIVE III is the perfect time capsule of the Revenge era band. Clearly a classic for me, and as you can guess something I'm quite proud of which will stand the test of time for years to come. What do you think?

PS - I'd like to make a mention that our manager at the time, Larry Mazer, just recently lost his wife of 35 years, Terri. She was crazy for KISS, and this tour was her favorite ever. We'll miss you, Terri.
May 18, 2013 -

Bruce KulickMay 18, 1993 is a day I will never forget, as 20 years ago today I was inducted into Guitar Center's RockWalk in Hollywood along with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. It was a real honor, and I always show my friends the handprints when they come to visit LA.

It was an amazing time for the band in 1993, with Revenge done and the tour to begin later that year (which became the Alive III release). Funny, I wore a long, flowing white shirt to put my hands in cement! Crazy, but that was my choice.

Sadly, Eric Singer was not included in the ceremony as he was such a new member of the band at the time... pretty ironic given how important his tenure with the band has become. Ace, Peter, and Eric Carr (posthumously) were inducted as well nearby a few years later.

Be on the lookout, because there is exciting video to share with you all on Monday from ESP Guitars, in which I go through the history of my ESP guitars during the KISS years. Don't miss that! And remember, if you are in LA go visit the RockWalk!

Bruce Kulick

May 14, 2013 -

Bruce KulickJust back from Indianapolis where they are known to have great expos, but this one truly was special. It was a weekend of KISS excitement that started off with Gene Simmons as the guest for Saturday AM and into the afternoon. The fans loved it, and Gene was in rare form. Just watch this video when a young fan gets on stage and tells the crowd Paul Stanley is her favorite KISS member. Priceless!

Saturday evening featured my brother Bob and I. After signing and taking photos for two hours, we hit the stage for a hour long Q and A and then went straight into playing some music. A good friend from Indiana, Don Saint-Thomas, who fronts a band called DST, performed some tracks from his CD with his talented band, then brought me up to play one of the songs I guested on his release. Then we went into "Domino" and "She" before bringing up Bob.

Well, the songs featuring Bob are rarely played by KISS, and "All American Man" and "Larger Than Life" went over amazingly with this diehard crowd. I was proud of my brother showing the fans his fancy licks known from Alive II. Unique, emotional and definitely BOB.

We ended the performance with RARAN, and I brought some kids up on stage to sing along. Check out this video for the vibe.

We then, courtesy of ESP guitars, gave away the Viper guitar I used on the last song to a lucky man named Rodney. He was thrilled. Quote: "I never win anything!" Well, that certainly changed for him that night. Sunday featured KISS drummer and my close friend Eric Singer. Since our flight was in the early evening, Bob and I stuck around and greeted the fans again. Also in attendance was Kevin Valentine, a fellow Cleveland drummer buddy of Eric's who has a nice KISS connection having played on some tracks from HITS and Revenge. All in all, a very memorable KISS Expo. KISS Army Warehouse certainly knows how to throw a party!

Thanks to all in attendance for your good wishes, and to those involved making this a killer event. Now it's back to my weekend touring dates with Grand Funk, as well as some sessions and writing. More exciting developments to share soon. And for my friends in Mexico, I will be at the KISS Lounge May 30th and June 1st, so don't miss it.

Thank you all!

April 24, 2013 -

Bruce KulickHad another exciting weekend in Vegas, this time starting off with a Master Class on Guitar Playing at the Rock 'N Roll Fantasy Camp. The lesson, which was also streamed live online, covered what I love about three hugely influential guitarists in my life: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck. Jeff was a guest the next day at the camp, so it was fun discussing his command of the guitar with the campers. His technique, tone, choice of notes, and raw emotion makes me and many other guitarists very envious.

Meeting him the next day was a thrill. We got to chat about how he plays with his fingers instead of a plectrum (he used to drop them, so figured he didn't need one!), and how he keeps those guitars in tune with the wild whammy bar usage (he and his tech really stretch the strings out carefully!). As I left the room, he mentioned to my fiancé Lisa privately "that he [me] should find better ways to occupy his free time than listening to me." He did plug his ears once when I was telling him how I felt about his talent, so I guess Mr. Beck is humble about praise. But he is a true living legend on the guitar!

