Messages From Bruce Kulick - 2010

December 17, 2010 - I would like thank all my friends and fans for an amazing year! The reaction and support for my solo disc BK3 has been wonderful. SO... I would like to share with you all something very cool. I have worked with many producers through the years, but a very talented friend of mine in Holland has created a unique collaboration of a track from BK3, producer Chew Fu.

I did some session work for Chew Fu years ago, and of course we have kept in touch. Chew Fu is known for his work with mega artists such as Lady Gaga, and in 2009 had a huge hit with her song "Love Game" feat. Marilyn Manson. Pretty cool! He has also worked with Grammy winners Rihanna, Kayne West, Kings of Leon, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Black Eyed Peas. And he is a huge KISS fan as well!

Well, once he got his hands on BK3 he asked me for the original files for the recording of "Ain't Gonna Die" (the track that features Gene on vocals) so he could do a remix. So as my KISSMAS gift to you all, I am very happy to share this song for you to listen and, if you dare, dance along to Gene Simmons and BK in this unique Chew Fu collaboration.

You can listen to it in the streaming audio player on the front page of the site. Just press play! Please let me know what you think about this track, you can leave a comment on my Facebook page, as I believe it is really something special for you to enjoy. Also, be sure to check out Chew Fu and learn more about his amazing work. 

I want you all to have a wonderful holiday season, so keep things safe, but please TURN IT UP!


December 6, 2010 - Hello everyone! It was my dream to see Hawaii again after many years of not visiting. I finally committed to taking the trip over the Thanksgiving holiday and, of course, I had a wonderful time.

Staying on Oahu near Honolulu on Waikiki Beach may not seen remote enough for some people looking to get away, but being a city boy from NYC for me it is paradise. Enough of everything you need for comfort, in addition to all the beauty Hawaii has to offer. I didn't visit volcanoes or waterfalls, but I will save that for another time.

Here are photos of sunsets and ukuleles and guitars at the Hard Rock, which JUST opened a new store. I found a sweet green painted Ukulele that I learned a few Beatles songs on already. I also saw some cool things at that Hard Rock that you need to see the photos of: a guitar presented back in '66 to John Lennon, as well as a Paul Stanley Washburn guitar.

  I really feel great after my visit. It truly is a magical place. I hope your holiday season will be safe and full of joy.

December 3, 2010 - I was just notified this morning due to unforeseen circumstances in Chile out of my control, my appearance next week in Santiago has been cancelled. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause my fans, as I really was looking forward to celebrating my birthday with my friends in Chile. I hope to see you all in 2011.

Happy and safe holidays to you all!

November 17, 2010 - Hello everyone! Had a great week of travel with Grand Funk. First stop was the nation's Capitol, Washington DC. We were the classic rock entertainment (we did 4 songs) on Veterans Day for a very unique and wonderful cause. "Fight Night" is a huge charity event that donates money to needy children in the DC area under the name "Fight For Children".

The famous Washington Hilton hotel's ballroom, where many Presidents have spoken and the hotel infamously known for the attempt on President Reagan's life in 1981, was an amazing venue for the event. And it was a real boxing ring where we performed! It was smokey from the cigars, and tons of babes in gowns were around as "arm candy" for the big shots in their tuxes.

I wasn't at first aware of all the boxing greats that would be in attendance at the event, but the night before I met Jake LaMotta (famous for the "Raging Bull" movie depiction of his life), and Michael Spinks, who had many prize matches in his career. Gerry Cooney, Joe Frazier, Buster Douglas, Larry Holmes, Ray Mancini and others were all there as well at the "Fight Night" event. It was such a cool gig for the band, and I don't think I could of imagined doing this if you told me! I got some cool photos from the plane leaving DC. I really have to spend some more time there soon. Washington DC has such amazing history of course.

Next show was the huge Ribfest in St Petersburg, Florida. GFR has played here a few times before and it is always a great gig. The day before the gig I hit the Tampa GC store and found a sweet red PRS Custom 24 guitar... it's now on the road with me. Had a great time playing it, and now I call it "Cherry Pie." The color is rad and it is sweet.. so why not!

Of course it is fall and everyone is looking forward to Thanksgiving and the holidays, and I have my birthday on December 12th. In typical BK style, I will not be home but in Chile for a very cool Expo that I will perform at in Santiago. Check out my site for details. I love South America, but sadly could not include any other countries on this trip. I do hope to go back during 2011. I am looking forward to the reception I will get on my birthday weekend in a country that LOVES all things KISS. Should be fun.

More stories coming. Enjoy the photos and have a great November!

November 9, 2010 - Hello everyone! I just returned from the 3 day Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp in San Francisco, and what a great time I had! My band was really fun to play with since most of them perform already together in bands in the Bay Area, but for the camp they wanted to perform something new besides the tunes from their list.

We decided on Elvis Presley's "Suspicious Minds," which is a bit ambitious, but we all loved the great melody and intensity of the song. Our second song was "Last Time" by the Rolling Stones, an early catchy classic of theirs. Last but not least we learned "Mustang Sally," which has a great groove and singalong background vocals. After our spirited performance at the Fillmore (what an amazing venue!) I jammed with the Counselor band, and it ended with Dickey Betts and his son Duane (a truly gifted young Betts) jamming on some Allman Brothers classics.

I came home exhausted, but very pleased with how the camp changes peoples lives. The joy of music and the common love for playing and performing and how the campers participate and "get inside" the hard work of music, with the reward and joy of making music together at the camp, truly takes our campers to another level of living. I see this at every camp.

I want to thank my band, named "Dubious Conundrum" (crazy I know!), and of course my dear Lisa for helping out on vocals for the Elvis tune. Also the staff at the camp and all my counselor friends, once again, for having an amazing time! And thank you all at The Sheraton Four Points in Emeryville for allowing us to take over the hotel. That felt very rock 'n roll!

