Messages From Bruce Kulick - 2012

December 31, 2012 -

I am ringing in the New Year by letting you all know I'm engaged to my lovely lady, Lisa Lane.

Bruce Kulick and Lisa Lane

I proposed on our London holiday on Xmas eve. It's been a great holiday season!

December 19, 2012 -

Bruce KulickYou all know how much I love guitars, and last night I had dinner with a group of friends at a great restaurant in LA where we convened and shared guitar stories, had some food and drink, and then did a little show and tell session with some cool instruments. It was a blast!

The theme of the evening was Fender, and I saw some wicked rare instruments. I brought a nice, recent Fender Custom Shop Tele, but come on Bruce... Joe Bonamassa was there with a 1953 Telecaster!

Others had some extremely yummy Strats, like a rare Tahitian Coral 1960, and a '56 Blonde with gold parts. I was drooling. And then to top it all off, my good friend Howard Leese (Heart, Bad Company, Paul Rodgers) brought his famous Black 1966 Telecaster with gold Bigsby, which was used on many huge hits from Heart, like "Barracuda."

Not only that, it was also owned by the guy who penned "Born To Be Wild." A true "heavy metal thunder" axe! Well, what treat. And a big shout out to Howard, whom I have done the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp with, on the recent announcement that he will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this coming spring with Heart!

Oh, did I mention that Andy Fraser, bassist from the band Free, was in attendance? Carmine Rojas, who played with David Bowie and is Joe's current bassist, was also breaking bread at the party. He's a fellow New Yorker who is coming to live in LA. So, a great night was had by all.

Thank you, Rick Gould (great photographer, and guitarist), who kindly puts these events together. And a big thank you for all his knowledge to Robb Lawrence, who has written some amazing books on Les Paul and is the owner of that '56 Blonde with gold parts. He's like a human encyclopedia of all things guitars.

It was a nice holiday guitar fest, and I just wish I had more photos.

December 13, 2012 -

Bruce KulickThank you so much to all my friends and fans around the world for all the Happy Birthday wishes yesterday! I can't possibly respond to everyone individually, but please know your thoughts and kind words helped make my day great.

I actually had a guitar session booked, and that made for a bit of a party in the studio. There were birthday balloons and my favorite treat, black and white cookies! If you don't know about them they're kind of hard to describe, but they are delicious.

I also broke out my birthday gift to me, a sweet Gibson SG/LP Standard 2010 Custom shop in Classic White. Very nice guitar, and it was a hit for the session.

Thank you all for making my birthday great!

November 27, 2012 -

I had the pleasure a couple of weeks back to be a part of a music seminar panel in Seattle called "The Sessions" that was held at the famous EMP Museum. Paul Allen from Microsoft spent his money for something that is his passion, and I know his interests ring a very loud bell in my mind: guitars, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, sci-fi, etc. I was only able to enjoy 20 minutes of exploring due to my work schedule for the panel, but you all know I can be very determined. So, in those precious minutes I did my best to visit the displays.

I was floored by the awesome showing of vintage gear in the guitar gallery, including an extremely iconic guitar that belonged to my hero, Jimi Hendrix. The olympic white late 60's Fender Stratocaster he played at Woodstock was in a display case lying down, and it gave me chills to see it! There was also a section dedicated to the styles of London during Jimi's time in the UK, which displayed clothing of his and some gear as well, like a 1966 Fender Jazz Bass and Sunn amplifier, along with a vintage drum kit.

Bruce Kulick

The Sci-Fi display was awesome, filled with Captain Kirk's chair from the Enterprise bridge, various uniforms from the Star Trek series, and so much more. I recommend the museum if you're in the area, and the cafe and gift shops are very good as well. I saw plenty of people from all over the world enjoying the displays.

Hendrix would have been 70 today if fate hadn't taken his genius from us back in September of 1970, but his legacy and music lives on forever. I know Eddie Kramer, his producer/engineer, along with Jimi's estate are preparing many cool things in his honor. To tie this all into my recent COS retrospective, while looking through my files I found an early cassette of "In The Mirror" which had the working title "Fly." Well, I also discovered an even earlier tape in the box. Name for that idea? "Hendrix!"

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday weekend was fun. Mine was. More news and features coming your way...

November 24, 2012 -

Today is the 21st anniversary of Eric's passing in 1991 from cancer. I will always remember his talent, humor and sincere love for his fans. He is always missed. RIP Eric Carr.

Bruce Kulick
November 20, 2012 -

Bruce Kulick Last week I had the pleasure of doing some lead guitar work for Tobias Sammet's new Avantasia album that is close to completion. You may remember Tobias as the singer and co-writer of "I'm The Animal" from BK3.

Some killer guitars and pedals, many of which I mentioned in my recent Revenge, Crazy Nights, and Carnival of Souls features, were used.

Tobias is an amazing singer, and a good friend, who also fronts the German band Edguy in addition to Avantasia. I'll be sure to let you know when the new album is out.

In the meantime, please have a wonderful Thanksgiving here in the US! I will be with friends and family for sure, enjoying the holiday.

October 25, 2012 -

Bruce KulickI was invited by Vintage Guitar Magazine to be their guest at the recent Arlington Guitar Show this past weekend. Having some time off, it was easy to fly into Dallas for the two day event. My flight left LA late on Saturday as it was delayed nearly 4 hours, but I am used to that nonsense considering how much I travel. It's why I always need to leave a day before a gig, as you never know what is going to happen.

Sunday I hit the floor early and had over 5 hours to walk around, shop, say hello to people, and maybe even find something cool to buy and ship home. I saw many cool vintage guitars, and some of you may not know that they can be over $200,000! Well my budget is NOT that, but shortly after saying hello to some friends in the big room I happened upon a Marshall Mini Stack Lead 12 in great condition. Not only was the tolex and finish on the cabinets rare, it was signed by Jim Marshall, founder and owner of Marshall amps, who sadly passed away this past year.

Even though I have some items signed by him, I wanted to see if I could get a deal on this pristine mini stack. I actually used some of the Lead 12 combo amps as practice amps, and even miked them up in a road case back in my KISS years so the house mixing engineer could blend into the sound of the real Marshall's on stage! I asked the dealer to hold it for me while I finished exploring all the cool things on display, and it wasn't long before I went back and made a deal on the amp. And it was very cool that the seller even had the original box!