Bruce KulickWatching him play with the camper bands was a real treat to my ears. He was patient and polite to the players, and actually led them at times as band leader. His rendition of "Sleepwalk" with his sweeping melodic style brought Lisa to tears! I also made some new friends at this camp, although I wasn't a counselor. Johnny A, a terrific guitarist from Boston, and Joe Vitale, a well-seasoned drummer who has played with The Eagles and others, were a blast to hang with.

Of course Vegas has shows, so Lisa and I hit The Blue Man Group. Wow! That was cool! And getting backstage afterward to actually say hello was extra...well, BLUE of them! Jeff Tortora got me tickets, and along with Blas Elias from Slaughter, they rocked that theatre at the Monte Carlo. Thank you BMG!

The two GFR shows at The Orleans showroom went over amazingly well. After Sunday night's show I was back over at the MGM to take part in the counselor jam at The Rouge Club. I did "Pink Cadillac" with the boys, and it was a fitting end to my wild weekend in Vegas. So, meeting one of my guitar heroes and speaking to The Blue Man Group certainly gets crossed off my "bucket list!"

PS - Thanks to Craig Clingan for the BK live photo.

April 15, 2013 -

Bruce KulickI had a great time on Saturday! You know I love sci-fi and some of the horror genre, so along with my lovely Lisa and my good friend Wally Wingert, who is the voice of Jay Leno, we dropped in at the Burbank Monsterpalooza event. The place was packed!

After shopping for some stuff, I knew both Lita Ford and Ace Frehley were in attendance as guests, so with Wally leading the way we headed to meet up with them. Both were excited to see me and my posse. Ace was very charming, and signed a copy of his book to Lisa and me. We chatted briefly as there was a line for him, and we said our goodbyes. Glad to see him looking sober and happy.

On our way out, we stopped by the Lon Chaney family booth and ran into Marilyn Manson's guitarist, John 5. He's a huge KISS fan, and we share that guitar obsession. All in all a great, if hectic afternoon. Those events, like Chillers or the Movie Days in Germany that I recently attended, are really cool.

I'm looking forward as well to the big KISS Expo in Indy on May 11th, so check out the details to see me there.

April 11, 2013 -

Bruce KulickAfter an exciting and rewarding Rock Fantasy Camp featuring the fantastic Def Leppard, it was a day off on Monday. Besides visiting Cowtown Guitars, meeting Jesse, and buying some needed supplies for my new West Coast Pedal board, the evening would be filled with concert.

But first I managed to sneak in a quick visit to the KISS Monster Mini Golf, where it was cool to see they had Eric Carr's Porsche on display, as well as some memorabilia of mine like this jacket.

At the LVH (formerly the Hilton that Elvis made famous just off the strip in Vegas), Raiding The Rock Vault has recently opened. Monday evening I was a guest of the band, and for two hours I was very entertained in that awesome showroom by the talent and song choice that the show provides. It's a kind of walk through music history, told like a "rockumentary" with many excellent singers and players.

Some I have of course worked with through the years. Howard Leese from Heart, who along with the sisters from Heart will be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame very soon, was precise and excellent on the classic rock hits they performed. The singing was also great, and the special guest was Joe Lynn Turner from Rainbow and Deep Purple. So if you're a rock fan go see the show, you won't be disappointed. Check them out: Raiding The Rock Vault.

Tuesday night I played a gig at Vamp'd celebrating the new season of Counting Cars with Danny "The Count." It was a blast! This man is the real deal. Enjoys his life, takes great care of his business, and a damn good singer too! The place was packed, and many KISS fans came out to watch me jam with local favorites the Sin City Sinners. It was a fitting close to my amazing Vegas week of rock 'n' roll.

Vegas truly does ROCK!