Keep watching the VH-1 Classic HIT show "Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp," as it is so powerful watching the bands' experiences captured in full TV glory, that feeling I try to explain to you all. And visit for info on how to  be involved with something that one can't fully describe, only experience for themselves.

I think the photos are self explanatory, although my only regret was I wish I could of played Dickey Betts' Les Paul!

November 4, 2010 - Hello everyone! Thanks for the fun times in Atlanta with my fans and friends. It was a super Halloween, as some firsts really did happen. 

First off, John Corabi and I have not performed in the US together in many years, and that acoustic set was really great. We did some UNION songs, KISS songs, a few of John's new originals, and one from my BK3 disc. Of course John killed on "Oh Darling" from The Beatles, as well as "Beth" and "Hard Luck Woman" from KISS.

After most the signing and performing was over, I ran up to my room and changed into my Halloween costume, and I really have not done anything this elaborate in about 20 years. The Count Draculick as I called him, appeared with garish make-up and a cape, with the appropriate black and red garb, and I really did surprise my fans and friends. I loved it! So once again a fun Expo, and of course it is always great meeting the fans.

Lots of raves for BK3, as well as the recent showing of That Metal Show where I was interviewed. You can catch this online soon, as well on VH-1 Classic.

The continuing Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp reality show on the same channel has had HUGE ratings, and I am proud of that for sure. I am off to San Francisco for the big three day camp as a counselor this coming weekend! I will have photos and a story from that to follow as usual.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween, and enjoy these photos from that fun day in Atlanta at the Halloween KISS Expo. Thanks to my friends for the help, and of course to all the fans who came out in support.

Have a wonderful November... I'll have some exciting news soon about some travel that is coming.

October 13, 2010 - Hello everyone!  Sorry for the delay in getting you all the groovy pix and info on my latest journeys, but to be honest it has been a whirlwind of excitement.

Let's go BACKWARD this time and start with this past weekend.  I had an amazing gig that was at a Vineyard in Glen Ellen, CA.  The Doobie Brothers manager has a charity event every year at his wine making place, and what a line up was booked on Saturday! The Doobies, Cheap Trick, GFR, War, and The Turtles.  Everyone knows I am a HUGE Cheap Trick fan and the stage is very intimate at the this make shift venue, so check out these pix of everyone close up, on stage and backstage.  What a great vibe and an amazing time we all had.  Everyone hanging around and giving high fives to each other.  I wish all the gigs were so much fun. I was right ON stage with Cheap Trick when they performed, and that made for some great photos!  And btw, all the bands played great, and GFR really did a strong show.... I had a monster guitar tone!

The next morning I flew directly to the Hollywood Collector show, which is one of the biggest autograph shows on the West Coast. The show features mostly TV and movie stars, but this one had some musical guests. Since I could not attend on Saturday, they had me up front next to the Dukes of Hazzard's John Schneider.  What a cool guy!  Even though Sunday was the least busy of days, I had many fans lined up to meet me. I also had a great time seeing Mickey and Peter from The Monkees, and my good friend from the Fantasy Camp, Spencer Davis.

Going backward again, on the day I arrived in LA from my wonderful trip to Australia I was asked to be a guest on "That Metal Show." Being a real trooper, and a fan of that show, I was thrilled and no jet lag was going to prevent me from attending the show.  Eddie Trunk and his partners Jim and Don know everything about rock and KISS of course, so some interesting things were discussed besides my BK3 CD release.  Phil Anselmo from Pantera and Down was a blast as well, and George Lynch was also in attendance playing for the crowd.  It airs on Oct 30th on VH-1 Classic. Be sure to watch!

Coming on TV before "TMS" is The Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp Reality show, which ALSO airs on VH-1 Classic starting Oct 16th.  I am featured, but not as a counselor on the show.  I visit some of the bands with Van Halen's Michael Anthony to critique the members of the group.  Mark Hudson, Rudy Sarzo and Kip Winger are the counselors whose groups  are under the microscope, and of course I am very excited to have the show reach TV as the camp is such a life changing experience for all involved. It is a Mark Burnett production, so I know it will be very entertaining.  To celebrate the show being on the air this month there was a big premier party at the Key Club in LA.  Red carpet and all, and of course a chance to jam with my fellow counselors.  We had a great time that night. Look for me to be involved in more camp events in the future.

My Australia trip was perfect.  You all know I love guitars and gear, so hanging around for three days at a convention hall full of gear and getting a chance to do my workshops for the fans was a pleasure. Melbourne is a great city, my fave in OZ, and I have so many friends and fans there.  I arrived on a Thursday, and after a nap in my wonderful Hilton king size bed it was time to rehearse with my Australian band for a surprise jam at the Ding Dong lounge on that Friday night. Rehearsal was smooth, and I was glad to finally get a good night's sleep. The next day would be busy with a few events. How ironic that a book I contributed to, "Sex Tips From Rock Stars" by Paul Miles, was having a release party / signing on the Friday night I was in Melbourne.  So I was able to attend that along with Courtney from The Dandy Warhols (very cool band btw), and of course we had a few Penthouse Pets in attendance as we are promoting SEX right?!?  After the Q&A and some photos it was off to jam with my good friends who perform with me in Australia whenever I'm there.  Thank you Paul, Nick, Travis, Matt and Ben for making some cool KISS classics come alive at the club.

The rest of the weekend was the big AIMS show. Now a HUGE footy game was happening on the Saturday (think SUPER BOWL!), but I still had a very cool crowd attend my workshop.  That night was a fancy dinner with entertainment, which was great as I am a huge fan of Redd Volkaert, a monster country guitarist who can play anything.  On Sunday Redd, Robben Ford, and myself along with Jeff Martin from The Tea Party and Bob Spencer who was in a few huge Australian bands, did a panel in the auditorium.  Good discussions about all things music.  Shortly afterward I had my second workshop, then met the fans in attendance.

