Messages From Bruce Kulick - 2011

December 31, 2011 - Hope everyone has a happy, healthy & prosperous 2012.

Happy New Year,

Bruce Kulick

December 18, 2011 - Hello everyone!

The Holiday Season is upon us, and I hope you all have an amazing time with your family and friends. I know I will.

I'd like to share with you all some of the highlights of my recent trip to Europe. I saw so many beautiful cities and met so many excited fans, I was completely blown away how wonderful this past journey was.

Thanks to all the promoters who booked us, looked after us, and proudly showed off their countries. Your hospitality was much appreciated.

A big thank you to Vittorio for sharing his city of Bologna, Italy during our days off. I can finally say I had a vacation in Italy, even if only for two days!

And naturally a huge thank you to the fans. Once again, as I like to's a KISS world and we all just live in it. Thank you!

Happy Holidays!

November 15, 2011 - As you all know, after my journeys to NYC and Brazil it was time to jump right into Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp. Always fun, this one was particularly exciting because of two factors. First, the Playboy Mansion was where the big event night for the final performances would be held. Second, naturally for me to have Paul Stanley as the headline guest has its significance. I always enjoy jamming and seeing him, and my campers were especially excited as we prepared a medley of KISS hits, along with a Van Halen tune.

First day of camp was jamming with all the campers, then I got to work with my band, Electric Angel, as we had to play at Guitar Center Hollywood after only a few hours of rehearsal. We prepared "Strutter," which gave me a chance to feature my three guitarists. Later that night Guitar Center showed off the amazing Gibson ES 335 from Eric Clapton's Cream days, as well as his famous Fender "Blackie" Stratocaster. To have them up close on display along with one of Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitars was quite a treat.  After that presentation, all the bands played a tune.  We did good with "Strutter" and I knew we would be learning more tunes for the big Playboy Mansion Party performance.

Friday we took apart "Deuce," and that was fun listening to some of the different live versions on my iPod to properly hear the parts of the song so my mini guitar army could reproduce that KISS sound.  Next we learned "Ain't Talking Bout Love," by Van Halen, as one of my guitar players was not only a KISS freak but a big Van Halen fan. His guitar was white with stripes like Eddie's.

I knew we would do a medley, taking one song into another, so "Love Gun" was next to learn.  We already knew "Strutter," so by Friday night we had a nice medley of 4 tunes. Paul was to visit and sit in with the band on Saturday morning.  After some crazy jamming in my room on Friday night, which included Francis, Paul's guitar tech on drums and vocals, I got much needed rest for the big Saturday ahead.

I woke up the next morning and realized we have the WRONG song to end our set. My band was to perform last since my singer picked number 11 out of the hat. So I made the decision while walking my dog Joe that "Shout It Out Loud" would be the closer. Obviously the pressure was on!  I gave out the parts to the band, and we were jamming on it in time to have Paul sit in with our entire set of tunes.  Having Paul walk in, plug in an incredible looking Gibson Les Paul Reissue and start "Deuce" had my campers freaking out! We played well, and after the 10 minute medley Paul signed and took photos.  I should add my friend Eric Singer came along with Paul to all the rooms, and he surprised me when I first saw him!

Then it was off to the Playboy Mansion with much anticipation. Of course the property is quite beautiful, and you knew this was gonna be a wild party as soon as the "talent" started showing up... and I don't mean the camper bands! There were tons of hot women everywhere, and soon the drinks and food starting coming along with all the guests of the Mansion. Tours were given (I will do that next time), and friends of mine showed up that I didn't know were on the list - who doesn't want to see the famous house Hef built an empire from?! 

After a while it was time to get the bands playing, and it was fun to see all the groups perform. Paul Stanley played guitar will all of them, which was fun to see. Eric was hanging by the stage along with Francis, as that's where the lingerie girls kept coming on and off the stage! Some bands had hot chicks getting on stage with them (reminded me of "Take It Off"), between the bands some girls where modeling awesome lingerie outfits, and there was also a sweet swimsuit contest!

There was a brief break in the set, and that's when the Grotto was full of naked girls. Nice, and typical Playboy.  My girlfriend Lisa and I talked to a few of the models there, and for most of them it was their first time there... and they loved it as well.  Everyone clearly was having a great time at the Mansion. Finally it was time for Electric Angel to hit the stage.  We did great, and Paul actually stayed on stage for the medley as he certainly knew all the tunes. Of course I was exhausted by this point, and after a short counselor jam it was time to get home and rest.

I know it was a big success, and I am happy that the Mansion does some special events like the Fantasy Camp.  I am sure there will be more in the future. Thank you to all my friends and fellow counselors who worked so hard on making the camp great, and a special thanks to Eric Singer for coming by and hanging all day and jamming too.

Definitely a camp I will not forget anytime soon!
November 7, 2011 - Just back from NYC and Brazil, and I have to share my experience with you all.

NYC was exciting, as always, and I did a Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp with People Magazine and then one sponsored by Citibank. I met many cool people, had some great jams, and was very proud of my bands after our big performance. I was especially happy to work with Lita Ford, and backed up Vince Neil, so that's two more artists I can cross off my bucket list!

Being a New Yorker it's always a huge rush when I am there, and after living so long in LA I realize how much I miss it. Of course the freak snow storm which made NYC cold, wet and icy was not too much fun. You expect that weather on the East coast, but not in October! After seeing my good friend Mike Katz from KKB who I grew up with in Queens, it was off to JFK for my long journey to Sao Paulo.