I always love these shows, and it has been years since I was able to attend. Thank you all at Vintage Guitar for your hospitality, and thanks to all the dealers I have known and the companies whose gear I use that I saw in Dallas. The networking is always fun, and of course as you may know about me... I love guitars!
October 19, 2012 -

Bruce KulickLast night was an extremely surreal event for me. I already told you about Monday's Red Carpet event at Gene Simmons's Rocktoberfest downtown in the great city of Los Angeles, but last night was a special KISS Army Night, and I was very excited to jam 4 KISS tunes and an improvised blues jam onstage with Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and my brother Bob. And it was for a great cause, The Wounded Warrior Project.

After arriving it wasn't long before Gene asked me, "So, you ready to jam?" I was, but naturally there was a little confusion about what to play, as this was NOT planned at all. It made for some false starts once we took the stage. I teased the crowd of KISS diehards with the opening of "Domino," and Eric jumped in, but I can't imagine how long it must have been for Gene since he played that one, so we didn't get too far. Gene then suggested we just do a cool, slinky blues style jam, and he made up lyrics while we all took solo turns. Brent Woods (Vince Neil) was also on guitar, Teddy Andreadis (Alice Cooper, Guns 'N' Roses) was on keys, and Eric Dover (Jellyfish, Slash's Snakepit) helped out with vocals.

But you know the fans wanted some KISS, so Gene said, "Let's do Deuce." Happily I know the intro Paul does, and off we went.

That really got the fans getting crazy, and next up Eric started the drum intro to "I Love It Loud." I nearly died on stage, as I forgot the solo, and you all know what I perfectionist I am! Ouch.

Gene wanted Eric to sing, so next we went into "Nothing To Lose," and Gene asked me, "You remember this one?" I told him how I play it with Eric all the time with ESP, the project we have jammed all over the world on KISS downtime.

When we first went on stage Gene said, "Let's do something from BK3!" I looked at him like, "WHAT?!" He was pulling my leg, naturally. Eric's "Nothing To Lose" vocal came off great, and then I instinctually started the guitar intro of "War Machine" and Gene and Eric jumped in. Gene had a girl in the front sing, and she was thrilled but also nervous. Once again the crowd of KISS diehards was in awe.

I know I had the biggest smile on my face, as I have had dreams of jamming with KISS in the past years, and it was very cool to jam with the guys like that again. It's a KISS world, we all just live in it! I thanked Gene for the great jam, and he thanked me too as he knows the live music and promise of great guests jamming helped raise money for the wounded troops who allow us to have the freedom we enjoy the US. Visit Gene's Rocktoberfest page for more info about the event, which runs through October 21st, as well as the Wounded Warrior Project.

So, a great evening and I look forward to all the buzz in the KISS world, as the fans that showed up certainly have something special to talk about for a long time... or until the next big KISS event!

October 18, 2012 -

Bruce KulickAfter my long days in Vegas for the Fantasy Camp, I returned to LA with excitement for a special red carpet event that my dear friend Gene Simmons was hosting. In honor of the "Wounded Warrior Project" Gene is involved with, he and Wolfgang Puck took over a very cool area of downtown LA for a week of "Rocktoberfest." Take Wolfgang's food, Gene's musical friends, and add beer and a great band that local musicians can sit in with and you have one exciting event.

When I arrived with my girlfriend, Lisa, the first people we ran into were Nikki Sixx and his girlfriend, Courtney. After posing for pix on the red carpet we grabbed a bench and chatted about the recent KISS/Mötley Crüe tour, cool guitars, Vince Neil being a guest for the Las Vegas camp, and everything about this wild event.

We were fed Mr Puck's interesting and delicious food, and as the house band - The Gene Simmons Allstars - was comprised of some of my friends from LA I was asked to sit in for a few songs. I chose "Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin to start off, then we tore into "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC. It was a blast, and after seeing the clips online it was very tight for sure!

As the evening went on Eric Singer and Tommy Clufetos (Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne) arrived, as well as more guests of Mr Simmons. Naturally his kids were in attendance, and I even got a chance to say a quick hello to Wolfgang, as I have always enjoyed his food. It was a very cool opening night to set the tone for the week long event, and as usual Gene certainly knows how to throw a great party.

Tonight is Rocktoberfest's "KISS Army Night" at LA Live, and you know that this party will rock! And all for a good cause, our wounded troops. Visit for more info and to buy tickets.

October 16, 2012 -

Bruce KulickDay 5, the last day of Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp, and only one more rehearsal to go with my young band. I saw them slay the crowd with an impromptu performance of "Thunderstruck" the night before at The Rouge Lounge, so it was time to hear the original recording and be sure they knew all the parts. I found some sections the kids had played differently than Angus and company, so after some instruction, a little yelling, and a lot of praising, they were getting it much tighter.

I realize that what this band really wants is to play in front of people. They feed off of that. Rehearsal is tedious to them, but the old saying holds true: practice makes perfect. We moved on to "Paradise City," and I knew that even though we only had 10 minutes for their showcase the way they showboat two songs would be enough to kill the crowd, no problem. After a lunch break where the campers met Mark Weiss, one of rock music's most famous photographers, it was time for a break before the early evening music would begin.

Bruce KulickThe big final night event was to be held towards the rear of the massive MGM Grand Casino, so unknowing people who were just walking through would be wowed by the performances along with all the campers and their guests! My group was originally slotted to play 8th out of 10, but that was moved up to 3rd so that the kids wouldn't be hanging around the casino floor too long... Nevada casino rules you know! It was exciting for me to see my band called up on stage, and the expectations for them as the only "kid" band of the camp was high, as word of mouth was spreading about how the good they were.

I was like a proud dad watching them rip into "Paradise City" and "Thunderstruck." Bryce, the drummer, sang some of it along with his brother Clayton, who was wearing a long fringe style jacket. John, the lefty guitarist, ripped the AC/DC riffs perfectly and the band pumped along with most of the crowd in awe of the young talent being displayed. Hunter on guitar and Miles on bass were having the time of their lives, and fitting in well with the three Mann brothers on stage. It was over way too fast, but that is the way it goes when you're living the dream. They hung backstage a bit, and all my friends wanted to meet them. Mark Weiss was there too, and did a quick photo shoot with the brothers.