The AIMS show was definitely a great time and I had only one more job to do - fly to Sydney and do a workshop for ALLANS Music.  You might remember I did 4 of them last year across Australia.  This one in Sydney was in ALLANS city location and I had a full house.  I really enjoyed meeting my fans again, and of course sadly the next day it was time to head home. To all my dear friends I have in Australia and the new ones I keep making, THANK YOU for making me feel like your country is my second home!

Reading this backward you know what happened once I landed, and to be honest as hectic and tiring this all sounds I wouldn't trade my career for anything. I might not love to travel all the time, but the fans I meet and the enthusiasm that I experience makes it all worthwhile. I should also mention I got a chance to see SLASH at the HOB in LA the night after TMS; he was taping right before my segment!  I also want to give a shout out to Brent Fitz and Todd Kerns for doing such and amazing job in his band.   I hope to do some work with them as well in the future. You may recall they performed with me at the Cat Club for the BK3 party back in Feb.

Okay, time for me to catch up on my life. Sorry for SO much at once, but once again I could not stop and get it all to you before now.

PS - Thanks to Daniel Siwak for the Fantasy Camp jam pictures, and to Bret for the Glen Ellen photos.
September 9, 2010 - I hope you all had a great summer and got to relax and enjoy the good times we associate with summertime. It was the usual travel, gig, drive, gig, fly, gig routine for me, but I am not complaining as this "job" of playing guitar is something I love doing. Grand Funk was even busier than usual, which was great news for us, and not so great news for my dog Joe of course! We had our share of bad weather, good times, amazing sunsets, wonderful crowds and a few shows with other cool bands.

Just this Labor Day weekend it was a very cool bill with The Guess Who, GFR and the closer Cheap Trick up in Norfolk, Nebraska. The crowd was very pumped for all, and how I got through my Grand Funk set was a miracle. The guitarists reading this will really understand when I explain that my pedal board, the wonderful sound coloring metal devices that I am hitting during every song, would NOT work! What a nightmare! I wound up tearing out two pedals, all I could deal with the limited time, and plugging into them leaving behind the other 5 or so. YIKES!

But it was the guitar that mattered, and even though I didn't have the colors I like to paint with - as I would compare that to - I rocked anyway. My promise to myself and the guys in the band, that will never happen again as I will have a backup and my much abused pedal board will be redone in smarter, stronger way. File it under SH#T happens!

Anyway, it is good to be home as I have some recording coming up with some friends this weekend, and will still be playing some gigs with GFR in September, so check the schedule.

Of course later this month is my short but very exciting trip to Australia for both the AIMS show and a special guitar clinic at Allans Music, and late October has some other cool things to talk about like the Atlanta Kiss Expo on Halloween. So keep checking my site for news.

Enjoy the pix from the Cheap Trick show backstage. You all know how much I love guitars, so Rick Nielsen and his tech Paul were kind enough to allow me to take some photos of his various amazing guitars.

PS - When I was about to go on and talking to Rick about the pedal board dying I asked him, "Do you have any?" His reply, "Hell no!" His sonic palate is much more song oriented and they do that brilliantly. Pick up their last CD called "The Latest".  I swear, it is SO freaking good!

PPS - Photos of GFR at Delta Downs courtesy  Colleen Songy.

August 23, 2010 - Hope everyone is having a great summer! I have had some great shows with Grand Funk this seaon and of course more to come, including some exciting shows with bands like Cheap Trick.

So be safe, enjoy the rest of summer, and crank up some BK music if you dare!

PS - Check out the sweet 12 string guitars I did some trading for at my local Valley Music store. Here are a Rickenbacker 360/12 C63 like George Harrison's and a Rickenbacker 660/12 like Tom Petty's. Sweet guitars for sure.

Rumor has it Tom Peterson from Cheap Trick has one of the guitars I traded in. COOLNESS!

July 31, 2010 - With so much traveling this summer with Grand Funk I thought I would share some of the beautiful sky photos I grabbed while the band was busy flying and driving around the US. Where they are taken doesn't matter as much as the beauty, and the sometimes ominous look of them.

Of course you are aware we even lost a gig due to storms flooding a dam in Iowa, and we were also very lucky arriving in Milwaukee just before 9 inches of rain fell in a short night of flooding terror.

So, lesson learned: nature is a very powerful thing, and very beautiful.

Enjoy the sunny days, and my photos. All taken with a simple Canon PowerShot SD1100. Great little camera!

July 22, 2010 - Hello everyone!  Just back from a long trip with Grand Funk taking us mostly along the West coast, with a few other stops in between.

We started off near San Francisco and I do love Chinatown, and the nightlife there. Next we headed to Fresno where 100 degrees is the normal daytime temperature, and then we had to fly off to Michigan... and then back to Santa Maria in sunny California. That is some crazy routing if you ask me!

Next up was a trip north to Montana, and then we hit Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

 All in all, we had a great time and had some memorable shows.  Off again for more summer dates with the band.

Saw KISS at the Jay Leno show on my return day and they really did a great performance of Modern Day Delilah. They literally blew up the studio!

Take care and enjoy your hot summer fun!

July 6, 2010 - Had a great time on the July 4th holiday. Grand Funk had a show on the 3rd in Iowa, and my good friends from Night Ranger were also on the bill. They sounded great and we took some photos. I have to say the corn field blowing off to the left of the stage was quite a site for a New Yorker (transplanted in LA for all these years!).

Upon my return from the gig, it was my Mom's birthday. God bless her, she is 86. The family went to a great Italian place for dinner. Happy to have her in my life, of course.

Hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend and enjoyed your local fireworks display. I sure did! [Note: Video may take a moment to fully load]

Keep an eye on the Grand Funk tour dates.  We are all over this summer!