My trip to Brazil was easy, and it's springtime in Sao Paulo so I was happy to be in warmer weather. My friend Osvaldo, who is in a great KISS tribute band called KILLERS, and his friend Ricardo met me and my manager at the airport. After checking in and then having a lovely lunch at a local Italian place, it was time for a nice nap. That evening we were all invited, along with my singer Sebastian Gava and his girlfriend Flavia, to be guests for dinner at Ricardo's home in Sao Paulo. The food was amazing. It is always a pleasure to be able to have a home cooked meal with friends when you are traveling. Thank you Ricardo and his wife, Luciana, for a great time.

The next day was time for rehearsal. I was glad the band from Argentina fronted by Sebastian Gava was flying in from Buenos Aires to back me up, as we just performed two shows in March of 2011 in Buenos Aires and Rosario.

Our rehearsal place was great, and our special guest for the first night, Andreas Kisser from Sepultura who would be sitting in on "Love Gun," was going to be rehearsing at the same place later that day. Great guitarist, a big KISS fan, and a great guy. Thank you Mr Kisser.

Rehearsal was fun then it was off to dinner, and I have to say food in Brazil is quite delicious! Lydia Criss, who was also a guest at the KISS fest, arrived and we really got to spend time talking. I'd met her briefly before, but never got a chance to chat. She is a classy woman, and of course has many great stories about early KISS to share.

Finally it was show day. Sound check was easy since I had a great guitar tech to help me (thank you "Twin"), and as the first event was going to be a long one I headed back to the hotel to rest a bit. There were several bands on the bill, from an all ACE tribute band, to a sexy girl band called UNHOLY VIRGINS who had a male GENE playing bass. Lucky guy! Lydia did her her Q&A, then KILLERS did an MTV Unplugged style set that blew me away. That was fun to hear from the dressing room.

Both Lydia and I did meet and greets with the fans, and many had gifts for me. My good friends from my last time in Brazil, Tati Simmons who is a very talented artist who lives near Rio, and her friend Aline, were in attendance with lovely gifts. Tati gave me a doll of me in 2007, and this time she worked on another one that looked like the BK3 CD artwork... and she added in Joe my dog as well.  Wonderful friends I have from Brazil!

The show was exciting and sweaty and the fans loved the set, which featured many songs from my era of KISS.  I have to admit I was a little nervous, as I know how excited the fans are about me being there and I haven't performed these songs since March. Thankfully we were tight, and the crowd was very excited. The club, WOODSTOCK, is very cool, with many classic rock photos and art all over the walls. During "Take It Off" there were some sexy young girls on stage, but they practically started the song with us. Funny, I wanted them to start during the second chorus like ALIVE III.  No matter, it all rocked and soon it was encore time with Andreas and some other guests to jam on "Love Gun."  The crowd went wild, and then it was time for "Lick It Up" and finally "God Gave Rock N Roll To You II." I said goodnight to the crowd and certainly felt great from everyone's reaction. I thanked the club and their staff, and made sure I said hello to all in attendance. Long night, but I had a great time.

After some rest it was off to Campinas, which is about 90 minutes away. We stopped at a cool restaurant rest area, and since the weather was wonderful it was fun to see how the Brazilians enjoy their culture and food. Remember the band was from another country (Argentina), so we were all tourists in a way.

Time for soundcheck, and then a meet a greet before the last of the two shows. This time the only bands were KILLERS and me. Tony, the guitarist for KILLERS, broke his hand moving some gear the night before so they had to figure out what to do. Somehow they did a great set, mixing up acoustic and full band tunes. Osvaldo, who is a very good drummer, should be proud of his group. I was more relaxed for the second show and we had a really tight set that the fans loved. No girls for "Take It Off" this time but that's okay, I think the song stands on its own. Soon it was time to thank the last people I hadn't met and get some rest before the journey home.

Campinas the next day was lovely, and since the flights to the US depart at night we hit a mall before a crazy traffic drive to the airport. I did see some cool country side as we took the scenic route. I have to say that Brazil has many beautiful places, and of course huge crowded cities. Naturally all the people and how much they love music, especially KISS, is exciting to me. We all waited for our flights at Pizza Hut in the airport, and the staff was going nuts that I was there eating! They couldn't have been older than 22, so how would they know me so well? It proves again the mighty power of KISS, and that after all these years my 12 years in the band still made an impact upon people all around the world. I am truly blessed.

After saying my last goodbyes to all the wonderful people who helped make the trip a success, I left Brazil knowing that no matter how far away I live we aren't that far apart in our respect and love for music. Knowing that, people being kind to each other, and sharing the things they enjoy makes for a strong bond. Sometimes I say, "It's a KISS world and we all live in it." Well, that was proven once again with my wonderful visit to Brazil.

Thank you Osvaldo, Ricardo, Andre, and Flavio for all your hard work, and to all your wives and friends that helped make this trip a success. Special thanks to my Argentine band Dukke, Fernando, Gustavo, and Sebastian for their hard work backing me. Talented and respectful is a good blend for me. Finally, a special thank you to my manager, Abba, who loves to travel and proved once again that people want good music, "So let's make it happen."