Bruce KulickAfter all 10 camper bands were done, it was time for a short counselor jam. I had a blast jamming with Lita Ford on her hit "Kiss Me Deadly," and we closed the night with "Rock N Roll All Nigh.t" Once again the camp delivered. It was a new venue, a new rehearsal place, mostly new campers and some new counselors, but no matter. The heart and soul of the camp is the amazing thrill of playing an instrument with others and becoming a real band. That is something so powerful, and I get why the camp changes people's lives. The aftermath is hard for all, as that adrenaline we get when performing is hard to sustain when returning to normal life. So many of the campers will have a tough week, or month, or more till they get to do what makes our lives more rewarding again... communicating with music. It's a gift, and we all got to share it again at the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp.

Thank you, all who work for the camp, for your help, and thank you so much to Clayton, Bryce, John, Miles, and Hunter for letting me give you so much direction. There was a fair amount of, "I'll strangle you! "and "Get it right!", but they knew how much it meant for me to help them play better, and I appreciated all their energy. Our mutual reward was all the accolades the band got.

Till next time, turn it up! But play it right!!

PS - Thanks to Mark Weiss and Leah Burlington for the photos.
October 14, 2012 -

Bruce KulickAfter the appearance of Gene Simmons on Friday, Saturday saw one of the great voices of rock visiting the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp for Day 4. The one and only Sebastian Bach, lead singer from Skid Row and a successful solo artist now, had all the energy of a wired Tasmanian devil! He popped into my youth campers' room first, and we happened to be going over the KISS song "War Machine." Since we really didn't have a vocalist making that song rock, what perfect timing. Sebastian is a HUGE KISS fan, and he was thrilled to meet both the kids and myself as well. He sang it perfectly, with his powerful voice imitating the Simmons vocals in excellent fashion. Wow! I wish I could try to even explain the expressions on my teenage campers faces. They rocked it big time, and I was as proud as a dad!

Sebastian had encouraging things to share with them, especially Bryce the drummer, who is 15. We took photos, and I got one with Sebastian that he made me swear I would Twitter to him! Being the KISS fan that he is, I was very flattered by his excitement of seeing me, and naturally my band's great performance gave him quite a thrill. Every camper group has a vibe and the energy is always high when the special guests visit, but this being the only "kid" band does make my work stand out. And for being only the second day rehearsing with them, I was making good progress with their talent.

Bruce KulickAfter some more rehearsal, it was time to head to the MGM "fishbowl" studios as I call them, because two of them are on the casino floor of the hotel. Totally soundproofed, naturally. My band, The Rockmann Group (every member has a MAN in his name!), was to record the KISS song "Do You Love Me." It was great to see the kids get the headphones on and start jamming away as soon as I got sound for the three guitar players. Our drummer, Bryce, was going wild on the electronic kit, as the engineer Chris had them sounding big. People on the casino floor could see through some large windows, and my teenage band drew quite a crowd, with young girls getting crazy seeing them play. A speaker is also set up outside, so people could hear me directing the band and listen to my mix of the song. After about 10 takes, I was pleased and we had our recording done.

Time for a few hours break, then the kids were going to do a live performance at the Rouge Lounge, also on the Casino floor. They showed up all dressed to rock, especially the three Mann brothers, who play frequently in Chicago as "The Rebelmann." The set was three songs: "War Machine," "Do You Love Me," and then "Paradise City" by Guns 'N' Roses. The crowd was going crazy, as everyone loves when the younger generation can rock out like the big guns in the biz. Clayton, the lead singer and youngest of the group, yelled out, "You want more?" The crowd said, "YES!" and the band started the AC/DC song "Thunderstruck." I never heard them play it, and to be honest Miles, our bassist, and Hunter, the other guitarist, had never played it with the three brothers... but there it was! John, the lefty guitarist and a real star like his other brothers, ripped into that tricky riff that Angus made famous and the crowd went wild. I was so proud. They really pulled it off. That's what the camp is all about. Moments like those.

More on the final day coming soon!
Bruce Kulick October 13, 2012 -

Day 3 of Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp was dominated by The Demon, as Gene Simmons was the special guest.

Gene was a MONSTER hit, and he spent quality time with every band showing them how to write a song, be creative, give it your all, etc.

My three day camper group, The Rockmann Group, absolutely stole the day jamming "War Machine" and an original with Mr Simmons.

It was priceless to see the expressions on the kids' (13-16 years) faces!

More coming, but for now it's back to rehearsal.

PS - Thanks to Mark Weiss for the photo of me, Gene, and The Rockmann Group.
October 12, 2012 -

Bruce Kulick Storms, floods, lightening... Vegas had extreme weather for Day 2 of Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp! But our special guest, Zakk Wylde, well, he represents amazing rock guitar played to the true extreme. With a successful career with Ozzy Osbourne and his band Black Label Society under his belt, Zakk is a favorite of the campers for sure.

After rehearsing in the AM with my band and co-counselor Teddy Andreadis, it was time for my Master class on "all things guitars." More rehearsing followed, as Zakk would be stopping by all the rooms in the new facility here in Sin City. The evening found each band performing the song they had rehearsed at the Rouge Lounge at the MGM Grand Casino, joined by Mr Wylde.

Every band was very cool, and Zakk used a new Gibson signature model that looked like a medieval weapon! And, no surprise, he absolutely ripped on guitar on every song. After the 7 bands played it was time for a short jam with the counselors, featuring Kip Winger, Rod Morgenstein, Teddy Andreadis, and yours truly. It was a blast, and trading riffs with a monster like Zakk had me digging deep into my arsenal of guitar tricks. Once again, an amazing day at the camp.

Tomorrow the campers get to meet and jam with the one and only Gene Simmons! Stay tuned for my report.

October 11, 2012 -

Bruce Kulick Welcome to Las Vegas and Day 1 of Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp, campers! With a brand new rehearsal facility and MGM as the home base for the camp, this is shaping up to be a new chapter for the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. Day one was filled with rehearsal for the counselors, then meeting all the campers who came to rock out in Vegas. Many enthusiastic players showed up, some rusty, some sounding pro, but the camp is about having a great time, jamming, meeting the rock star guests and counselors, and playing your instrument, which I always say is good for the soul.

Vince Neil popped into my band's rehearsal room first, with Teddy Andreadis, my co-counselor (Alice Cooper, Gun's N Roses). As soon as the band plugged in, I yelled out, "Smokin' In The Boys Room in the Key of D." And there it was. A rock dream realized, with Vince jumping in with our singer, Ellen, on vocals. Naturally it wasn't stage ready, but how cool to have the lead vocalist of Motley Crue jump into your first rehearsal!