July 1, 2010 - Hello everyone! Want to share with you all some photos of GFR from our Jacksonville, Florida gig last Friday night at Jacksonville Landing.

It was packed with people everywhere and the band really turned up the heat. We have hectic summer touring plans coming, so please see if we are playing near you.

I know it is the big July 4th holiday this weekend and I look forward to seeing my friends in NIGHT RANGER this Saturday in Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Everyone be safe and enjoy the holiday!

One more thing, the awesome UK rock magazine Classic Rock Magazine has listed BK3 in the top CD's of 2010. I am honored and flattered.

Again, thank you all for your support.

June 23, 2010 - Hello Everyone! It is certainly summertime, and I have to say now is when Grand Funk really turns the heat up as we play all over the US. Check out the band's schedule and see if you can come and party with "The American Band".

This past weekend our first show was at Fort Riley Army base in Manhattan, Kansas. It was very hot and muggy, but the military families were having a great time. Before the show I was able to check out some tanks, not exactly something I see in my neighborhood! The servicemen and families were excited and grateful for the entertainment.

I have to say it was humbling to perform there knowing that everyone involved with that base is serving our country, and when deployed are at great risk. Sadly, we met some families that suffered losses from the war and we expressed to them our deepest sympathies.

Next show was in a resort area of Iowa called Arnolds Park by Lake Okoboji, also called Spirit Lake. Many friends of mine who grew up in the midwest knew about this area and when we arrived it was obvious to the band why. Beautiful lake scenery and a very vintage Amusement Park in a small town setting. We did a great show, and after a long drive back to our hotel we were pleased with the weekend gigs.

Again, check out our schedule because I'd really like to see you all this summer. We won't disappoint ya!

June 8, 2010 - I would like once again to thank everyone for the outpouring of support to my family for the passing of my father Harry Kulick on May 28th, 2010.

On a much lighter note, I would like to show you all a guitar that arrived the day my Dad passed away.

A friend of mine in Memphis told me about a cool guitar looking for a home, and after a few calls that week UPS delivered a VERY sweet and clean 1957 Gibson ES 225 TD. The people who sold it to Guitar Center in Memphis wanted it to come to a good home.

Little could they know that when I was contacted by my friend Lee about this guitar not only that it would it find a good home, but that I would honor the guitar with my father's name.

I know my Dad would love the color and sound of this guitar. Hope to get some recordings of it this year.

Enjoy the photos and remember, be kind and be good to your friends and family. Everyday with them is precious.

June 3, 2010 - I know my Dad is proud! The service was picture perfect, and the friends and family that came in his honor learned so much about his life and his legacy. Of course it was hard speaking about him, but what my brother and I shared really gave everyone a glimpse into who my Dad was and what he meant to us.

I want to thank my close friends who came to support the Kulick family, and for the wonderful flowers and condolences from so many. We all learned an important lesson that the Rabbi shared with us regarding my Dad: be KIND to each other. My Dad was a very kind man and that is why my Mom fell in love with him 63 years ago.

RIP HK. I love you.

May 30, 2010 - I would like to thank everyone for their condolences on the death of my father Friday afternoon.

He lived almost a full day past his 91st birthday, and he was very proud of his sons.

I know he will be watching me and I will always remember his laugh, his hard work habits, and the way he loved hearing about my career.

We shared a great bond, and I was blessed to have him for so many years.


I love you.

Bruce Kulick

May 25, 2010 - Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay but I have been meaning to share with you details of the last trip I was on which included lots of planes, one train and quite a few automobiles rides. First stop was flying out to Wichita for a Grand Funk show. We had thousands in the streets downtown for a great outdoor show on a nice night in the great state of Kansas (do I hear any Dorothy and Toto jokes?). It was the annual Riverfest Festival, and once again the band had a great reaction from the crowd seeing the "The American Band."

Next morning I had a travel day to Philly for the KISS Expo, and after a 5 hour delay, which thanks to a kind Hilton Hotel clerk who let me back in my room instead of waiting in the airport for another 2 and half hours, and a smart United Airlines gate rep who was wise enough to re-book my schedule, I arrived safe and sound that evening for my event the next day. The Expo was a big success, and I have to say everyone there had an amazing time. The fans now bring families, as KISS is the band you share with generations. I love seeing the young kids and even teenagers who were born after I even left the band, yet who are well aware of the legacy of the group. I sold many BK3's and had a lively question and answer time with the crowd. Kiss Nation performed and they were really excellent. They even did some songs from my era of KISS for the crowd.

After a nice dinner I had an early morning in order to take the train portion of my trip. Amtrak I usually only read about in the news in some bad way, but this express train to Penn Station from Philadelphia was absolutely incredible. It was comfortable, on time and had free wireless internet on board! Arriving in NYC is always exciting to me, and after Paul Reitz my label rep took me to my hotel to drop off my luggage it was off on a whirlwind promo tour, getting as much as we could done in the short time we had.

First stop was MTV, where Roger Coletti did a long interview with me. Roger's brother Alex was the man behind MTV's Unplugged series, and of course I have known them both for many years. We met up with the lovely Michelle Fuentes, another label rep who is in promotion with Rocket Science. What a spitfire she is! Next was Music Choice, the company that provides music on your TV. I had some fans up who worked there and I thanked them for my visit and support. I was so jazzed from the energy in Manhattan! Next up was our journey by car into New Jersey.

WSOU is a college rock station that is very large and important in the tri-state area. After my interview on the air with some giveaways and fans calling in, we went to Newark for Power Play. They are a studio that films your interview for cable TV in NJ, and the questions were very cool! When I asked for a different guitar than what Greg (the owner) had out on the stage, he pulled out a very cool, but heavy, late 70's Gibson LP Custom in Sunburst.