And thank you, of course, to all the wonderful fans for your support and kindness and gifts.  After all, how often is it to visit somewhere where catering makes little cakes with your face on it?! Thank you BRAZIL!

   PS - Thanks to Marinho Kiss, Andreas Kisser, Marina Salvucci, Flavia Colognesi, and Tata Stanley for some of the photos used.

October 20, 2011 - Very happy to announce a limited ESP Unplugged European Winter Tour with Eric Singer and John Corabi. Additionally, John and I will also be performing a couple of Unplugged & United shows with just the two of us. (noted below).

Nov. 25th - Madrid KISS Expo - Spain at Sala Ramdall (BK & John only)
Nov. 26th - Helsinki KISS Expo - Finland at Nosturi (BK, John & Bob Kulick)
Dec. 1st -  Veysonnaz, Switzerland at Bar Vague à l'Ame
Dec. 2nd - Telfs, Austria (BK and John only)   
Dec. 3rd - Moutier, Switzerland at Aula Chantemerle   
Dec. 4th -  Nürenberg, Germany at Rockfabrik   
Dec. 8th - Milano, Italy - Venue TBA 
Dec. 9th - Oslo, Norway - Venue TBA 
Dec. 10th - Wroclaw, Poland - Venue TBA 

Though the schedule is pretty much set as far as dates and cities, there are still a few venues to be confirmed. So, be sure to check back for additional information as it becomes available.

Hope to see you at one of the shows! 

October 6, 2011 -

Note: Please do not repost this without prior permission. It was a special experience for all involved and I ask you respect that. Thank you.

The Wedding of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed... or Proof That Pigs Can Fly

I had the pleasure of being invited to the wedding of Gene and Shannon on the first of October at the gorgeous Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Arriving early with my girlfriend, Lisa, it was quite interesting feeling the excitement of the evening even in the famous Polo Lounge.

First I ran into Paul Stanley and Doc McGhee in their tuxes taking a break from their pre wedding duties. We chatted briefly about the new KISS record and Gene's big day, and before I knew it there was the famous KISS/ Pink Floyd producer Bob Ezrin. I congratulated him on producing the new Alice Cooper record, "Welcome 2 My Nightmare." Already the pre Wedding hang was fun, and I was excited thinking about who else I would run into. Evan Stanley, Paul's son, arrived with his gig bag, and as most guitar players do I asked him what was in the gig bag. "Les Paul Jr." he says, and later in the evening we got to chat quite a bit about guitars. He is quite talented and loves all things about music and gear.

Then it was time - after settling the bill of $30 in the lounge for a glass of wine and a Perrier (It is the Beverly Hills hotel after all!) - for everyone to head back to the lobby, where it was buzzing with excitement. I ran into so many of the people I have known from the KISS world, and naturally Eric Singer arrived, along with Keith Leroux from It was great to see everyone looking sharp and happy for the what we all thought we would never see happen. Could pigs really fly?

We all headed down to the reception area, and after checking in I was asked it I had a cell phone or camera. I had decided to leave my iPhone behind. Quite a liberating decision, as people who know me are aware I am a bit attached to it. Of course some of the guests must have lied about not having one with them, as I did see the usual display of smart phones taken out... but VERY discreetly, as all in attendance knew this was an industry event and not leaking too much is part of the mystique of the wedding. After all, it was being taped for A&E.

The very tasty Hor D'oeuvres were served, all really amazing, and the drinks were flowing generously. Of course the mingling was fun. Paul's lovely wife, Erin, arrived looking great, as well his former wife, Pamela, who was in the wedding party. The famous songwriter Diane Warren and I said a quick hello, and I also bumped into Dog "The Bounty Hunter" and his wife. Rob Zombie arrived looking cool, as did Tommy Thayer and his wife Amber. More industry people I have known but haven't seen in ages were in attendance, and naturally the arrival of Hugh Hefner was very cool.  He's gotten on in years, but is still smooth and cool as the day he debuted his famous magazine. Of course he had a young playmate on his arm.

Finally it was the big moment and we were led outside to where the  ceremony would take place. With nearly 400 in attendance, I was happy Lisa and I were in the first third to get seated. I wound up sitting next to Bill Maher, and I knew that would be fun! I had never met him and I do enjoy his show, so it was fun seeing his reactions. We were sitting right behind Hefner, so all of it was a bit surreal. On Maher's other side was a powerful music agent, who I overheard telling Maher that I was the former guitarist for KISS. Bob Ezrin and his step-daughter were on the other side of us.

The ceremony began with Gene walking down the aisle. He was smiling but looking anxious, naturally! Paul and Tracy, Shannon's sister, kind of danced down the aisle, followed by the rest of the wedding party, including the family dog Snippy! Last down the aisle was Shannon, looking proud and gorgeous in her wedding dress. She's a classy, smart, and determined woman who finally got what she wanted in their 28 year relationship. The vows were read, but actually Gene just said what he wanted to say to Shannon... and it was moving and sincere. He finally said "I love you." Big words from him, and I got the sense Gene feels he knows he is not the same without Shannon.  He was the most emotional I have ever seen.

