Messages From Bruce Kulick - 2009

December 24, 2009 - Hello everyone!  First off I want to wish you all the best holiday season, and a safe and happy New Year. As you all know I have been busy around the world. I already shared with you my short trip to Europe, so here is the scoop on my trip to Australia, the land "down under". I always love going there, and like I tell some of my friends who have never been, Australia has a bit of the UK mashed with some of my favorite cities in the US.

I started off with a flight to Melbourne, which is where I would rehearse with my band. Two of the members I have known and worked with before, Paul on guitar and backgrounds and Matt on bass, who also sings. The two new members who would join me were Travis, who we affectionately call "Osama" (I was never very close to him at the airport security check in!!) on drums, and on vocals Nic Maeder, who I had the pleasure of meeting in LA a few months ago. The five of us really got along great immediately and I was impressed with the set list they prepared for me.

For the next 4 days in Melbourne I was running back and forth from rehearsal, to the local Billy Hyde's music store, to doing radio interviews, to taking lunch meetings with some dear friends from Allan's Music... pretty non-stop. Of course all was meant in preparation for the three shows, starting in Adelaide. By the time we were headed there on a very early morning flight, on my birthday no less, I was quite confident with the set list and the overall tightness of the band.

Adelaide is always a very cool city for me, seems very flat and open like something in Texas. After some quick afternoon shopping for chocolate to take home (I am a Willy Wonka fan), it was time to hit the club for sound check. The stage and the band seemed comfy, and I was excited although I was concerned about the amp making some odd sounds. Sometimes you can't help that with rental gear! But I was very excited about Travis's drum head for BK3! The band surprised me with that. My birthday gig was really strong and the crowd was wonderful. They sang to me, and a lovely cake was brought out for me from my band. So I was quite moved being so far from home playing my guitar and celebrating the music with my fans. Overall, a great feeling. Thank you Adelaide!

Next up was Sydney, which I see as closer to NY meets Seattle. There are so many things to see, but not when you only get one day! We checked in to the hotel, took a nap and then it was off to sound check. Now this club, which was very antique looking and had a cool vibe to it, did NOT have AC. It was not exceptionally warm outside, but the club was making me sweat... non stop! All in a days work I guess, and it beats working on a highway construction crew! So after quite a while getting the sound and stage right and changing some strings, I was able to finally have a relaxing dinner with some friends down the block.

We were filming this show, the same people that filmed ESP (Eric Singer Project) back in 2006. Filming always makes me uneasy.... Murphy's Law likes that! Sure enough, one of the guitars I was playing misbehaved a bit on stage, but the crowd was kind and would say things like, "Take your time Bruce, you're a legend" etc! They were really terrific. My meet and greet after the show, which I always try to do, was fun with the fans. Some fans traveled from other cities to come see me, and that is always cool to hear. So, two down and one more show to go. It seemed like the week was really moving fast.

Next morning was a Monday flight from Sydney to Melbourne for the last of the three, and then my trip home the following day. Melbourne is always what I consider the prefect blend in a city: plenty of fashion, good food, laid out a bit like LA, but of course with that special Australian vibe. The club is one of my faves, and I knew many friends that came by at sound check to say hello and hang. I was loaned a really sweet looking Marshall 2000 head and cabinet in gray tolex that I have never seen. It sounded huge! Sound check was quick and cool, and then I did some interviews backstage. Soon it was time to play and, as always, the crowd in Melbourne is always the wildest.

The fans loved the set list, and word of mouth had gotten out about the interesting mixture of BK era KISS songs and highlights of my solo career. We did a UNION song as well. I only did one BK3 song, "No Friend Of Mine", as the new CD BK3 will actually be released January 29th there in Australia. My poster said it would be for sale at the shows... DOH! I wasn't aware when booking the shows that I would get a world wide record deal, which affects release schedules, etc. The fans understood, and that show ended a nearly perfect week of gigs and work.