The rest of the day was trying out songs for the band, and then a short break before the counselor performance and party at the beautiful Tabu lounge at the MGM. I should note that the hotel is totally first class, and very excited to be involved with the camp. Gene's face is EVERYWHERE. As I have said before, it's a KISS world and we all live in it! More on Day two coming. For now it's time to go back to rehearsal, plug in, and "TURN IT UP!"

October 10, 2012 -

Bruce KulickSince KISS released their new CD, Monster, I've gotten many fans asking me if I've heard it. I'm actually flattered they ask for my thoughts, but you all know people have different opinions of music, even during my era of KISS. Some fans love Carnival of Souls, some are haters. Some are fans of Revenge, while others prefer Crazy Nights, etc.

I did feel like giving a review of the new CD though, especially since Eric personally delivered me a copy last week. I was traveling with Grand Funk last weekend, so I was only able to dig into the CD these past couple of days. But, here's my quick review of Monster.

"Hell Or Hallelujah" starts off the CD, and as you all know it was the first single released a while back. As much as it has a real strong riff that reminds me of some of my KISS albums, I'm actually not that keen on this song. So, let's move on.

"Wall of Sound" is Gene in extremely fine form, and I was thrilled to dig into this track. I love the mean riff, which could be off Revenge, and tough vocals from Mr Simmons have me saying, "YEAH!" on this one. Great title as well.

"Freak" is wonderful. The intro chord progression made me think of "Ain't Gonna Die" from my BK3 release, but that is flattering to me as I didn't come up with those chords... they're really from Cream! Paul's vocals are strong, and the attitude is classic KISS.

"Eat Your Heart Out" has a Humble Pie vibe (look them up) that shows the band tipping their hat to the 70s, and with great success. Gene's riffs are mean, and Tommy's got some wah and distortion going that reminds me of COS in many ways. All strong stuff.

Without continuing to go track by track, I can say that I love the 70s influences on this CD. Anytime a band has a foot in that era I am into it, because so many great bands and songs came from the 60s and the 70s. I hear Stones type things in some songs, aggressive guitars and classic style riffs with all the snot you can put on a guitar.

Tommy really stands out all across this CD. He is a fine player, and I get the sense that the tall shadow of Ace is no longer a concern. There are tons of meaty riffs played with a 70's flair, and that always makes me happy. I also love the fact that Tommy's solos are very front and center in the mix, the way they should be!

And I should mention that as much as I am impressed with Tommy, Gene is really shining on this CD. I always know Eric is gonna bash the drums and play great fills, but for the Demon to have that huge distorted rock bass sound, he totally dominates some tracks, well that makes me smile big time. Gene doesn't like to be a "musician type," but sorry GS... you are!

Eric and Tommy both have lead vocals on a song, and it's cool Tommy wrote his track by himself. I really enjoyed both, and again it is clear that Tommy has broken away from any Ace comparison here. A really strong original song which actually sounds like something that would fit the Revenge era to me, not the original makeup band. Eric's song is a Paul composition that fits my drummer friend quite well. Eric has really stepped up his vocal contributions to the band, both live and now on this new CD.

Good to hear Paul and Gene trading off on verses like some of their classic songs, as that's a natural thing for KISS. And of course Paul is singing his heart out all over this CD. No issues there. Plenty of big chorus sing alongs on Monster, and I do feel the band wanted to make a CD that would have the fans jumping in and singing along with their favorite band. As usual, it will be interesting to see how many of these songs fit into their live show, as with a catalog as big as the one KISS has it's always a challenge to add too many new tunes.

In conclusion, KISS keeps moving forward with the makeup lineup featuring Tommy and Eric in a fashion that makes perfect sense: plenty of crunching guitars, vocal hooks, thundering drums, and big distorted melodic bass lines. After such a successful tour with Motley Crue this summer, Monster is a fitting next course for KISS fans. I think the fans will enjoy this disc.

So let me know, what do you all think? Look me up on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and let me hear from you!

And remember... like the song "I Love It Loud" says, TURN IT UP!

September 17, 2012 -

Bruce KulickMy recent track-by-track feature celebrating the 20th anniversary of Revenge was so incredibly well received I've decided to do the same thing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Crazy Nights, which was released in September of 1987.

So, for the next two weeks I'm doing a look back at the album track-by-track, the videos, and the tour that really defined the mid to late 80s period of KISS.

I also have a special guest post lined up for you too!


September 12, 2012 -

Bruce KulickHad two exciting KISS events recently that I want to share with you. I just returned from the NY/NJ KISS Expo this past Saturday, and what a great turnout! My brother Bob was a guest, and you all know Peter Criss was there as well. All in all it was very exciting, with many kids in makeup and hundreds of fans really excited about meeting Peter, Bob, and myself. Bob and I did a Q&A that had some lively questions, and because the event was near where my Uncle Sy lives, who is 88 (bless him), he was in attendance along with my cousins. When I brought him up on stage to address the fans, it was WILD! He was sharp and told some stories about knowing us as kids. Priceless to say the least.

My short visit with Peter was naturally very cool. I don't know him well, but we spoke for a bit and he told me flat out, "I love the way you play guitar." He was very good to the fans, spending plenty of time with the people in his personal meet package, which was very popular. I think he was there for 12 hours signing for the fans that paid to meet him! He made a big point about breast cancer awareness for MEN, and as he is a survivor that was very smart of him to educate the crowd.

I saw the usual tattoos and wild KISS getups, but it was the kids who really stole the show. How sweet they look, and they all appreciate the band, the music and the other fans. So once again a great KISS event in NJ. I want to thank all the fans in attendance, as well as the people who worked at the show for putting on a great expo. Even though due to my travels from Tennessee I only got 3 hours of sleep, meeting my fans made me happy.

Bruce KulickA few weeks earlier I did a stop in Vegas at the KISS Monster Mini Golf course, as they were holding Rock Music Trivia contests every Tuesday. That place is wild! I loved it, and highly recommend it to any KISS fan. It's decorated very well, and the course is challenging but fun. I played against two other people, who donated money to the Pet Adoption Fund in memory of Joe, who passed away in April. I will be honest...I lost to them both!! I think my score was a 52, but I did get a hole in one and that felt great.