March 27, 2013 -

Bruce KulickI am just back from my short trip to Germany, and I had such an exciting time at the Movie Days/The Dark Zone event in Dortmund. Movie Days/The Dark Zone covers horror films, Sci-Fi, wrestling, comics and, naturally with me as a guest, musicians. I was joined by Mr Lordi, my friend Tomi who is the lead singer and creator of the popular Finnish group. The photos really tell the story, as it was similar to a KISS expo, except celebrating the above mentioned entertainment that we all have passion for.

Well, here's the truth. It's always a thrill for me to be approached by my fans (and they seem to get younger all the time), as the fame of KISS continues strong. But for me Star Wars is a movie franchise that I love. Having never met any of the actors, the very first night of arrival, when all the special guests were enjoying dinner, one man was curious to me. He was large, older, and had a very interesting presence at the table. I remembered thinking, who is that guy? Why I am staring at him?

Well it turned out to be a very proper British gentleman who had the honor of playing none other than Darth Vader! I was freaking out, as I was always so impressed by Darth's evil character. As much as I knew he didn't actually speak in the Star Wars movies, and his face was never used even when they took off Darth's mask, his presence in those films, and what Dave Prowse the actor did for the Vader character, is iconic.

Bruce KulickSo hanging out for dinner, and then two more meals where we discussed his life in London and my career in KISS, was quite the thrill. Meeting Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, was also great. He and his lovely wife, also both British, were a joy to meet and hang out with. They seemed very interested in my world, and I was happy to share.

The weekend event was really wild on Saturday, with thousands of people attending. Sunday was slower, and I was pretty jet lagged from the long trip. I don't usually do such short trips overseas, but it I did enjoy all the excitement that the show presented. I look forward to more of these conventions. From horror actors and directors, to exotic performing artists, to famous comic book and album artists, the event had something for everyone. And they were all happy to be in Germany for this great weekend.

I want to thank the promoters and my friends and fans who showed up to support all the festivities, and of course Mr Lordi--it was great hanging out again, both in your costume and without.

I hope you all enjoy the photos and remember, "May the force be with you!"

PS - Some photos courtesy Andy Friedemann and Sidney Brandies.

March 5, 2013 -

Very happy to announce that I will be appearing as a counselor at the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp featuring DEF LEPPARD. The camp takes place at the legendary MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas April 4th-7th, and also features Lita Ford, Vinny Appice and Phil Soussan as counselors as well.

Bruce Kulick and Lisa Lane

There are still spaces available, but they're going fast! More details, including how to reserve your spot, here:

February 7, 2013 -

Bruce KulickHello, everyone! I just returned from a fantastic journey to Brazil. The trip started with a quick rehearsal with my band, which included guys from KILLERS, a popular KISS tribute band, and my friend Sebastian Gava from Argentina on lead vocals. We were set to perform on the cruise ship Zenith leaving from the major port of Santos, and the ship was filled with a capacity crowd of rockers and motorcycle club enthusiasts. Well, this was my first ever cruise experience, and I was anxious about what it would be like. I am happy to say I absolutely loved it!

My show, the first night of the cruise, had maybe the worst weather. It was so damn windy it was hard to keep my balance on stage! But no matter, we rocked the boat--literally--and my fans were amazing! The next few days were rest and relaxation, and I enjoyed the ship so much I never even got off when we pulled into some beautiful Brazilian coast areas. It was sad to say goodbye to my cabin, but after meeting so many cool fans and making new friends on the boat, it was time to do a few local shows.

Bruce KulickSaturday we played Manifesto Bar in the city of São Paulo, and it was packed. It really moved me seeing all my fans expressing their love for my era of KISS. I was blown away by their enthusiasm, and after a sweaty set I did a full meet and greet with the crowd. The fans were all ages, and that really impressed me. So many younger ones so into KISS, and obviously they aren't even old enough to have seen me live with KISS when we did the huge Monsters of Rock show in 1994.

The next night was back to the port city of Santos for a show in a theatre. Once again the reaction was a total party with my fans. It was super hot in the place, but you know it's what an artist does to play for the fans, even if we look like a wet rag by the end of the set. I thought Sebastian was gonna faint from the heat, as it's especially tough on a singer. Some other highlights to share: the Brazilian KISS Army gave me a cool looking jersey, and I wore it proudly during that Manifesto meet and greet. They also presented me with a Bruce Kulick Tribute CD featuring all songs from my era of KISS or from my solo discs. I was very impressed. Not all of it is professional quality, but the dedication represented by doing that really made me feel so proud of what I do, and how it affects my fans.