I have to thank so many people, from Paul and Vince, to Michael (Billy Hydes) and January, to Travis, Nick, and Matt, to John and Mike from RIOT, my label down under, and so many other dear friends I have met through the years of coming to Australia. I hope to return in 2010 in support of BK3.

As you all know by now, the release date for BK3 is February 2, 2010. There will be links posted soon for how to pre-order the CD from Amazon, and information about which retail outlets will offer the CD in the US. The first single, "Hand Of The King" featuring Nick Simmons, will be available as a digital download starting January 12th. Later on in February I will offer the CD from my website, but I do encourage you all to pre-order or show up at your local CD chain to purchase BK3. I think you will love the music and the packaging. The reviews from the advance copies are coming in very positively, and there will be feature articles in some very cool magazines and websites.

I hope 2010 brings you all health, wealth and happiness. I plan on doing what I do best, keep playing my guitar and taking my music around the world. Thank you, always, for your support.

PS - You can check out all the pictures from my trip in my Photo Album. Thanks to Lynn Bain and Kaori Hasimoto for the live shots.
December 4, 2009 - I always love going to Europe, and this trip once again proved to me why I enjoy it so much. The fans are so awesome and the people and food very comforting. Of course things can be expensive, but in the end the trip always makes me smile about how different cultures around the world all share a common love of music and guitar playing.

I started off in Amsterdam, and I have such fond memories of trips there with KISS. My hotel was quaint and the stairway so narrow I truly felt like I was back in time. And, of course, the canals and street shopping there are quite impressive. It's always fun to walk around and sightsee, as Amsterdam is funky and fun no matter how rainy or windy or cold it gets. The club was even walking distance from my hotel, so the night before I was able to check out the place I would be playing.

The afternoon of show day I squeezed in an interview with a famous guitar magazine from Holland, and got a little bit of shopping and sightseeing in as well. After renting a nice Marshall 2000 series Amp for the event, as I knew the smaller amps from the club would NOT work, I did a quick soundcheck and it was time to let the party crowd in. My dressing room was the coat room ironically, so you can imagine how funny it was to see the coats keep coming in as I was warming up for the event.

The first party was fun, and considering I was jet lagged from the long journey, I played well. At the end of the performance I decided to play God Gave RnR To You as the crowd sang along. Sidney, my friend for many years in Holland, presented me with a nice book signed by the fans which really made me feel welcome once again. The meet and greet was great, and the fans loved taking pix and telling me how excited they are about the upcoming release of BK3 in 2010.

It was an afternoon flight the next day to Switzerland, and then a two hour drive to the cool city where the next event was to be held. Nicolas, my tour manager, and I went straight to the venue after a quick hotel stop and I did my sound check. Here is where things got strange. I couldn't tune my guitar, a beautiful white Viper LTD ESP, very well. It was a bit strange to me as the guitar is great, and the Marshall sounded very strong, so I took the guitar backstage and sat and tuned it, played it awhile, and soon it was time to start the clinic.

The first song I play along to is "Unholy" and I was freaking out because I was out of tune. I stopped the song and asked the guy running the CD player what he was using to playback my CD. He didn't speak English very well, so I took a look at the front of the machine and there it was... a DJ CD player with a VARI-SPEED for playback. So my CD (in essence my BAND) was slightly OUT of tune. No wonder!! We switched to the computer as a playback machine, and WOW was I happy! The fans later told me after a very awesome clinic that they wondered if I made that up! NO freakin way! Too painful. BELIEVE me, being out of tune is the worst thing for someone with a good ear. Great crowd and wonderful fans in Switzerland.

After a yummy pizza it was time for bed and to get ready for a travel day to Norway. Since we had a early evening flight from Geneva, a proper lunch was taken in and, as always, the food was simply amazing. I also got to stop by the famous KISS Museum that Alain, the promoter, has in his home. My flight to Oslo arrived around 11:45 PM, and I have to say it was funny to know that Ace was finishing his performance in the same city! Many fans that came to the first of two Oslo gigs  told me how much they enjoyed his show, and that they are excited as well about KISS's tour announcement.