Shannon was very clear in her vows that she would look after him and that Gene could always be assured that she would provide that comforting place for him to rest. It was very intense seeing them share such intimacy in front of all their guests. Shannon warned Gene that no one should see the inscription inside the ring she gave him or they would be assassinated! Heavy words, but clearly Shannon has gone through enough with Gene to express those sentiments. Everyone was thrilled to see what we all thought would never happen. It was a touching ceremony. As I was leaving I introduced myself to Bill Maher and asked what he thought. "The best cable TV wedding I have ever seen." We all laughed, and I told him I loved his show and watch his live... and tape Gene's Family Jewels show. Chalk up another surreal moment at the wedding for Mr Kulick.

Then it was time for the reception, and I think everyone was in the mood to have a party! The big band Gene hired was amazing, although a bit loud. (Don't yell at me about that. I know I blast through Marshall amps, but I want to be able to talk to people!) The food kept coming and the wine was flowing. We were at table #24, which also had Eric Singer and some of the people that work for KISS, including, apparently, the therapist from this last season of GSFJ.

Sophie got up to sing and was terrific, and obviously thrilled for her parents. A short time later Nicholas, sporting a shorter haircut, got up to sing a Dean Martin song and, a little later on, also did a Doors cover with the talented Evan Stanley on that LP Jr guitar. Gene sang a big band number, which was cool. The crowd was all singing along. Even Shannon sang a song while a video montage that had great pix of the family through the years played. I remember some of those early shots of the kids, as watching them grow up was a perk I experienced knowing Gene and Shannon all these years.

Finally it was time for KISS to perform, and that I have to say that was another surreal moment. No make-up, no wild rock 'n roll clothing, no pyro, no lasers... everyone in their formal wedding attire. Tommy was on a jazz box Gibson guitar which belonged to the guy in the big band, and I know that wasn't an easy thing. There's a big difference between a Les Paul and a jazz body guitar! Paul had a gold top Les Paul, and of course all Eric had to do was take his jacket off and grab some sticks. They tore into "Lick It Up" and everyone was excited. The middle section had a bit of a "Who" vibe. Next up was "Shout It Out Loud," followed by "Rock N Roll All Nite." With the cameras rolling for the TV show it was a real score for A&E for sure! The guys sounded powerful and tight, but I know Tommy was wishing his Les Paul was there.

Now some of you might ask why didn't you get up and jam. To be honest, I know it would of been a blast to do that. But it was crazy enough for KISS to play at the wedding just as the current KISS. This wasn't a jam session, and with the TV show taping this was about seeing the current KISS band doing what they normally do for huge crowds but at a wedding... GENE'S wedding! And all on tape for his hit TV show. So although my fingers were itching, it was not to be and I have no issues with it.  And I am proud to say I was the only other KISS "family member" in attendance.

Nothing was gonna top that performance, though a great band called "Vintage Trouble" did play after KISS. At that point, however, I was too exhausted to dance or talk any more. It was time to say a few goodbyes, grab the wedding favor gift for the guests (a fancy boxed candle with the drawing of the family on it), and get back home safely. Overall it was truly a very special evening. I was so exhausted from all the excitement and fun it took me all day Sunday to feel normal again.

So the question I've been getting asked the most is, "Was it real?" Yes, it was. "Was it for the TV show?" Well, it obviously makes for great TV, but my belief is that the TV show really only serves as a wonderful chronicle of an already extremely successful and interesting man's life. I think the world of Shannon, who truly has loved and stood by Gene all these years. Add to that mix two attractive, talented, smart, and funny kids and you have magic on screen. Hence the success of the TV show. It's compelling because they are compelling people that you really do care about.

And now I think Gene finally senses the big picture of his life; that no matter how successful or rich he is, Shannon and his family are his greatest "possessions" and that's worth more than all the money in the world. And with Sophie and Nicholas at their side, in marriage they are finally "one."

I think I did see a pig fly after the ceremony after all!

October 4, 2011 -

I will be in Sao Paulo at the Woodstock Bar on November 2nd, and in Campinas at the Sebastian Bar on November 3rd.

At both events I will be performing with Sebastian Gava.

More details about times and tickets are available at KISS Army Brazil's website.

September 30, 2011 - With the 20th anniversary of Eric Carr's passing coming this November, Eric's family has scheduled a release of some new discoveries and some remakes of the music left behind. The CD is titled "Unfinished Business" and it's worth checking out if you are a big fan of Eric.

I know it was a very hard time for me back all those years ago to lose a band mate and a real friend, but celebrating his music is a very comforting thing. And as much as I miss him, I do feel like he must really enjoy all the attention while he is in heaven jamming with the other fallen heroes of rock stardom. So check out the CD

A quick reminder about a few of the events coming up for me, like Madrid, Spain on the 25th of November and Helsinki, Finland on the 26th will be partly in remembrance of Eric Carr's passing.

More info on additional shows coming up in Europe and Brazil is coming soon.

August 11, 2011 - Hello everyone! I trust you all are enjoying the summer, even though all we hear is crazy news on the TV from the war in Afghanistan to our insane battles of the budget in the US. Not to be political here, but like many of my friends who are mixed in their political party affiliation things are a bit... WTF? On both sides. So fire up the BBQ and take a swim, go see a band play, and forget the troubles we are seeing in the world. With all the traveling I do for my gigs around the world, it's the smiles on the fans in the crowd that makes all the troubles at the airlines, long car rides, and hotel hassles go away. Part of the magic of music is that entertainment will make you feel good!