Had a nice dinner break after that and I was able to see some of my family who live in New Jersey, which was an extra bonus on my busy day. Last stop was at the Vintage Vinyl in-store in Fords, NJ. What a great shop, and I remember being there years ago with John Corabi to promote UNION. My day was almost done. Next was off to my hotel in NYC to actually check in, but of course my day would not be complete till I met with the infamous Munsey, a radio industry promoter. Michelle and I met up with him in Rockefeller Center for drinks. After a quick hang I wanted to get a NY pretzel before bed. Munsey made that happen and finally I was off to bed after my long day. But there was still more to do before I would go home the next day!

Some crazy NY wintery windy rain hit me on Tuesday, but Paul came to pick me up for my first stop of the day in Manhattan where it was time to see Eddie Muentes from Hits Records USA. We had a fun interview. My final stop would be to visit the offices of RED, as they are the company that gets my CD in the major chains and the Mom & Pop record stores. We had a huge pizza lunch after I said some very kind words to them all, thanking them for the support of BK3. It felt great to be there and see the big blow up of my cover art, which I signed for their wall before leaving.

Lastly was the long rainy journey to JFK, and I pointed out things to Paul as we were driving. He is a Jersey boy, so my Queens knowledge was fascinating for him... although the weather was so awful I couldn't even see the new stadium that is so close to where I grew up in Jackson Heights.  My trip home, of course, was a bit delayed but United looked after me and I was finally back in LA that evening.

I want to thank the fans and all the people who took care of me, from the promoters of the KISS Expo to the label friends I got to hang with. They all made my journey as comfortable as possible, and traveling alone can be quite stressful. Look for all the new dates of the Grand Funk shows where we will be performing in the coming months. We are filling in our tour dates later than usual, but happily getting to play everywhere in the US.

May 20, 2010 - Hello everyone! Had a whirlwind weekend on the East Coast at the KISS Expo in Philly; traveled by plane trains and automobiles! After the Philly Expo I did tons of press in New York and New Jeresy, including in-store at Vintage Vinyl (an excellent music store btw).

Next up are a couple of West Coast events. First, I'll be appearing at Club 109's KISS Tribute night on May 22nd. Club 109 is in Corona, CA and you can get more info about the event on their website. I also have a show with Grand Funk coming up on May 29th at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino.

Hope to see you there!

May 10, 2010 - Hello everyone! I have a pretty busy schedule coming up and wanted to be sure everyone was aware of where I'll be and when so if you are in the area you can attend.

  • Tuesday, May 11th - Q&A session in the Seymour Duncan User Group Forum. I'll be will giving away a copy of BK3 to the member with the most interesting question during the Q&A: no geographical restrictions.

  • Friday, May 14th - Playing with Grand Funk at the Wichita River Festival, Wichita, Kansas.

  • Sunday, May 16th - Special guest at the Philadelphia KISS Expo. You can get more details on their official website.

  • Monday, May 17th - In-store at Vintage Vinyl in Fords, NJ at 7:30 PM

  • So, if you are able to get out to one of these events I'd love to see you!

    April 27, 2010 - All of you know, if you have read any press for BK3, that I mention my producer and friend Jeremy Rubolino as an important part of the success of the CD. His dedication to making my CD stand out in the crowd was invaluable, and much appreciated by me. Elianne Halbersberg, a journalist I have known for years, did a fine job probing Jeremy's mind about his process of producing and how he got the best from me. Please read his interview, as I think it is very insightful.

    Jeremy has been part of my team for sessions for many years now. Tobias Sammet, who was the singer and co-writer of "I'm The Animal" on BK3, has his new CD out, on which I did guitar solos for 5 of the tracks (Runaway Train * The Edge * Stargazers * Rat Race (with Eric Singer on drums) * Journey to Arcadia) with Jeremy's help engineering and contributing to the production of the guitar parts. Check out the advert for Tobias' Avantasia from the current Classic Rock Magazine.

    We also just completed a song with Tomi from Finnish band LORDI. It's a really strong track written by Tomi, Jeremy and I. Jeremy did the string arrangement and I played the guitar solo on the tune. More news on that release will be coming soon.

    April 23, 2010 - You all know how much guitars mean to me, and the recent cover article in Vintage Guitar magazine from April of this year was quite awesome for me to share with you. Dallas is known for many things, but in the land of guitars the big shows are always in Dallas, and on my way to San Antonio for a Grand Funk show I was able to stop over at the big Dallas Guitar show for the afternoon last Friday. Thanks to Jimmy Wallace, Norm Harris, and Lee Jackson for making sure I was taken care of.

    One highlight was at a showcasing of some Paul Reed Smiths when the man himself saw me in the crowd for his "shoot-out" between one of his new PRS McCarty models and an incredible 1958 LP Goldtop dark back guitar and invited me to play a bit on both. How could I say no?! Of course they both sounded killer, but to be honest it was my first time on a real 58 looking that sweet and that was a thrill.

    Enjoy the guitar photos and remember, playing music is wonderful thing for all to enjoy no matter what level of talent you have. And if you are in the LA area I have a fun guitar clinic in Huntington Beach this Sunday, April 25th, so come on out and say hello.

    April 8, 2010 - I was honored to be a guest at the Slash performance on the George Lopez show taped in Burbank last night.  I got there early enough to say hello to the band, hang out in the green room, and chat with both of Slash's singers that taped for the show. Everyone knows Slash's new CD has many guests, and Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother is one of them. He is from Australia and we got a chance to talk about my visits to his town of Brisbane in the past. Great guy and a unique singer. I think Andrew's band really has one foot in the past and one in the present, and he told me that they will be doing some shows with KISS in Europe very soon. Myles Kennedy, the singer for Alter Bridge was also there, and he was extremely cool to chat with as well. We have mutual guitar buddy friends and we caught up about his band and the fact he got to sing two songs on Slash's new disc.  (Which is great BTW, go get it!)