The owners of the KISS Monster Mini Golf place are fun and really love the band and the fans. The trivia game was a blast! The people who run it are hilarious and crazy, and there were a few really smart fans there who shocked me with their knowledge of rock music in general. Naturally I didn't win the contest, but I did get a few of the questions that stumped the others, so that felt good. And I did well on the KISS questions!

After the trivia game, I went across the street to the Hard Rock Cafe to jam 6 songs with the Sin City Sinners. That was really fun. They learned some of my KISS faves like "Hide Your Heart," "Tears Are Falling" and "Crazy Nights." The crowd loved it, and I want to thank everyone involved with that long but very fun day in Vegas. It's a great stop for all you fans of the "Hottest Band in The Land." Highly recommended!

I'm happy to let you all know that I will be involved with the upcoming Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas October 10th-14th. Gene Simmons, Zakk Wylde, Vince Neil and Sebastion Bach will be in attendance as the special guests. This is gonna be one amazing camp, so be sure to check out the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp website for all the details about how to participate. I am looking forward to it.

These past summer months have been busy with Grand Funk shows. I have been putting lots of miles on my butt on various airlines all across the country. It gets quieter in October and November for GFR, but please check out the band if you are in the area we play.

Finally, I want to thank you all again for the support of my Limited Edition Audiodog CD, which is almost sold out. As you know, a portion of the sales go to a charity called the Pet Adoption Fund, which is where Joe came from... so thank you all. More exciting stuff coming, so keep an eye out for new announcements.

PS - Thanks to Andy Mars and SnakeMann for photos from the KISS Expo and KISS Monster Mini Golf respectively.
August 15, 2012 -

Had an amazing time last night in Irvine at the huge KISS MOTLEY show. What a great bill. Both bands truly did fantastic over the top performances!

Bruce Kulick

The place rocked and I want to thank Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy, and Nikki Sixx and his Crüe, for making me feel so welcome backstage. A great night!

August 8, 2012 -

Bruce KulickAfter a fun show in Marksville, LA at the Paragon Casino with Grand Funk on Saturday, I had an early wake up to get to Florida for the KISS Expo on Sunday. After only 2½ hours sleep (a nap if you ask me!), I arrived safely in Orlando. I was very excited to meet the fans, as I haven't done any Expos yet this year. John Corabi was there already, and we were scheduled to do a set later in the afternoon. After signing various items for the crowd it was time for the Q and A, then the performance from me and John.

We didn't have a chance to rehearse, and I was grateful for some coffee to keep me going during our 75 plus minute set. We had a great time with the crowd, and I have to admit it is always some sort of magic playing with Mr Corabi. We have that chemistry to pull it off, even after 8 months of not jamming together. And because of ESP guitars helping me out with an acoustic to perform with at the Expo, one lucky fan named Jay got to take the guitar home after the performance. He was, of course, thrilled.

Thank you Phil Elliot and Kreatures of the South for a fun event. Your staff was helpful, the fans had a great time, and I made some new friends. KISS fans are always the best. So, it was a busy but successful weekend.

I will have details soon about some upcoming appearances, one in Vegas at the KISS Monster Mini Golf Course in late August and the other in NJ for the big New York KISS expo in September. I am looking forward to them both!

July 23, 2012 -

At the Orlando KISS Expo on Sunday August 5th one lucky fan will have a chance to win the ESP acoustic guitar (shown below) I will use during my performance with John Corabi.

Bruce Kulick

For more details about the Orlando Expo, visit the Kreatures of the South website.

More details about the ESP AC-20EFM at ESP Guitars.

June 22, 2012 -

Bruce KulickI am featured in a new book called TALES FROM THE STAGE, which has candid interviews with 15 well-known hard rock/heavy metal rockers about the good, the bad, and the ugly that we've all experienced during our careers.

The book is available as either a softcover or e-book, and if you use the code KULICK when you order you'll get a 15% discount.

A portion of the proceeds from each book sold is being donated to Ride For Dime, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting music education through America's youth.

It's a great read, so check it out! And don't forget to use the KULICK code to get your discount!


May 28, 2012 -

To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Revenge, over the next two weeks I'll be doing a look back at the album, including my thoughts about each track.

Bruce Kulick

Revenge marked the return of KISS in what I considered to be top form. Not that previous albums I was involved in didn't have highlights and memorable songs and performances, but Revenge was truly meant to be just that...

May 18, 2012 -

I want to share with you all some more photos of Joe. He was cremated the week after his passing, and I chose a very nice oak box for his remains proudly tagged in brass with: Joe "The Audiodog."

Bruce Kulick

In order to share with you photos of Joe quickly during the week he passed I pulled photos from what I could readily find on my current computer, which naturally had mostly recent and a few older photos of Joe. But I knew there was more in my photo boxes. MUCH MORE. So in a methodical manner, which was fun at times and painful at times, I went through all my boxes of photos. Then I went through all my older computer CD-R's which were my photo back up files. It took days, but I found over 100 new photos of Joe through the years, some I didn't even knew I took.

I will not lie and tell you all I am doing fine about losing him. He was a huge part of my life for almost 15 of his nearly 17 years. Life "post Joe" has been odd in many ways. I am also not ready for another dog to replace him. I just need to adjust more, and please know seeing these photos I discovered has helped me in my closure of his passing.

So, here are over half of the missing photos I never knew I had. I will be sharing more with you all sometime in the next week or two, and in time I will share some videos of Joe as well. Seeing them really makes me remember so much about what a completely adorable, loving and independent dog blessed my life for so long. Please enjoy the pix. I hope you all see that special soul in his eyes that made so many people happy.

And thank you again, Joe, for giving me your love. I know you understood what the bond was that we shared.

May 8, 2012 -Bruce Kulick

Just finished the Hollywood Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, and I want to thank my band Kings 'N' Queen for a wonderful and rewarding experience.

We had a blast on our big studio day at the famous East West Studios on Friday, and then we rocked the Playboy Mansion on Saturday.

Great for me to keep making new friends from all walks of life at the camp. Hoping to be at the October camp in Vegas featuring Gene Simmons!

April 27, 2012 -

Bruce KulickIt saddens me deeply to share with you all the loss of the best friend I ever had. My dog Joe, who I adopted back in 1997 after rescuing him near a busy street in Woodland Hills, couldn't fight the effects of his age anymore and has passed on. I have always dreaded the sad day I knew would eventually come when he couldn't be with me anymore. He lived nearly 17 years, which is over 100 years old if he was human.