Grand Funk has kept me really busy, and outside of a quick night in Vegas to jam some KISS favorites at the RIO with Sin City Sinners I have been all over the North America with Grand Funk. We have more dates through October, and if you haven't seen us you should. So be sure to check the Tour Dates page to see if we're coming to your town.  I am getting close to announcing details about another visit to South America, so look for that soon. Also, the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp has some exciting events coming up that I will be a part of. Those camps are the ultimate feel good escape to be honest with you, and I have an amazing time doing them.

I have been back in the studio lately. No, not for a BK4 (yet), but working with an incredible artist named Andrew London.  This kid can sing, write, and play guitar and piano in a refreshing way that I am really exited about being his session guitar player for.  Jeremy Rubolino, who produced BK3, is his producer.  So a few days a week between my travels we are laying tracks on some epic tunes.  More on all of that later.  Great to be creative in the studio again, and of course fun to get some of the guitars out for a spin as I would say.  Using some unusual guitars... Rickenbacker 12 string 660, PRS McCarty Hollowbody, Gibson LP 56 Goldtop Reissue, my Fender Custom Shop Heavy Relic Tele... all amazing axes. I also got a chance to use this cool new Surf Green Limited Edition Super-Sonic 22 amp.

So enjoy what's left of the summer, and I will catch up with you again around Labor Day (top of September for you foreigners) for more updates on my world.

July 7, 2011 -

Well summer is really here, and it's time for me to get busy with Grand Funk. We just did 4 shows in a row over the long holiday weekend and all the shows went over great. We are headed to Canada and Long Island this weekend.

Check the upcoming tour dates to see if we're coming to a venue or festival near you this summer because I think you will love the show if you haven't seen "The American Band."

Hope you all enjoy your summer fun! Take care and look for some new guitars out on the road with BK.

PS - Thanks to Colleen Songy and Angelwing Photography for the pictures.

June 10, 2011 - My dog Joe was adopted by me 14 years ago today. He was two at the time I saved him, so today is his 16th Birthday.

He has been my best friend and companion, and has faithfully put up with my traveling and lifestyle of being a musician. He is the one and only "Joe the Audiodog."

Happy 16th Birthday Joe! Guitar picks like this are being made in celebration.

Have a great weekend everyone! Glad I am home to celebrate my precious dog's birthday with some friends. Be sure to check out the Grand Funk shows this summer. 

May 31, 2011 - Yesterday was the unveiling ceremony for my father, who passed away about a year ago. It was both sad and joyful, but I did feel good about visiting his gravesite and showing my respects to my Dad. He is gone, but never forgotten....

A beautiful 1957 ES 225 guitar arrived the day my Dad died. Of course I named it Harry, and I took it out yesterday in his honor.
May 18, 2011 -The collected recap from Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp Hollywood (May 10-15)

Day 1 of the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp in Hollywood was very cool, and of course loud and crazy! Five more days and I will keep you all posted with the news. Highlight yesterday was Fred Coury from Cinderella and Rudy Sarzo and I jamming again. We were all in "Monster Circus" in Vegas a few years ago. My band of campers has named themselves Steph and the Mind Benders.

Day 2 the band wrote a song called "Kings and Queens". This song is very unique and has a great groove.

Day 3 was a great success. Besides a visit by Marky Ramone, my band worked up two songs for our acoustic set at the Gibson Showroom last night: Coldplay's love song "Yellow" and Audioslave's rocking tune called "I Am The Highway." We were great! Now off to record with the legendary Eddie Kramer (Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and KISS). What a blast this will be!

Day 4 was a full day with "Steph and the Mind Benders" at East West Studios working on our original song, "Kings and Queens." Working with Eddie Kramer was amazing, of course, and we were all in heaven with the sounds and production we ended up with.

Day 5 was another amazing day at East West studios. Our engineer Steve Genewick has worked on so many famous projects, and he's currently involved with Paul McCartney's new CD.  We finished our original "Kings and Queens" and then cut "Come Together." As we were finishing our harmony vocal, Sammy Hagar the Red Rocker walked in and asked to hear our original. He loved it! As he read along with the wild lyrics he said it sounded very late 60's San Francisco!  We took photos, and I can promise you my campers had the time of their lives! Last day today: rehearsals and then the big show at the HOB on Sunset tonight. No rest till Monday!

Day 6 was the last day of camp. It has now come and gone, and elated and exhausted are the best words to describe how I feel. I always have a really great time seeing my camper band go from strangers to becoming a band on stage for the finale at the HOB. We did our morning and afternoon rehearsals at AMP studios, this being after our two full days in a different studio. So that was some adjustment. But we discussed our set, and I invited some friends of mine to help out on the gang vocals for the original we cut in the studio, "Kings And Queens". Wally and Chad came by and we ran through our song with them, knowing it would be never enough rehearsal but that we would have fun with it on stage.

The evening ran a bit late due to the taping of the three Reality show TV show bands, with Sammy Hagar rocking with all of them quite brilliantly. The Red Rocker was quite a thrill for the HOB crowd.  My band, "Steph and the Mind Benders" was on third after the TV bands were done. We opened with The Beatles' "Come Together," then our original, "Kings and Queens," and we ended the show with Steve my drummer on lead vocals for Audioslave's "I Am The Highway." Great songs, and I was proud of my group. I want to thank them all for their hard work and dedication to making the camp fun and a learning experience, which is truly what the magic of the Fantasy Camp is all about.  You do take things in your heart, mind, and soul with you after it is over.  For some it really does wonders on personal growth, beyond obviously just how better to play your instrument, especially with others.