    I gave Slash my BK3 disc, and after thanking me he joked about the fact my dear friend Brent Fitz, who is drumming for him, didn't have a mention on the special guest sticker on the CD. I said with a smile on my face, "Well, after touring the world with you he will!" Brent and I have a long history (Union, and of course all my solo discs) so I was very proud to see him jamming with Slash. Todd Kerns, who I have jammed with many times in Vegas and who appeared live with me for my BK3 release party along with Brent, is now playing bass for Slash and I was happy to see him rocking out on the show.

    After the taping I spoke shop with Slash, guitars and amps of course. Slash admitted in his interview with George that he has been sober and healthy, and he really looks like he's in great shape. With a strong CD and band to support him this year, it is very cool to see him out there being a true guitar hero. Funniest moment came when I spoke to George Lopez, who is quite personable and a huge KISS fan who loves guitars. He remembered meeting me 7 years ago when I was asked to jam with him and give him some guitar tips in his trailer back when he had his sitcom show. He said, "Didn't you get shot on Sunset the week after meeting me?" He was right, and we spoke about that night and then talked about his new opening song for his amazing house band, "Rock N Roll All Nite." Yes, George could be the leader of the KISS Army, as he was convinced after Gene's appearance a few weeks ago that the KISS anthem sets the mood for the crowd on his show. How awesome is that!

    I want to thank Pete Merluzzi, Slash's tour manager, and of course Slash and the guys in the band for a great evening.

    PS - My appearance on Gene Simmons Family Jewels with Nick Simmons performing with me at the Cat Club (along with Brent and Todd) is scheduled to air on May 23rd.

    April 2, 2010 - Had a great time in Cleveland, Ohio this past weekend. First up was a quick visit to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. I have to admit, of course, I have some strong feelings about KISS being left out, and even Grand Funk, but I was there to see what is a truly amazing collection of items from some artists that have helped shaped my musical career. Some of the Beatles and Hendrix and Who items were great to see up close, and since I was always a big fan of The Allman Bros. that was a treat to see some of the iconic guitars they played back in the day. Photos are not allowed in the museum, but as you see I did get some in the lobby.

    That same evening was the big Majic 105.7 FM Moondog Coronation Ball, which actually started many years ago with Alan Freed, who was of course one of the earliest radio pioneers back when rock was very young. The show was held at the "Q", is a wonderful arena in downtown Cleveland, and the place was packed. We were on a bill with various classic rock bands, with Grand Funk headlining. It was great to do an arena show, and I have to say we really blew the roof off.  (I did hear the PA could of been louder, but I am sure my guitar filled that place!)

    The next day was the KISS Expo, and all of you know how much fun they can be. So many families are fans are KISS, it was so cool to see so many young children come out to support KISS. After all, that is was keeps KISS so iconic, the constant influx of younger generations discovering the band. I had my BK3 CD available and I was very happy to sell many, but also saw many fans who brought their copy that they had purchased the first week. I would like to thank Kiss Army Warehouse for another successful event, and of course all the fans who attended.

    More news coming about future BK events, and everyone please have a safe and awesome Easter weekend.

    March 3, 2010 - Hello everyone! I had a great time this past weekend during a quick visit to the Rock Fantasy Camp, and then flying off to Biloxi, MS to do a show with Grand Funk. The Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp was very exciting this year, with some new counselors and special guests.

    I ran into Michael Anthony from Van Halen, and of course currently with the band Chickenfoot which has done really well. Told him I enjoyed the new CD with Sammy and Satriani, and I was proud to give Michael a BK3 CD as he has been quite an influence on me with his strong bass playing and great harmonies. So that was very exciting to see him continue on with VH and prosper.

    But soon I was back on the road to play at the Beau Rivage on the Gulfport of Biloxi. Awesome casino, but I also had to visit the Hard Rock Hotel next door (RIP Don Bernstine who died last year of a heart attack). I was thrilled with some of the cool memorabilia hanging on the walls, including some items I remember seeing years ago at the Orlando warehouse (I was friends with the buyer for the chain).

    Check out the KISS tour jacket of mine, some scary Vinnie Vincent pants, a nice Kip Winger jacket from the 90's for sure (Kip was at the camp this past week), and of course an all Gold original Les Paul from 1953. This guitar is actually similar to one of mine that I love which was stripped, painted and modified to look like a Sunburst 59 LP. There was also a nice Joe Perry signed ES 335 in a flame maple. All neat stuff.

    While in Biloxi I saw some friends from New Orleans (who were so proud of the Saints, "Who Dat" !!!) who had their truck customized with some photos and art that were all things BK. Very cool! Colleen, who owns this truck with her KISS fan family, took a couple of pix from the casino gig. Thank you!

    So all in all, a great weekend of Rock N Roll:  GFR played great, the Fantasy Camp was a huge success, and of course I was busy talking up my BK3 CD! Thank you to everyone who has purchased the music, it has been great hearing from you all. Also, I hope you all heard the interview with Eddie Trunk on Sirius this past Monday. It was a nice hour of talk about the new CD and all things KISS.

    Have a great week, and hope to see you on the road or the the upcoming KISS Expo in Cleveland end of the month.

    Thanks again for your support!

    February 22, 2010 - A Sad But Magical Time At The Doug Fieger Memorial -- This past Sunday, one week after the passing of The Knack singer and frontman Doug Fieger, a memorial service was held at his home in Los Angeles, CA for his close friends and family. I met Doug about 4 years ago when we did the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp together. I was impressed with his talent and passion for music, and from working with him I got to see that Doug was a gentle soul who really cared about people.