Backstage Musikk outside of Oslo is in a brand new shopping mall and was heaven! Not only did they stock cool ESP guitars and Marshall Amps, they stocked some other awesome new and used gear. For a guitar freak like me the stock made me drool. There was a custom shop ES 335 in cherry red that I was completely going crazy over. Then a fan showed up and brought one of my rare BK ESP models, so I signed it and took photos. Again the clinic was a success, and the crowd was polite and extremely excited to see me play and meet with me afterward. Once we were finished it was time for food, and Nicolas and I got to a Burger King just before closing... it was late, and sometimes fast food is the ONLY food on the road you know! One more show to go!

The next day we were to move to an airport hotel and then on to the Glassheim venue, which is about 45 minutes from Oslo's airport. That meant I got to drive near a fjord! Very cool scenery, as snow was everywhere and giant foggy clouds were covering the fjord, which is when water is filled high in a deep lush valley. Norway is famous for them. Quite cool for me to see. It was really cold that night, but the Glassheim venue is a great place to rock. At the sound check downstairs I saw a bit of the DVD KISS Confidential on in the background, which was fun to see as it has been awhile since I saw that footage. I had an interview with NRK1, one of the two large TV stations in Norway, and then it was time for my clinic. There were many young fans there, as later in the evening I was to jam with a band of youngsters who learned a set of KISS songs! The clinic portion went great, and I had many interesting questions from the young crowd.

After my meet and greet with all the families and the new generation of KISS fans in support, it was time for the band to tune up. I was very curious about the arrangements, and even though the band's conductor sent me the PDF charts I wasn't gonna let him know that I don't REALLY read charts of music! They hit the stage for a few songs and then the singer Glam, from a popular band from Norway called WIG WAM, and I hit the stage to play Love Gun, Strutter, Detroit Rock City, I Was Made For Loving You and a finale of Rock And Roll All Nite.

Well it was fun, and of course very interesting as the arrangements took liberties to accommodate the horn section and the way those instruments like to be tuned. The kids were from about 12 years old to in their 20's, and I have to say it was a real highlight to end my trip. What fun to see all those young musicians in various KISS looking makeup jam with me and Glam! The crowd went really crazy and demanded an encore, so we did a refrain of Rock And Roll All Nite again! What an ending to my trip. It was so much fun to play with a Norwegian horn band made up of young players... like The School Of Rock, horn style!

I want to thank Nicolas, Sidney, Rikk, and Alain & Jon from Live Wire for all their help and support for the tour, and of course to all my fans for coming out to see me perform. I look forward to more adventures in Europe next year.

November 25, 2009 - I had an amazing time at the KISS show in Anaheim last night! Was treated royally by the band and crew, and had access everywhere. Caught the sound check and they were loud and TIGHT.

The show was awesome, and the crowd definitely ate it up. A night to remember for sure. Thank you Gene, Paul, Eric and Tommy!

You can see all of my pictures here.

November 24, 2009 - After two amazing camp days, I knew Day Three would be equally exciting. Meat Loaf was the scheduled guest and my history goes way back to 1977 with him. My brother Bob and I toured with Meat Loaf for the original Bat Out Of Hell Tour, which took us around the world a few times. A DVD of that band from a German TV show was just released, so there was much to ask Meat for sure!

The day started with me running through some of the songs, and we were still uncertain of all the tunes we would play. But for sure we had an original from Jon Anderson's singing along to our Hendrixy jam, and we always knew COLD GIN would work as number 2 song. But it was a bit of a shocker when I got news that Angus, who was to sing Mr Jones, was called up on Special Forces duty and would NOT be at the camp that day! I knew he was excited to meet Meat Loaf as well, as he is a BBC DJ, but we forged on without him tightening up the other songs. I gave a nice guitar theme idea from Vito's jamming to be the verses of the original song, and of course had Myles come in on harmony guitar as I love two guitars working like that. I was to play bass as Angela wanted to get COLD GIN down cold, and for a newbie on bass that was enough for her pretty fingers. The room smelled of New Skin from her protecting her fingertips!