I look forward to more work with the Fantasy Camp, and of course I have made some new friends as always from this experience. Thank you, Courtney, for all your hard work with the camp, and to my producer friend Jeremy Rubolino for coming by at East West and adding his magic to the sessions. Time to rest and recover from the 14 hour days!

April 23, 2011 - After a long wait, fans of Eric Carr are finally in for a real treat. As many of you probably know, the Rockheads are a cartoon rock group which was created by Eric in the late 80's, and Adam Mitchell and I contributed to some Rockheads inspiried songs which appeared on Eric's posthumous CD, Rockology.

Now for the first time ever fans have the opportunity to own a unique set of Rockheads material. Produced in conjunction with Eric's family, each limited edition Rockheads set will include the following:

  • A 1" x 1" piece of the original bass drum skin from the "Crazy Nights" tour cradled in a high-quality collectable card. The pieces will be numbered in a series from 1 to 400 and are authenticated by The Carr Family.

  • A beautifully reproduced pull-out poster print of one of Eric's original hand-drawn Rockheads illustrations.

  • A Limited Collector's Edition Rockheads comic book produced by Rockville Station and autographed by Bruce Kulick.

All orders placed prior to May 1st will also receive a pearl white guitar pick with a picture of "Scruffy" from the Rockheads on it. Each set costs $49.99 plus tax (if applicable) and S&H. For more details and to order, visit Rocksville Station.

Orders begin shipping on May 1st and this limited edition is already over half sold-out, so get your order in now.

April 18, 2011 - Hello, everyone. I am safely back from my amazing journey to Europe.  After visiting South America in March, and only having four days back in LA before leaving with ESP for Europe, I really had no choice but to stay in touring mode. ESP rehearsed in LA for three days, and before we knew it we were off to Norway on the 24th of March.

We have many friends in Norway, and there was also a KISS expo planned in the afternoon before the show. The fans were great, and Keith from KISS Army Warehouse was in attendance as well as other KISS dealers from Scandinavia. Our first show was a good start for the band, but we certainly got a better feel for what the set list can do and made some adjustments for the next show in Finland.

Finland was colder than Norway, and I got a chance to see my buddy Tomi from LORDI. ESP did a fun interview with the American Consulate, which was excited for ESP to bring American culture to Finland.  The KISS Army Finland was very active in making this show a success. It was a great venue and Finland always welcomes ESP in a big way. We had a blast.

Next we were off to Switzerland to play at the Z7 club in Basel. We love that venue, and that show was a blast for the band and the fans. An overnight drive in our bus brought us to Prague. What a beautiful city! That was the first of two shows in the Czech Republic, and I am always impressed with how much they love rock there. Prague was hot and sweaty, and we loved the crowd.  Zlin was a very nice city as well, and it was sad we had to leave the same night after the show. The crowd was really fun in Zlin, and I hope to do more shows in the Czech Republic in the future.

Last up for the Eric Singer Project band was the long drive to Austria. Europe was having a warm weather system, so it was picture perfect in Austria. The Hills Are Alive! I felt like I was in the "Sound Of Music"!  The Alps are so beautiful, and the air so crisp. The venue was very modern, and for our last show we rocked the house and said our goodbyes. Eric and Chuck took the bus overnight to Frankfurt for their trip back home to the US, and John and I were off to Switzerland for a short visit before our Corabi/Kulick "Unplugged and United" tour. We spent two days in Sion, the capital of the Canton of Valais, and it was SO beautiful.

After our rest we had a nice train ride to Milan. During that trip the sites are just amazing, especially near the lakes in Italy. In Milan we met our promoter and the opening act for our tour. It was a bit adjusting at first to the Italian way, but soon enough John and I were in stride with the amazing food, fashion, and how passionate the fans are there. We did shows in six cities. Each was very different in many ways, but all were very cool, with great people and sites to see. Palermo in Sicily, the very southern point of Italy, was the most interesting, and as our last show in Italy it was a fitting end to our crazy Italian journey. We had a great time in Italy, and did a great set list (included below).

Last but not least was a show in Poland. I have relatives from there, so I was very interested in playing there.  We were in Wroclaw, a really nice city in the western part of the country. The club was great and so were the fans.  I was shocked at how excited they all were to see John and me. It was a great ending to a fun tour, and although there was a lot of distance to cover and many hours of travel it was still worth the crazy schedule to play for the fans in Europe.

I would like to thank Nicolas, our tour manager, his friends Ben and Vito, Drumboo for taking care of Eric, and all the promoters and bands that helped make the journey a safe and wonderful experience. And, of course, a very special thanks to all the fans that came out to support the music. It was certainly a trip I will never forget. Enjoy the photos.

What's next for BK?  Well first some rest, and then some Grand Funk shows are coming.. but you never know what else will pop up.  I am at the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp in May here in LA, and I always love that. Watch the site for news and updates, and everyone have a wonderful spring.

Bruce Kulick

March 17, 2011 - I am having an amazing time in South America! Argentina rocked, and Seba Gava and his band kicked ass with me on KISS classics and our solo CDs. I saw all my good friends from other trips to Buenos Aires. I will miss them all.

Chile has been wonderful! The fans, the food, and last night's Seal concert was surreal. He was singing Rock N Roll All Nite to me backstage!