He shared so much of my life, and those of my friends who met him knew he was more of a person than a dog to me. My connection to him was incredibly deep as if he knew what I needed, and in return he was number one in my life. Juggling my hectic life with travel and work was a challenge that always involved how Joe's needs would be met, and I was blessed with many wonderful friends who shared their love for him and took care of him when I was away. They all knew how special he was.

His size was small, barely 9 pounds in weight, but he filled a home like a giant. All he wanted to do was share his joy of life with anyone in his presence. I loved our walks, and our meals together. His affection was incredible, and when he was done with his yummy meal he wanted nothing more than to kiss my hands, arms, and feet like he was grooming me. We were family. In my mind I lost my child, my best friend, my soulmate. Not a dog.

I know many of you have followed along with my stories and photos of Joe, sharing with me some of your pets' stories. We all know that the day we say goodbye to that special pet will be difficult, and I am trying to realize that his next journey is just beginning.

Bruce KulickTruly Joe must have been some sort of old soul that was meant to be with me through all the ups and downs of my life, and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect animal to share these past 15 years with.

He walked into my life when he was about 2 years old, during a very upside down part of my life. My immediate love and his affection and personality gave me the strength and purpose in life that drives people to do great things. Joe brought that out in me. He gave me purpose, as in "take care of me," and in return his love for me was constant and strong. Knowing how quickly he loved me made all the sacrifices I had to make worth it in spades. I always said, I have no regrets about how I did my best to include him in my life everyday.

I want to thank the good vets that cared for Joe during his life, as I know they loved him. It is amazing how much our pets have similar ailments to us; half the drugs Joe used in his senior years were the same as my late Dad! But what I learned was the love and attention of the pet's owner is so critical in their quality of life. Joe had the best care always, and I was fortunate to be able to give that to him. And in return the love that I received from him was clear to me. We had a bond that can't be described in words.

So I will just end by saying that I might have lost my best friend, but I know he is in a place now where he can run and play like a healthy puppy. I will never forget the love and connection we shared. I was truly blessed to have found him, and I know in the larger picture of life it was no accident that we shared all these years together. My life would not of been the same without him.

God Bless you, Joe, I will never forget you. I hope to see you again.


PS - Thanks to Simi Friedman for the photos of me and Joe.
April 5, 2012 -

Bruce KulickHello, everyone. It's been a while since I got you all up to speed with things going on in the Kulick world. So here's the current news.

Many fans have asked about Joe, my precious dog who will reach 17 years old on June 10th.  For those friends of mine who have met Joe, they know what a special dog he is.  And happily, as a good dog who is just getting really old (kind of like in his 90's in small dog years), he is well aware of the love and devotion I give him. With the help of an excellent vet and his staff, I am happy to say Joe is doing extremely well. For all you dog lovers out there, I love the emails I get about the stories of your special pets.

Honestly, as I have never had a child Joe has certainly become my son.  I have had him since he was 2 years old, so our relationship is nearing 15 years. I found him exploring near a busy street in Woodland Hills.  Dangerous!  Our bond was immediate, but now as an older dog I will tell you all it's not easy to take care of a senior animal.

My girlfriend, Lisa, who is the best Mommy for Joe that I could ever imagine, knows what a burden it can be.  He can't see (cataracts), but he has good energy and gets around amazingly for his age, so he's like a bumper car in the dining room and kitchen just banging into things until I get his attention to play with a bone or out for a walk.

But even the walk to the patio for him to relieve himself every three hours during the night is fine with me.  His quality of life is far better than I could ever imagine at his age, so knowing he appreciates it, he has my devotion. I dread that day when I have to say goodbye to him, but who would imagine he would have surgery a few weeks ago for some nasty skin things, and currently be thriving? My nickname for him was The Kraken (mythical beast from "Clash Of The Titans" movie), but now he's affectionately known as "The Super Kraken" or SK for short.  So that is the update on Joe.  I am truly blessed with him in my life.

As for me, busy as usual with my guitars doing shows with Grand Funk, and soon an exciting Fantasy Camp in LA with Steven Tyler as the featured guest, with a big night rocking at the Playboy Mansion. Details at I also have some production work coming up in April with an artist I worked with a few years ago, Derek Ryan. Channel Theory is the name of Derek's band, and it is not straight rock which is why I, along with BK3 producer Jeremy Rubolino, love working with him.  I am sure I will bring some great guitars and amps along for the job.

So all in all the usual for me with my work, and of course there are some other surprises up my sleeve regarding some writing for future projects and sessions that I will share with you all when I am deep in it. Hope your spring is wonderful and thanks for all the support!

April 5, 2012 -

The loss of Jim Marshall today saddens me greatly. My love of Marshall amps and the iconic company he created will always be a part of my life. I will never forget the clinic tour I did with him back in the early 90's promoting the 900 series amps, which I still use. His charm and grace in the English way made him unique to me.

Knowing all the lives he changed with his products, and the artists he worked with through the years, made him a giant in the industry of the music business. I know Jim will never be forgotten, and that the legacy of his amps will carry on for generations to come. RIP Jim Marshall. - Bruce Kulick, April 5th, 2012.
Bruce Kulick

March 5, 2012 -

Unfortunately we lost another great one over the weekend, legendary guitarist Ronnie Montrose. I was fortunate to meet and jam with him at a Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp back in May of last year. R.I.P. (Photo courtesy Bill Towner/Red Nova Digital)
Bruce Kulick

February 29, 2012 -

Very sad to learn Davy Jones of The Monkees has died. I was a big admirer of his, and was fortunate to meet him on several occasions. RIP. (Chiller Theatre Toy, Model & Film Expo 2009)
Bruce Kulick

February 23, 2012 -

Bruce KulickHello everyone. I just finished up the Presidents Day Weekend Hollywood Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp, and all I can say is this one shaped up to be one of the most memorable. As you all know, the camp has special guests and there is tons of jamming, rehearsing, and just doing all the things an aspiring musician loves to do. So here's a recap of these 5 busy days.

The camp started on Thursday, and after the counselors did a 2 hour rehearsal for our performance later that night all I could remember was how hard "Roundabout" by Yes is to play! And I was asked to help out on that song as Alan White, who has been with the group since 1973, was also a counselor.  Quite exciting even attempting that masterpiece.