After lunch it was time for the Meat Loaf interview and there was quite an excitement at the camp. Meat is so famous, for more even than having the THIRD MOST SELLING album of all time, Bat Out Of Hell (Michael Jackson being #1). Movies, stage, TV, etc, etc... Meat Loaf has had quite a career. I wanted the interview to focus on making it in the music biz, as Meat was told NO WAY hundreds of times when he first tried to get the project off the ground. He was VERY talkative and very entertaining, and I have to admit his personality easily fills a stadium, no less a room of campers.

Meat had vintage photos from that tour with him, and I was freaking seeing them. He also played the audience a song best described as Meattalica, as it was very heavy and huge sounding with Steve Vai on guitar and Meat's famous vocals. The crowd was thrilled to have a sneak preview of his upcoming CD, which has many cool guests like Brian May from Queen appearing on it.

Later on he came around to all the band rooms, and when he came into my band's we played the original tune. He talked about stage presence and how you have to OWN the stage when you play, and all his tips were VERY helpful for my campers. Angela was practically fainting, as she was definitely the biggest Meat Loaf fan in the room and had more than a dozen things signed by him! We took pix and said farewell, and all of us were like, "WOW! What an amazing guy."

Then it was back to work on more rehearsal, and later on I had to give a master class and jam with campers.  So, another full day of Rock n Roll at the Fantasy Camp. Saturday we record at Capitol Records with Eddie Kramer producing.

To read more about Rock Fantasy Camp:
November 18, 2009 - Day 1 of Rock Fantasy Camp is when the counselors get a chance to meet their bands and get to work on songs that will be jammed, possibly for famous guests, and to learn songs for the big last night (Sunday) at the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip. My band, Vito on guitar (my band captain), Myles on guitar, Angela on bass, Jeff on drums, and Angus and Patrick rounding out the group on vocals and percussion, were excited to meet Ace Frehley, the special guest of the day. So, obviously it was time to learn a KISS song and Vito suggested "Cold Gin".

We started to learn the sections, and as I always say, KISS songs are NOT as easy as some people think.  My band ranges from having musical band experience to NEVER playing their instrument with any other players. (Angela, our bassist, only picked up the bass a month ago! But she is determined!!) So I have a challenge to get a common ground and make them sound cohesive and enjoyable. I was VERY pleased by the time Ace jammed with them. Ace signed CDs and posed for pix with everyone.

Just before Ace's jam in my room I was asked by David Fishof to interview the Space Man. He seemed in good spirits, and we chatted briefly before the Q&A about his new ANOMALY CD. I told him about the songs I loved and he seemed quite proud of his CD. Ace was full of great stories, and of course the fans had some great questions for him to answer. It lasted about a half hour, and in some ways was very surreal for me. When we discussed the MTV Unplugged performance Ace said to me, "That was you? Sorry I made you lose your job!" It was hilarious!

My band (unnamed yet) spent the rest of the afternoon working on some songs for the final night. We looked at some originals to record at Capitol Records on Saturday, and kicked around a few Doors songs as the guitarist Robbie Krieger will be performing with the bands. Again, my challenge is getting the right songs for them to perform.

There were some stop-in guests, G'n'R drummer Steven Adler and Enuff Z'Nuff's Chip Znuff, both of them looking great. The evening ended with Master Classes and jamming in the rehearsal rooms. Everyone was happy but exhausted at the end of Day 1, but I know the excitement of getting the songs to come together is what drives their enthusiasm.