Bruce KulickA fan in Santos gave me a soccer jersey with my name on the back. They just beaten São Paulo the night of my Santos gig, so I congratulated the fans on stage. Funny, it was the same day as our Super Bowl, yet I didn't even know all the news till the next morning about our big event in the US. Other fans gave me great gifts, and a fan in São Paulo was wearing a nice custom shirt with a photo from BK3 on it. She was also holding up a sign which said please do "Crazy Crazy Nights." Of course I wasn't gonna disappoint her! I brought her up on stage to greet her, and moments like that are always fun.

I want to thank my manager Abba, who loves to travel, for coming along. And naturally I want to give a big "Thank you!" to my Brazilian band--Osvaldo, Helio, Fernando, and Sebastian--for working so hard to help make the trip a success. You are all true friends. Tony, who is also in the band KILLERS, really helped me out as my guitar tech and "human foot switch," and all their friends were great to hang with. A special thank you to a new friend Ivan Copelli, who was asked to look after me during the cruise. He's a great drummer, and it was a pleasure hanging with him.

There are so many others to thank, but you all know who you are. Most important are all my Brazilian fans who came out to support me. It was my most successful trip to Brazil, and I feel like it's a second home already. I do hope to come more often, and I highly recommend visiting Brazil. It's a great country, with friendly people who love rock and roll...especially KISS!

Obrigado, Brazil!

Olá a todos! Eu acabo de voltar de uma jornada fantástica ao Brasil. A viagem começou com um ensaio rápido com a minha banda, que inclui o pessoal da KILLERS, que é uma banda de tributo ao KISS, e o meu amigo Sebastian Gava, da Argentina, nos vocais. Nós estávamos escalados para tocar no navio de cruzeiro Zenith, atracado no porto de Santos e que estava lotado de roqueiros e motociclistas de diversos moto-clubes. Essa foi a minha primeira experiência num cruzeiro, eu estava ansioso para saber como seria e estou feliz em dizer que amei!

No meu show, na primeira noite do cruzeiro, o tempo estava péssimo. Estava ventando tanto que eu mal conseguia me equilibrar no palco. Mesmo assim, nós agitamos o barco - literalmente - e os meus fãs foram espetaculares. Nos dias seguintes foi possivel descansar e relaxar. Eu curti tanto o navio que nem desci para conhecer as belas praias brasileiras. Foi chato me despedir da minha cabine, mas depois de conhecer tantos fãs legais e depois de fazer novos amigos, estava na hora de fazer outros shows.

No sábado tocamos no Manifesto Bar em São Paulo, que estava totalmente lotado. Foi emocionante ver os meus fãs expressando todo o amor que sentem pela minha fase no KISS. Fiquei maravilhado com o entusiasmo da plateia e depois de um show muito suado eu fiz um meet and greet com a galera. Havia fãs de todas as idades e isso me impressionou muito. Muitos fãs jovens e que curtem tanto o KISS! E era óbvio que eles não tinham idade para ter me visto tocando no Monsters of Rock em 1994.

Na noite seguinte voltamos para a cidade de Santos para um show no teatro municipal. De novo foi uma festa completa com os fãs. Fazia um calor insuportável no teatro, mas o artista tem que subir no palco, mesmo que isso signifique ficar parecendo um trapo molhado no fim do show. Eu pensei que o Sebastian fosse desmaiar de calor, principalmente porque o calor afeta ainda mais os vocalistas.

Outros pontos altos: o Brazilian KISS Army me deu uma camiseta muito legal, que eu orgulhosamente usei no meet and greet do Manifesto. Eles também me deram um CD Tributo a Bruce Kulick com músicas do meu tempo no KISS e dos meus discos solos. Eu fiquei muito impressionado com isso. Nem tudo tem qualidade profissional, mas a dedicação mostrada em fazer o CD me fez sentir muito orgulhoso do que eu faço e como a minha música influencia os meus fãs.