Off to Florida for a GFR show on Saturday after my last night in Chile. I know I will miss all of my fans and friends here as well.

Please enjoy the photos!

PS - Happy St. Patrick's Day!
March 14, 2011 - I am very happy to officially announce that John Corabi and I will be playing some acoustic shows in Italy, and one in Poland, in April.

April 5, 2011 - Busto Arsizio, Italy at Code Club
April 6, 2011 - Padova, Italy at Arci Grindhouse
April 7, 2011 - Brunico, Italy at UFO
April 8, 2011 - Pisa, Italy at Borderline
April 9, 2011 - Parma, Italy at Bandit
April 10, 2011 - Palermo, Italy at I Candelai
April 12, 2011 - Wroclaw, Poland at Nietota

See you soon!

February 22, 2011 - I am very happy to officially announce that ESP is coming to Europe in March and April! The following dates have been confirmed:

March 26, 2011 - Honefoss-Oslo, Norway at Alfred
March 27, 2011 - Helsinki, Finland at Nosturi
March 30, 2011 - Pratteln-Basel, Switzerland at Z7
March 31, 2011 - Prague, Czeck Republic at Exit Chmelnice
April 01, 2011 - Zlin, Czeck Republic at Master of Rock Cafe
April 02, 2011 - Tefls, Austria at Rathaussaal Tefls

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

February 7, 2011 - I am excited to announce some new information regarding my upcoming trip in March to Argentina, as well as an appearance in Chile. Along with my friend Sebastian Gava, I will be performing two confirmed shows in Argentina.

March 11th will be a huge night in Buenos Aires, as it has been TOO long since I returned to that great city. Then on March 12th I will be in Rosario. You can check Please check Kiss Army Argentina for more info.

I will then be flying to Santiago, Chile to do a show at Club 334 on March 16th. Further info on the Chile show will be posted on Kiss Army Chile site.

I am really looking forward to seeing my fans in Argentina and Chile, and please remember I will be looking to visit some other South American countries as well this year. I sense some "Crazy Crazy Nights" in South America coming in March!

January 24, 2011 - Had a blast Saturday in LA when I sat in with The School Of Rock at Sunset Strip's Cat Club.

The kids had an amazing time with their parents and friends watching, and I have to say I was very proud of how well they played the songs.

After about 15 KISS songs it was time for me to plug in and play. I started with Crazy Nights, then went into God Gave Rock N Roll To You II, and ended the big day with Rock N Roll All Nite.

A big "Thank you!" to everyone who participated, I honestly had an amazing time. Enjoy the pix.

January 19, 2011 - Hello everyone! The big NAMM show, which USA Today said had 90,000 in attendance, was an amazing experience for me. I had the time this year to be there for three whole days, and I took advantage of that in a very big way. Besides thanking my endorsers and seeing all the wonderful attractive new equipment the manufacturers display so perfectly, I get once again a chance to see my fans, and to see my heroes.

Thursday was the quieter day, and when I heard that Jack Bruce from Cream and his daughter Natasha would be at Warwick at 3PM I was first in line. I had the pleasure of actually jamming with Jack at a London Rock N Roll Fantasy camp back in May of 2007. I will never forget doing "Sunshine Of Your Love" and White Room" with Simon Kirke from Bad Company on drums! Improvising with Jack was a dream come true as the band Cream was hugely influential in my early learning years. His daughter Natasha, who goes by the name "Aruba Red," is a fine artist in her own right, into groovy reggae stylings and performs in London frequently.

Jack was in good health and jovial for the NAMM event. He received a lifetime achievement award at a big Hartke Amp company party on Friday night. A few days later I got the chance to sit in the private room at Warwick, Jack's bass guitar company, and actually just talked about some gear, strings (he uses SIT Strings as well,) and things in London. He has quite a good sense of humor, quite sarcastic, and certainly not afraid to speak his mind. Natasha was sweet as always, and her thrill was meeting Boosty Collins! Check out how happy they all look.

I found the Marshall booth after that, and some of my old friends came back to that company recently so there was much to catch up on. I told them what I think they should be doing and Yngwie Malmsteen came over to check out his new signature amp. He seemed quite pleased. The next day I did some video messages for Jim Marshall, and Paul Gilbert was there as well. I also visited the Rickenbacker booth to see if there were any new Beatles guitars.

Then I headed over to ESP guitars to see my friends and have a chat with them regarding what is new. They had an awesome room with some very bitchin guitars. I have my eye on a few new finishes already of course! Most fun there is to see my old friend Makoto, who works at ESP in Japan. I haven't been to Tokyo in a while, so we caught up and discussed BK3 coming out in Japan. He said he will get me a copy!

By the end of Thursday's NAMM I had already run into or met many amazing artists. The most current hit artist Orianthi (Michael Jackson's female hotshot guitarist), who is a proud PRS endorser, was at their booth and I introduced myself. She was very sweet and I got to see her perform on Friday night in the lobby at the Marriot Hotel. She can play that guitar great!  And sing. Very proud of what she is accomplishing and I told her so. Earl Slick from David Bowie fame was there, and I met Uli Jon Roth from the Scorpions for the first time. I know a lot about him, and we had a nice chat. Howard Leese from Heart and Bad Company was there, and he invited me to the PRS party that evening.