To read more about Rock Fantasy Camp:
November 3, 2009 - It was a long Halloween weekend, but I really enjoyed the time I spent hanging with so many famous actors and musicians. From Elvira (a perfect guest for this past weekend), to stars like Patrick Stewart and Ann Margaret, this Chiller event was HUGE.  I didn't meet all the stars, but I do have pix with some cool people in the industry and even included some people that were just attending the event. Click over to my PhotoAlbum to check out all the pix. It was really the place to be on Halloween weekend.

Saturday night I got to jam with the promoter of Chiller Kevin's band, the Dead Elvi, and that was really cool. The two songs really brought down the house. I followed Tia Carrere (Wayne's World) and Davy Jones (The Monkees) so THAT was quite interesting, but again, Chiller has something for everyone.

Thank you to everyone who helped me at the event and looked after me this long weekend, and most of all to the fans who came by and said hello to me telling me how much my years in KISS meant to them. It always feels good to talk to the fans.

News on BK3 is coming soon, and my next travel is a big show in San Antonio for Grand Funk with Los Lonely Boys on the 15th of November. I have the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp right after that, so please check out the website. Ace Frehley, Meatloaf and Jon Anderson are the special guests! Shortly after that I will be off to Europe and Australia for some serious guitar playing.

I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween. Stay healthy from all the bad flu and colds going on right now... be safe and thanks again for your support.

October 29, 2009 - Hello everyone. Off to the big Chiller Theatre Toy, Model & Film Expo in N.J. this weekend! Will be exciting to be back east for the weekend. Please come by if you are in the area and stop in to say hello to me. Some amazing stars from the entertainment world are always present.

Official news is coming soon on the release and distribution of my BK3 CD, so thanks for all your patience. Can't wait for you all to hear the music and hold the awesome digipack designed package. Until then, be sure to check out the BK3 Page here on for the full track listing, BK3 themed desktop wallpapers, my Making of BK3 Studio Blog, and other information. More very soon!

October 15, 2009 - Hello everyone! Exciting week ahead for me. I have a Grand Funk show this Friday night in Minnesota, but this Sunday the 18th of October is the first KISS Expo in Los Angeles ever (other than the official KISS Convention back in 1995... that seems like SO many years ago!). I know this Expo will be a very cool event and the promoter has promised a jam packed day dedicated to the hottest band in the land, KISS. With so much activity in the KISS world recently (SONIC BOOM, major KISS tour, Ace's release, and news of my BK3 release) I think there is much to celebrate for all the fans.

I will be jamming KISS songs with a bunch of young talented musicians from The School Of Rock, so don't miss me ripping it up with the kids!  I also will be doing a Q&A and will be playing bits of my upcoming CD release BK3 for the crowd. I have some new photos to offer from my BK3 photo shoot, and there is so much to share with my fans. A full report will be up next week.

Of course you all have noticed the new look of, and I would like to thank my longtime webmasters Chris & Beth White for the site re-design, as well as a new friend Mark Senff who added some graphics.

I also have a fan page set up for Facebook, as the rules will not allow someone to have more than 5000 friends on their personal page. I visit both of them, so no worries if you are NOT on the "personal" page. Also, please follow me on Twitter if you are on that network. All good ways to keep in touch with ME!

There will be an announcement about the release of BK3 coming very soon. Thanks for your patience. The music and work that has gone into this CD deserves to give my release the widest possible exposure, and because of that belief and desire many meetings have taken place to find the right home for BK3.

If you follow me on Facebook you know I have been doing many shows with Grand Funk, and now in the fall/winter we will enter the quieter season. So time for me get busy on my own.

Here are the dates for my short European tour to help promote BK3. I will only be doing 4 events this time around, as I have three gigs coming up in December in Australia. I will visit Amsterdam, a city in Switzerland known for watches that I find loves KISS, and two cities in Norway near the capital of Oslo:

HOLLAND - Friday, November 27th. MP3 Voetboogstr.3 Amsterdam, Holland. 20:30. Tickets at

SWITZERLAND - Saturday, November 28th. Salle du centre de la Jeunesse - Serre 12 La-chaux-de-fonds. 19:00 doors, 20:00 event. This event is SOLD OUT.