That afternoon I met the campers who would be my band, and we quickly started jamming and getting used to what we would sound like as a band.  They signed up for the recording package, and of course the last night is always at a famous venue, this time the Whisky on Sunset. We started to learn a Wings song that I always loved, and we looked at some bluesy things that could work on as well for the performance.  I had a good feeling about the band from the start.

After the Guitar Center event that night where the counselors jammed on Yes, Led Zep, Free and other bands, I was getting clear thoughts in my mind about what my band could do.  I had the pleasure of being the bass player along with three guitarists, Dave, Bryan, and Martin. With Kyle behind the skins, who was definitely my secret weapon, the band was rounded out by Lisa Symth, our singer, who loves the blues.

Day two I knew Zakk Wylde would be stopping by in the afternoon so my mind immediately went to "Let's learn  "No More Tears by Ozzy."  I didn't care we had no keyboard players, I had three guitarists.  And that bass line is killer.  So we spent the three hour morning rehearsal learning a strong arrangement.  I have met Zakk before, so I was hoping the Ozzy tune would be fun for him.  After lunch he arrived and we blasted out a loud nasty version of the song, and just hearing Mr. Wylde do those powerful leads gave us a huge WOW moment. We took pix and he told us crazy stories.  Naturally we did not forget what he said when he first entered the room, "Hey, what's your band name? Hookers and Blow?"  Well, it stuck!

The rest of day two was spent with us going over the Wings tune "Rockestra" and then learning a really great Humble Pie song called "30 Days In The Hole."  Lisa really had fun with it, and I knew we had another song for our recording/gig. That night was spent at the Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills.  Felix Cavaliere from the Rascals (Good Lovin', Groovin') was the guest, along with various jamming by campers and counselors. My girl Lisa and I did our version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" after I picked a nice ES 335 off the wall of the showroom.  It's a jazzy version based on Eric Clapton's live take on the classic Wizard of Oz song.

Bruce KulickDay three would be a visit by Steve Vai, and I knew he would love to jam over this Hendrix progression I did with him years ago at a previous camp.  So I taught it to my band, and in no time we were ready for him.   We tightened up the Humble Pie song and the Wings number, then started to look at another song. Lisa picked a blues tune, "King Bee," that I wasn't that familiar with but I loved it.  Naturally we turned into "Queen Bee" appropriately. Steve came in after lunch and we jammed on that Hendrix tune.  He plays guitar like an alien and I have to say he is a very smart and talented man. Both he and Zakk did long Q&A's at a theatre down the block from the rehearsal facility which unfortunately I missed, but I was able to go home to relax a bit from the long 12 hours days.

I was happy my campers were getting the full experience from the special guests, and of course from my very specific direction on all things that make music sound and feel good.  I am strict on the guitarists and make them learn not only how to be better, but WHY what I am showing them makes sense. That night was a visit from Billy Idol's Steve Stevens.  He was running late, so I was asked to speak to the room full of guitarists.  In a short while Steve came and did an amazing clinic, explaining his influences and how he created the prefect parts to some of the Idol hits. Everyone in attendance was very thrilled with the talent that man possesses.  Thank you Steve!

Our Sunday was spent at one of my favorite studios ANYWHERE, Henson in Hollywood, the old A+M studios. It was a full 12 hour day of recording, with a visit from Eddie Kramer as well! I brought some cool gear: my '65 Fender Jazz Bass, my '57 Fender Tweed Champ, my Gibson ES 330 from 1961 in Cherry, and my Reissue '62 SG Custom Shop. My producer from BK3, Jeremy Rubolino, was invited by me to wow my campers as well, as when we do music together I feel I accomplish great things. The campers agreed once we were all done that day.

We cut the Wings song and then went into the Humble Pie tune. Eddie came in and worked with Lisa on the vocals and the band was thrilled.  I have to say, considering none of them really had any studio experience the result was solid and strong enough that I can't wait to share the tracks with my friends.  The recording package does give another element of what it is to be in a rock band, and working at Studio D in Henson, well, it doesn't get much better than that!

The last day included final rehearsals, a visit from Warren Haynes (who jammed on "King Bee" with us on slide - SWEET!), and of course the ending night performances from all the bands at the Whisky. We tightened up our three songs, and head counselor Kip Winger came in to assist on a special treat I worked into for our final minute and a half. I had a great idea to come out of the Humble Pie song and go right into the drum solo from the famous Beatles number "The End" and it worked like a charm. Kip played piano and worked out the vocals with Lisa, while   I had a great time showing Bryan some of those tasty riffs.  The tradeoff solos didn't need to be exact, as I knew the groove and feel of that song from my favorite band would give everyone goosebumps.

Bruce KulickWe were band 10 of 14 on stage, and Warren Haynes jammed a bit during the middle of the night's groupings. Now I know why he works so much; tasty, talented, and the real deal.  No wonder the Allmans and Gov. Mule do so well! Finally it was time for my band's mini set.  We killed it, and the Beatles part worked like a charm. I was so happy for them all.  Once again, the thrill of being on stage proved to my campers how wonderful it is to be a musician and, with my strict guidance, the way a band can communicate emotions that sometimes only music can deliver.

The camp is so rewarding to me, and I have to admit it makes me realize how fortunate I am to be able to naturally play my instrument.  My love of music and creating and arranging, and having the chance to share that with my campers, certainly gives me supreme satisfaction. It also gives the campers the proper ideals of how to apply discipline to a craft and get the results that makes it all worth while.  Campers take so much information home with them after this experience, but more importantly they get the  feeling of accomplishment that a band that has worked hard as a unit doing something creative gets. It is really a valuable life lesson, and it's such a big part of what the camp is about to me: believing in oneself and doing something that MEANS something.  Music is a gift, but we can all share that feeling no matter how talented you are if you understand how to express yourself.

Thanks to all the people working at the camp (you make the long days easy!), and of course to all the great guests. Thank you also to my band for putting up with my tough love abuse at times, you all mean a lot to me and naturally that hard work really did pay off in the end. Can't wait for the next camp in May!

February 13, 2012 -

Bruce KulickHello everyone! It's been a week since my return from Australia and there was so much to catch up with at home I neglected to get a new message up here on the site. I have been enjoying seeing a few YouTube videos of the gigs, as well as a wonderful edited video that showcases the REVENGE themed clinics I did on this journey. The trip was easy and fun, and it was really a joy to see all my friends and fans in the land down under again.