Um fã de Santos me deu uma camiseta do Santos F. C., que havia vencido o São Paulo na mesma noite. Eu dei parabéns aos santistas. Interessante, foi no mesmo dia do Super Bowl mas eu só fiquei sabendo desse jogo tão importante para nós nos EUA, no dia seguinte. Outros fãs me deram lindos presentes e uma fã em São Paulo estava usando uma camiseta custom com uma foto do BK3. Ela também estava com um cartaz em que estava escrito: por favor, toquem Crazy, Crazy Nights. Claro que eu não iria desapontá-la. Eu a convidei para subir no palco e momentos assim são sempre divertidos!

Eu gostaria de agradecer o Abba, meu empresário que adora viajar, por ter me acompanhado. E claro, também gostaria de oferecer um enorme obrigado a minha banda brasileira - Osvaldo, Helio, Fernando e Sebastian - por terem se empenhado e ajudado a fazer desta viagem um sucesso. Vocês são verdadeiros amigos. O Tony, que também é da KILLERS me ajudou muito como roadie de guitarra e foi meu "pedal humano". Agradeço também a todos os amigos deles que sempre foram legais. Um obrigado especial para o meu novo amigo Ivan Copelli, que foi escalado pra me acompanhar durante o cruzeiro. Ele é um ótimo baterista e foi um prazer ter a sua companhia.

Há muitas outras pessoas para agradecer, mas vocês sabem quem vocês são! Os mais importantes são os meus fãs brasileiros que vieram me apoiar. Esta foi a minha viagem mais bem sucedida ao Brasil e eu já me sinto em casa lá. Eu espero ir pra lá mais frequentemente e eu recomendo a todos que visitem o Brasil. É um país incrível, de gente amiga e que ama rock and roll.... especialmente o KISS!

Obrigado, Brazil!

¡Hola a todos! Recién volví de un viaje fantástico a Brasil. Empezó con un ensayo rápido con mi banda, que incluyó a muchachos de KILLERS, una popular banda tributo a KISS, y mi amigo Sebastián Gava de Argentina en voz líder. Estábamos listos para actuar en el barco crucero Zenith que salía del puerto principal de Santos, y el barco estaba lleno con un público de rockeros y motociclistas. Bueno, ésta fue mi primera experiencia en un crucero, y estaba ansioso sobre como sería. ¡Estoy feliz de decir que absolutamente me encantó!

Mi show, la primera noche del crucero, tuvo quizás el peor tiempo. Estaba tan jodidamente ventoso que era difícil mantener el equilibrio sobre el escenario! Pero no importó, rockeamos el bote -literalmente- y mis fans estuvieron increíbles! Los días siguientes fueron de descanso y relajación, y disfruté tanto el barco que ni siquiera bajé cuando nos detuvimos en algunas hermosas areas costeras de Brasileras. Fue triste despedirme de mi camarín, pero después de conocer a tantos fans geniales y hacer nuevos amigos en el bote, era hora de hacer algunos shows locales.

El sábado tocamos en Manifesto Bar en la ciudad de San Pablo, y estaba repleto. Realmente me emocionó ver a todos mis fans expresando su amor por mi época en KISS. Me voló la cabeza su entusiasmo, y después de un set sudoroso hice un meet and greet completo con el público. Los fans eran de todas las edades, y eso realmente me impresionó. Había tantos y tan jóvenes metidos con KISS, y obviamente ni siquiera tienen edad como para haberme visto en vivo con KISS cuando hicimos el show enorme de Monsters of Rock en 1994.

Lo siguiente fue volver a la ciudad portuaria de Santos por un show en un teatro. Una vez más la reacción fue una fiesta total con mis fans. El lugar estaba super caliente, pero sabés que lo que hace un artista es tocar para los fans, incluso si lucimos como un trapo húmedo al terminar el set. Pensé que Sebastián se iba a desmayar por el calor, ya que eso es especialmente duro para un cantante.