  NORWAY - Monday, November 30th. Backstage Musikk AS, Sandvika. 20:00. Tickets at
Tuesday, December 1st. Glassheim, Jevnaker (Time TBA). Tickets at

So, I am looking forward to seeing my fans, and please remember I will do my best next year to visit more countries in support of BK3. As always, thanks for your support

PS - Thanks to Colleen Songy for the GFR shot from Panama City.

September 17, 2009 - Monday night I was invited to see Ace Frehley at the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles. I'd heard about the new museum, and the idea of a drop party (meaning the "day" the record comes out) for Ace obviously made me excited to attend. It was held in the acoustically perfect theatre, and Ace came out to a capacity crowd of 200 very loyal and excited fans. He looked great, and during the interview was funny and reflective talking about his new "Anomaly" CD.

I enjoyed the songs that were introduced and played through the big JBL system, and I especially think that Bob Santelli, the Executive Director and interviewer for the evening, did a great job picking the songs to discuss. Ace and the team that helped create the CD answered questions regarding the music, lyrics and inspirations for the songs.

Afterwards, the fans were able to purchase the CD and meet Ace. I was able to get a great pix of us courtesy of Mark Weiss, who has worked with KISS and most recently Ace's new disc artwork. Mark currently has a gallery of his pix on display at the ANDAZ HOTEL, which was the famous Hyatt House on Sunset.

So that was a fun evening downtown, and I wish Ace the best on his new release. I really enjoyed what I heard, and some stand out tracks for me are FOX ON THE RUN and GENGHIS KHAN.

More news coming on my BK3 release and other events I have attended lately.

- August 21, 2009 -

It is finally time to get you all the news on my new CD and the photo shoot I just completed. With a busy Grand Funk summer, it was hard to find the time to book my shoot, but Neil Zlozower and I finally got it done on a very magical day in early August. I say magical as the sky in August is rarely filled with high clouds during the summer in LA. Neil (who is quite an amazing and famous rock photographer, visit likes to do some pix on his roof and he knew we would get some great pix with the sky looking so interesting behind me. It looked like something out of Star Trek behind us!

Neil recommended Peggy McIntaggart who is a former Playmate to do my hair and make-up. I was very pleased with her work and I told her I was ready for my "Rock of Love" type TV show after she was done! The picture taking was easy and Zlozower is great with direction and encouragement for taking great shots. It is no accident that KISS loves to use him for their photo sessions, and tour books, and he did some great work with me years ago when I was with the band.

We went for 3 looks, last one being on the roof, and I have plenty to choose from. I have not done a real photo shoot in many years, so you can imagine that I was more than prepared but anxious as to what results we could get. Here are some behind the scene pix of the day. I will be sharing some of the real ones soon. I don't want any of the ones that will be used for the magazines and CD artwork out there yet, not until some more of the details of my BK3 release are ironed out. As you all know I have it all sequenced and mastered, and I just need the final artwork package to complete the process of making CDs.

Neil also took some great close ups of two of my guitars, in a really artistic style that could be incorporated in my CD booklet. I brought a custom ESP and my trusty old Les Paul was the other one chosen. I am planning for a CD package that will have lyrics etc, so I am excited to see that very soon. A few days after the pix of me were taken, we hooked up again to photograph many guitars of mine, as Vintage Guitar Magazine loves to feature a few instruments when they do an interview. I was proud to see them in high quality photos.

Regarding the release date of BK3, I still have no firm date yet. So many factors will decide the proper time. I don't want to give you all a "business 101" course on what's involved with releasing a new CD in 2009... I think your heads would spin! So please be patient, you all know how excited I am about BK3. In the meantime I have been swamped with Grand Funk shows, as the best time to be the "American Band" is summer time. I had a really great time in Vegas with GFR, and then jammed KISS tunes with my friends the Sin City Sinners at the Green Valley Ranch later that night. It was long day, but have guitar will travel as they say.