When I arrived in Melbourne I was not surprised to feel the 90 degree heat as it is summer there, and the weather can be wild in Australia. Even though I was able to nap a bit before the first rehearsal with my band I was still a jet lagged zombie playing my guitar, but we sounded good. Naturally the next day the weather changed to wind, rain and 60 degrees!  Typical of Australia. But after a good night's rest it was easy for a proper rehearsal in the daytime, and then I was off to do my first of two clinics for Allans Music + Billy Hyde in Melbourne.

It was sold out, and I was so excited sharing my stories of the making of my best KISS CD, REVENGE.  I was also able to showcase rare and revealing samples and outtakes of the sessions that Bob Ezrin, the producer, gave me.  It was a lesson on how hard we worked, and how much effort truly goes into making such a strong collection of songs.  I learned so much working with Mr. Ezrin, and the band was in top form.

The clinic was almost 2 1/2 hours long, and I was very proud of the reaction from the fans. After my meet and greet it was finally time to chill, as the next day was to be the final rehearsal with my band.  I was also able to catch up with a good friend who works at my favorite restaurant in Melbourne, the famous Pellegrini's on Burke St.  That sure is what Italian food is all about. The owner is always proud to display my photo in his establishment, and that makes me quite happy!

Bruce KulickThe following night was my show at The Corner Hotel, which is such a cool venue. The show was excellent.  The crowd didn't catch a few of the surprise endings which occurred, but the band and the fresh set list really made for a special evening. The next day I traveled to Sydney for another clinic at Allans Music + Billy Hyde.

It was a bit rainy there, but once again I had a packed house and the clinic lasted over 2 hours. The questions were fun and the reaction once again made me realized how important REVENGE is for fans.

My last show took place the following night at a place called The Factory Theatre, which has a nice large stage. I was a bit tired from my busy week, but the band was tighter and I was funnier than usual as a result of my exhaustion. But all in all a great set by the band.

I want to thank Travis on drums, Matt on bass, Tim on vocals, and my good friend Paul Drennan on guitar for helping me once again make the trip a great experience.

The Sunday flight home was a breeze, and I have to say I always feel Australia is my second home. Thank you all in the land of OZ for your support.  The merch was popular and I know the fans were buzzing about my set list and the clinics.  Of course I can't wait to visit again.

This year is shaping up well, with the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp gearing up for a sold out event later this week in LA and the rest of the year dates with Grand Funk will be keeping me "flying the friendly skies." I'll keep you posted with all the news.

Be well and have a great Valentine's Day.

PS - Special thanks to AndrewTreadwell, James D., and Kaori Hashimoto for the use of their photos.
January 25, 2012 -

Bruce KulickHello everyone! This was a very exciting and busy weekend for me, so let me get started with the news.

The NAMM show is always a huge event, so many people I know, and of course the best new gear around in abundance featured in 5 giant convention hall rooms and more. Naturally I go for the networking, and I do love checking out the gear.  Some highlights for me were doing a FaceBook Photo event with George Lynch, Alex Skolnick, and Cesar Rosas from Los Lobos at the Seymour Duncan booth, as well as my SIT Strings signing later on in the day.  I also jammed with great guitar player and friend Rafael Moreira, who toured with Paul Stanley for Live To Win,  at the Duncan booth.  That was cool jamming on a rare Hendrix tune.

In between taking time to thank all my endorsement companies, I was going crazy over all the amazing instruments and amplifiers I saw at the manufacturers' booths. ESP had some great new models, and I'm looking forward to playing them soon. PRS was colorful as always, with some new options and models, and Gibson was busy with all they are offering for 2012. I was fortunate to be invited to the Gibson Custom shop room, which was impossible to find, intentionally I am sure!

They had some amazing looking new vintage models  that bring back the "Golden Years" of that iconic company, including showcasing Ace's new Budokan model three pickup LP. Rickenbacker had their Beatles style guitars, and Gretsch had a new spin on some painted models. Fender had a huge buzz at their booth, as they seem to have one foot in the past and one in the present with all they have to offer with their guitars and amps.

I attended both Thursday and Friday, but that Friday evening I was also invited to Paul Stanley's 60th Birthday Party.  After a long rush hour commute to Beverly Hills from Anaheim, the party was held at a club situated on the top floor of a large office building on Sunset.  All the arriving guests were excited, as it was a surprise party for Paul. When he arrived we all yelled "SURPRISE!" and he was in great spirits, as his wife Erin made sure the evening was spectacular.  The cake was amazing, the food wonderful, and the band, Vintage Trouble, played their hearts out for the crowd.

Bruce KulickI chatted with my old friend Nikki Sixx, and of course saw the rest of the KISS band as well as all the people in Paul's life that mean a lot to him.   It was very touching to see Erin address the crowd telling Paul how much she loved him and how her life truly began when she met him.  Gene was even more emotional. After 43 years of being Paul's brother, he was very happy to share his affection for his partner. Paul sang a great rendition of "You Shook Me" with the band, and the place went crazy.  It was hard to leave, but I had another day of NAMM to attend on Saturday. Really a very memorable evening in the KISS camp.

Saturday was very busy at NAMM, as that day seems to draw the most people.  Again I had fun seeing the gear and hanging with friends, but I had to leave early to get to the Key Club in West Hollywood for sound check for the jamming I would do on stage later that night. The evening turned out to be a HUGE success, with many people really loving all the guitar music.  Tony MacAlpine's band performed, then I joined them on "Going Down" by the Jeff Beck Group with Marq Torien of The Bullet Boys on vocals.  The crowd loved the jam, and then it was time for Uli Jon Roth, who is a magician on the guitar, followed by my friend Richie Kotzen.  Great night on the strip, and all I can say is all my senses were highly stimulated from that long weekend.

Off to a GFR gig in Florida, and then clinics and gigs in Australia.  The clinics are gonna be very interesting as I will be discussing the magic of my fave KISS disc, REVENGE. The gigs will also feature some songs I have never done before from that KISS era.

See you all in Oz soon!

January 6, 2012 -
Bruce Kulick
From last night's red carpet premiere for Dennis Quaid's new movie, "Beneath The Darkness."

Was invited by my good friend Fred Coury from Cinderella, who plays on the song "Love Sucks" (also featuring Bret Michaels & Oliver Leiber) from the film's soundtrack.

I do recommend the movie. Had a great time!

Bruce Kulick