    I was at his home about a year after the camp to ask him about him performing on a song for my new solo disc. He loved the music and agreed to sing on it. After showing me many of his vintage instruments and gear, it was clear that we both shared a deep appreciation of the music that we loved and the instruments that we used to create our sounds. He sang the song "Dirty Girl" about a year after that, as my schedule and his treatment for the cancer that took his life would dictate when we could get the job done. Doug was a total pro. He came into the studio and nailed the song in an hour, including his tambourine part!

    I kept him informed on the progress of the tune, and of course once it was mixed I shared the end result with him. He was very pleased with the song, and that was important to me, but I always wanted him to see the final product. At my Cat Club CD release party on February 1st I met Knack bassist Prescott Niles, who told me he would be seeing Doug that week. I gave him a copy of BK3 and asked him to please give it to Doug along with my best regards.

    I called his home 10 days later to see if I could speak to him or his family. His lovely sister Beth answered and confirmed that Doug did indeed get the CD and that it was on his dresser. I was not aware at the time that his battle with lung cancer would be taking his life only a few days later. Doug passed away on Sunday, February 14th. It was news I was expecting at some point, but that I never wanted to hear.

    Yesterday, a week later, I found myself at his home again, this time to pay my respects. I remember his house being meticulous, but musical: he has a Ringo Beatles drum set in the living room, along with various Vox amps. How cool was that, I thought! I spoke with his family, and Prescott of course was there, as well as other musicians that knew Doug. After some testimonials from the people closest to him (even 'the' Sharona who inspired the hit song), I realized what an intense and sad reality Doug had to deal with after he found out about his cancer. His older brother Jeffery said it the best, that he learned the word COURAGE from Doug, and that the powerful way his younger brother dealt with this illness was a lesson he will never forget.

    Shortly after that I noticed some of my music heroes in attendance at the home, as both Jeff Lynne from ELO and Joe Walsh of the Eagles had come to pay their respects. The event felt totally surreal to me when none other than Ringo Starr and his lovely wife Barbara Bach walked in. What an amazing tribute for Doug to have known a member of the Beatles well enough to have him attend his memorial. I could never have known from the comparatively brief amount of time I spent with Doug how much he meant to so many people. He touched many lives with his music, but it was his personal relationships with his friends and industry mates that brought everyone together to say their goodbyes to a man that will  be very missed.

    I was just lucky enough to have met him and worked with him before he left us.

    February 18, 2010 - I am proud to announce that I'm the cover story of Vintage Guitar Magazine's April 2010 issue, out now on your local newsstands. In the article, "Wielding Power On BK3", I took VGM "behind the scenes... explaining how BK3 came together with a mix of guests and a massive assortment of gear. Bruce also brought out a selection of his personal treasures to ogle."

    Those treasures, some of my favorite guitars and basses, are featured in a 3 page spread in which I provide comments about the history of each, including some from my years with KISS. Visit the Vintage Guitar Magazine website for more info on the issue.

    February 15, 2010 - I was incredibly saddened to learn yesterday of Doug Fieger's passing away after a long battle with cancer.

    I was fortunate to get to know Doug through our work with the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy camp, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that in addition to his well known work with The Knack (who can forget the incredible riff that forms the hit "My Sharona"), Doug was also a fellow guitar freak who had an amazing collection of gear.

    I am honored to have had Doug perform on BK3 and I am very grateful to have known him.

    February 8, 2010 - I had an amazing time at the KISS CoffeeHouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina this past Saturday. The weather finally behaved after storms in the area the night before. The turnout packed the place, and both radio and television news crews showed up to capture the fans and interview me for their network news programs.

    There was not one, but three BK3 themed cakes, and that was crazy cool. I posed with the cakes, and of course shared the sugary desserts with my fans. The people who run the KISS CoffeeHouse treated me like gold, and of course I took many photos with the fans there to pick up their VIP package of the new CD, poster, laminate and BK3 guitar pick.

    A big KISS fan who is an artist who draws caricatures of the KISS members did a hilarious BK3 themed one of me with my thumb up and holding my trusty ESP guitar. Funny, when I showed it to my 90 year old Dad last night he asked me why is my nose SO big and what am I holding in my hand! (My nose is large, and my thumb is NOT a water bottle, but God bless my Dad for being alive so many years no matter how badly he sees these days!)

    Of course my parents are really proud of their son, and I was bragging to my Mom about the CD release saying, "Look Mom, I bought you a copy at the Best Buy store in Myrtle Beach!" True. I made my friends take me to the local Best Buy store so I could see it for myself, all that hard work finally displayed on the shelf in a major store in the US. My Mom (who is 85) is well aware how hard it is for an independent artist to get their music in the stores these days. Being the mother of two sons in the biz makes her smarter than most about the entertainment business!

    So this week's events for BK3 have been quite incredible. From the hugely crowded Cat Club show in LA with Nick Simmons and the band, and everyone that turned out in South Carolina at the KISS CoffeeHouse, I want to thank the fans for their support. I have read many great reviews about the new CD, and I am very happy everyone seems extremely excited with BK3.

    I want to thank my label Rocket Science for all their hard work in getting the new CD stocked in the stores and having the vision for sharing this music with my fans in a big way. Special thanks to Johnny Rock from the CoffeeHouse, and to my "Team Kulick" for coming to the event to help out. You all are very special to me.

    Some more events are being talked about for the future, but in the meantime please enjoy the CD. And if you haven't picked one up at a store or ordered it yet, please do so... I promise you won't be sorry.

    February 4, 2010 - I don't know if you could imagine the pressure of having your name on a record release party with friends, fans and celebrities invited, doing a short set with only one full band rehearsal for a club that was completely packed on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA with a full camera crew in tow for the "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" show. But the Cat Club event could NOT have gone any smoother. I arrived early with many guitars (two ESP's, one PRS and one J-200 acoustic) and my pedals and Marshall amp, with only a quick line check to be sure things were good. Brent Fitz my drummer was frantically getting the special BK3 logo drum head on his monster 28" bass drum. Todd and Adam checked their gear and we were off to the upstairs VIP room to let the doors open at 7pm.