Algunos otros momentos destacados para compartir: la KISS Army Brasilera me dió una remera genial, y la vestí con orgullo durante el meet and greet en Manifesto. También me dieron un CD Tributo a Bruce Kulick conteniendo todas canciones de mi época en KISS o de mis discos solistas. Me impresionó mucho. No todos son de calidad profesional, pero la dedicación que representa haber hecho eso realmente me hizo sentir muy orgulloso de lo que hago, y cómo afecta a mis fans.

Un fan en Santos me dió una remera de fútbol con mi nombre en la espalda. Recién habían vencido a San Pablo la noche de mi show en Santos, así que felicité a los fans en el escenario. Lo gracioso es que fue el mismo día que nuestro Super Bowl, sin embargo yo ni siquiera me enteré de todas las noticias sobre el gran evento en EEUU hasta la mañana siguiente. Otros fans me dieron regalos grandiosos, y una fan en San Pablo estaba vistiendo una remera hecha a mano con una foto de BK3. Ella también sostenía un cartel que decía por favor tocá "Crazy Crazy Nights". ¡Por supuesto que no la iba a decepcionar! La subí al escenario para saludarla, y momentos como esos son siempre divertidos.

Quiero agradecer a mi manager Abba, que le encanta viajar, por venir conmigo. Y naturalmente le quiero dar un gran "¡Gracias!" a mi banda Brasilera - Osvaldo, Helio, Fernando y Sebastián-- por trabajar tan duro para hacer que el viaje sea un éxito. Todos ustedes son grandes amigos. Tony, que también está en la banda KILLERS, realmente me ayudó siendo mi técnico de guitarra y "pedalera humana", y fue grandioso estar con sus amigos. Un agradecimiento especial a mi nuevo amigo Ivan Copelli, que le pidieron que me cuidara durante el crucero. El es un gran baterista, y fue un placer estar con él.

Hay tantos otros para agradecer, pero todos ustedes saben quienes son. Los más importantes son mis fans Brasileros que vinieron a apoyarme. Fue mi viaje más exitoso a Brasil y ya lo siento como un segundo hogar. Espero volver más seguido, y recomiendo mucho visitar Brasil. Es un gran país, con gente amistosa que aman el rock and roll.. especialmente a KISS!

Obrigado, Brazil!

Janaury 9, 2013 -

Bruce KulickI have a great European vacation to share with you all, as my girlfriend Lisa and I recently had the pleasure of heading to Europe to relax and sightsee, instead of gigging. This was actually my first time to do this that I can remember, and London was our destination.

With England being the birth of the Beatles and the British Invasion, I have always been fascinated with all things British. First up was a visit to Abbey Road Studios, which was sadly closed due to the holiday season. But I got my photo at the famous crossing, naturally! Then it was on to the Beatles Store so I could drool and fill a basket with Beatles merchandise to take home.

Obviously non-Beatles related sightseeing was important too, with stops at Big Ben, Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard, and Westminster Abbey. It was also fun to see all the wonderful red phone booths around London that are so iconic.

Of course I had to visit London's Denmark Street in Soho to pop into some guitar shops. The one I hoped to see, Regent Sounds, was open and I got to play a bit and do some pedal shopping there. Regent Sounds was a recording studio famous for the Stones and many other bands back in the 60s, so that was amazing to see. Where I am standing in this photo was the studio...that's it! Small.

Bruce KulickWe stayed at the London Hilton on Park Lane, which is really near everything, including the Hard Rock Cafe. The HRC has a Kulick KISS era guitar on display, which I really enjoyed seeing. The staff were very cool about showing me around, including downstairs in "The Vault."

The London Hilton has a famous restaurant downstairs called Trader Vic's, which I remember well from the many times KISS stayed at this premiere hotel. Well, that was where on Christmas Eve I proposed, down on one knee in the traditional way, to my longtime girlfriend, Lisa Lane. Yes, she said "Yes," and it was night I will always remember.

Getting engaged in London was a wonderful highlight and connection to the country I feel so grateful to, and my fascination with all things UK once again means something special to me. Enjoy the photos, and thanks again for all of your congratulations.