After NAMM was done for the day and I had a bite to eat I headed over to the PRS party room. Bon Jovi's Bass player, Hugh McDonald, and his wife Kelly were there, and I met Brad Whitford from Aerosmith as well. Nice man, and his sons were with him hanging around playing the PRS guitars. Derek St Holmes was there too, and I also ran into Dweezil Zappa as I was entering the room. He has a new signature model with PRS that was unreal. Always a pleasure meeting the man himself, Mr Paul Reed Smith of course. He has accomplished so much in the past years.

Friday was VERY busy on the NAMM floor. Once again I was running from Hall to Hall to look at everything I missed. I had a sheet with all the booths I hoped to see. This day many fans were greeting me, taking photos and saying they saw me on That Metal Show, etc. Some had copies of BK3 for me to sign!  All were polite and fun to have a quick hello with. My goals were to see the Fender and Gibson booths, and I heard that there was a George Harrison model of an old Gretsch that he played that they reissued.  (Fender owns Gretsch). Wonderful displays there. I was impressed with some new Fender Road Worns, as well as the reissue of the Precision Bass. You all know I love to play bass, so I drool over them as well.

I then headed over to the Gibson booth and thanked the factory manager from Memphis, David Winters, and ran into Don Felder from The Eagles. We have done some shows together with Grand Funk, and he has two signature models out now. The acoustics were insane at Gibson. This 50th Anniversary Hummingbird with gold inlayed appointments was crazy sweet. So much to see, and the place was getting really crowded, so I headed to the downstairs room that has smaller companies and many innovating products. I was crazy happy to see Koa Ukulele's at Kamaka, and then saw the most space age crazy guitar synth thingamabob I have ever seen! No idea how successful that could be.

Of course I had a signing at SIT at 3PM, so I headed over to thank them and see the fans. That 5000 Hall room has SO many guitar related booths... it was crazy!  I finally got to the drum room. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I have some friends in that room and I said hello. Ran into Brent Fitz, of course, and Ricky Rocket who has his own drum company now. All too soon Friday NAMM was done. But then there was the evening events! Friday night after seeing Orianthi live at the Marriot I ran into the Night Ranger boys. Always a pleasure to see them. They played at Taylor earlier in the day, but I could not get in. Mobbed. Had a good chat with Kelly. I hope GFR does some more shows with them this year.

Saturday was my final day, and I wanted to make sure I made it to any of the booths I missed. After meeting some friends at the PRS booth, I met Jay Leno's guitarist Paul Jackson. I then headed to Washburn and got some photos of Paul Stanley's signature Flying V model. I was VERY impressed. I knew Tommy Thayer was making an appearance at his amp company's booth, so I headed over there. We took a photo, some fans had me sign some things, and then it was off to my SIT Saturday signing.  David Ellefson, who is back in Megadeth, was there and since we have worked together at the Fantasy Camp it was cool to catch up with him. My buddy Fred Coury from Cinderella stopped by as well. I was thrilled to hear that Leslie West from Mountain was at the show so I headed over to the Dean booth. It was insane, as it was a big signing with the scary good guitarist Michael Schenker, Leslie and Uli Jon Roth were all signing at once. Leslie was so sweet with me. He is a Brooklyn boy and I've met him at a Fantasy Camp before. His lovely wife was there, and he kept telling her, "Get Bruce over here.  Lets take a photo!" Leslie is a HUGE influence on my guitar playing; just listen to some of the notes in the "Hand Of The King" song on BK3 (the one Nick Simmons sings). I gave Leslie a copy of BK3, and saw the Mississippi Queen painted Dean guitar that is kind of like his young wife. It was exciting to be there and the crowd was insane.

I stopped by Schecter Guitars as there was a big signing there. Robin Zander was in attendance and was looking great in a big mad hatter top hat! He wanted me to go to the show that night, but I had an early Sunday morning flight for a corporate gig with the Fantasy Camp in Pittsburgh so I had to leave NAMM after the invite only Seymour Duncan party. I invited Jeremy, my BK3 producer, to come along to the Duncan party and that was a very cool hang. I walked over from the convention center with my buddy Dave Amato from REO and Brad Whitford and Derek St Holmes. There were many star endorsers there, and after I thanked Seymour for his excellent work, it was time for home. With the early flight and all, no party for me Saturday night.

I think this Message and the photos will certainly tell the story of an amazing weekend. I want to thank all my friends who were there with me, and of course all the companies that have helped me make my music. Many had new exciting products that I will be using this year: from Tech 21 to Egnater to L&M straps, just to name a few companies I didn't already mention that I endorse and enjoy. You all make my professional career a pleasure to create with those tools of the trade.

January 12, 2011 - Hello everyone. This weekend is the big NAMM show in Southern CA and I will be in attendance.  This is a convention featuring all the cool gear I love, with many artists and people in the industry enjoying the manufacturers' equipment like guitars, amps, recording gear, etc.

It is NOT open to the public, but there are many parties and shows around the area that are cool. If you have a badge, I will be at the SIT Strings booth (#5976) signing along with some other notable musicians on Friday, January 14th and Saturday, January 15th starting at 3PM.

I have some exciting news about going to South America. I will be appearing in Argentina with my friend Sebastian Gava, who I have worked with before.

More news about those shows is coming soon but the dates that are firm right now are March 11th and 12th. More details coming about this visit very soon.