    People were already lined up outside, so I knew the night would be special. Nick Simmons came early with the Family Jewels crew of course in tow, and we were all "wired-up" by the crew so they could capture the behind the scenes talk and activity of the event. Everything ran on time, with the first opening act Star Off Machine hitting the stage at 7:15. Nick and I were watching and enjoying from upstairs, and then his beautiful mother Shannon Tweed with her lovely daughter Sophie came up to the VIP room to greet us, excited about the night as Nick would be performing. The Simmons family is always fun to hang with and we had some funny chats about the music business and the club scene while the first band was finishing up their set.

    Second up was "Cast Of Kings," a strong band that played a very strong set. (I hand picked the opening acts btw!) Soon the place was really buzzing and the floor of the club was completely packed. More friends and industry people were coming up to say hello, and it dawned on me... this night was about me, my CD release, my event. It kind of freaked me out! I was polite and grateful, but I think I was a bit of a social nerd that night, not sure how to handle all of the commotion. Jeremy, my producer, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer, my brother Bob, Steve Lukather, Rudy Sarzo, Neil Zlozower, Teddy Zig Zag, and more personal friends of mine... all coming upstairs to greet me. What an incredible turnout for my event.

    Soon it was time for my band to hit the stage. I was nervous of course, and I had to fight my way to the stage to get up there, as the Cat Club does not have access the way some clubs do. That was fun actually, almost like when a boxer is getting into the ring! Ken Gullic, the GM from Rocket Science, my US label, addressed the crowd telling them the event was being filmed, introduced me to the crowd, then I tore into the intro to "Hell Or High Water" from Crazy Nights. Adam Kury, my bassist, sang it and we were off to a strong start. I think I surprised many fans with the set list I chose.

    Next was Todd Kerns, my singer/ guitarist, as lead on the hit from Hot In The Shade," Hide Your Heart." Again, great reaction from the fans. I told the crowd this next one was one of my favorite Paul Stanley tunes, "Tears Are Falling." Then we went into "Heart of Chrome," a never before performed live tune from the KISS album Revenge. "Heart Of Chrome" was powerful, and believe me it is not an easy song to pull off.

    Then it was time for my special guest Nick Simmons to appear. Nick made his way through the crowd to the stage, and the place was going nuts. We did his song called "Hand Of The King" from my new BK3 CD. It was super! I thanked Nick, and then had Jeremy Rubolino, my producer, come up and play the Gibson acoustic on the song "No Friend Of Mine." The song went over great, and it was a miracle to pull off that song on that tight stage. Jeremy was thrilled to rock with the band.

    Next up was my song from Carnival of Souls, "I Walk Alone." I switched to my Sunburst PRS McCarty guitar, and since I sing that song I always try to forget the place is packed and do my best! We got that song off fine, another complicated arrangement if you ask me, but we still had ONE more to do to close the night. "God Gave Rock N Roll To You II" from Revenge/Alive III made a fitting choice as the closer for the night, with my white ESP/ LTD Viper on my shoulder. I thanked the fans then headed back upstairs to the VIP room, with people asking me for pix along the way. The entire night was surreal, and it really took me awhile to get that the hard work was over and now it was time to just relax with some of the friends and fans. I was invited out by many friends but I had to get my gear home safe, and being so exhausted from the successful evening I didn't need to prolong the night's festivities.

    I want to thank Nick and my band, Jeremy for the assist, Ken and Matt from Rocket Science, the Family Jewels crew, Fritz my tech dude, ESP guitars for doing the support and guitar giveaway, and all the fans and industry people that were in attendance. Special thanks to Slim Jim from the Stray Cats, who is involved with the club, and Dessica and Mark for running the place that night. Everyone had an amazing time. I know I will never forget that night.

    January 27, 2010 - I would like to announce some exciting news regarding the BK3 release party at The Cat Club on February 1st. Nick Simmons will be performing "Hand Of The King" with me and my band. The band will include Brent Fitz on drums, Todd Kerns on guitar and vocals, and Adam Kury on bass and vocals.

    The Gene Simmons' Family Jewels show will also be there to capture the evening's activities. The set list is not long, but looking to be very exciting in the song department. I hope to have a few other players sit in if things run smoothly enough.

    Watch my site for more info regarding the retail and online shops where you'll be able to get your copy of BK3 on its US release date of February 2nd. Thank you all again for your support!

    January 22, 2010 - Bruce Kulick & Friends live at the Cat Club in West Hollywood on February 1st at 7pm. Come celebrate the release of BK3! More details coming soon. See you then!

    January 7, 2010 -I am very excited to announce that I will be hosting a release party for BK3 at the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC on February 6th. You all know how proud I am of the new CD and how long I have been talking about it, and this event will be a very cool celebration for the week of my BK3 release. You can get all the details here: I hope to see you there!

    I am also thrilled about the first single from the CD, "Hand Of The King" featuring Nick Simmons. Nick did an amazing job! Wait till you hear how he sings in the context of a huge rock track. His lyrics are a wonderful compliment to the crunching guitar riffs of the song. "Hand Of The King" goes out as a digital release on January 12th, and will be available on iTunes and other online sites which offer music digital downloads.

    There has been a lot of buzz surrounding my new CD, and you all can imagine how good that makes me feel. The February 2nd release date for BK3 will be here before you know it, and it is exciting for me to have you all grab your copy as soon as you can. So, those planning on purchasing BK3 can pre-order now on Amazon so you have it as soon as it is released. 

    More news and announcements of events surrounding the upcoming release of BK3 will be posted here at Thanks for your support.