Had an awesome suite at the GVR, and as you know Vegas is always a great place to perform and stay up late with friends. For those of you wondering about Monster Circus, that is on hiatus. And of course KISS's announcement about a "Carnival of Souls" Vegas extravaganza, that is especially cool for me to hear about. Grand Funk did a huge show in Walker, MN where we were on the bill with YES and ASIA. (I love Steve Howe's guitar playing). We were up in Canada doing a big rodeo a few hours from Calgary. The people were SO into the band that night, I felt like I was the mayor of Medicine Hat!

You are all aware of "Sonic Boom" the new KISS disc coming out later this fall, and I have not heard anything more than what you got on KISSONLINE. But I am very excited about their new disc. Eric has shared some insight from time to time, but not any music so far. It seems like this is the season for new music from all angles of KISS, as a new one is coming from Ace Frehley in September as well. This is all good, and I think it is a very exciting time for all the KISS fans.

I of course hope to share my music with all the people I meet with my other work like the Fantasy Camp attendees, and all my new GFR fans. Speaking of the Fantasy Camp (, the one coming up in November has Ace and Meatloaf as guests! So that will be really interesting for me as you all know about the connection with Ace, but I did also play guitar with brother Bob years ago with Meatloaf. Small world isn't it!

So more news as it develops, and thank you all for your support and kindness. I never forget how fortunate I am to have fans like YOU!

PS - Special thanks to Catherine Jardine, Craig Clingan, & Dizeman for the use of their great photos!

- July 18, 2009 -

Well today (July 16th) was my big day for completing the BK3 CD. When you professionally master the mixes it levels out all the levels, and a final EQ is done for all the mixes. You also commit to the sequence and the fades in and out of the songs. These are important choices for the artist to make for his music. Precision Mastering in Hollywood, CA is the place I chose for the job. Don C. Tyler has been involved in many CD's of mine, and I love working with him at their facility. Great gear, great people.

Can't wait to have you all hear the new music. Photos and artwork coming in August... and news after that for the official release date.

Thank you all for your support and amazing reviews of the three songs from the EP for Australia that I released.

- May 23, 2009 -

The recent Hollywood Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp was simply amazing. Once again along with the campers that were lucky to sign up, I got to meet and jam with some of my heroes. Steven Tyler was a total trip, looking great, and sharing his thoughts with the campers on music and why it is so special to play an instrument. I was so amazed at his patience and grace with the campers. A true Icon in the biz, and I know the upcoming tour for Aerosmith will be huge.

Todd Rundgren is another hero of mine, and it was an honor being asked to do the big interview with him for the campers. I just recently purchased his last CD "Arena" and TODD is in fine form. What a night at the last big Whisky blow out jam with him playing my Les Paul on stage! AWESOME. We had the opportunity to record our camper bands at the famous Capitol Records Studios in Hollywood. Eddie Kramer who worked with KISS and Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin just to name a few, engineered my bands recording so that was great catching up with him.

There were many other highlights of course, and you should all read my blog which chronicles the days activities. Now my life is back to flying out for Grand Funk shows and getting the last two songs finished for my BK3 CD. If you haven't already ordered the Limited Edition EP, please do so soon as it is almost sold out. The reviews are in, and everyone is raving on the 3 songs on that CD. Of course I know everyone is curious about the Gene SImmons song and Nick Simmons etc, but they will have to wait for the official release. Check out the samples and the reviews on my site.

I will be doing a photo shoot soon for the BK 3 CD, and working on the packaging as well in June. This release is something I am very proud of and I know you will love the music I have done. Speaking of KISS, how about American Idol!! WOW! Adam Lambert and KISS, very cool. Eric Singer mentioned it to me about a week before but I was careful to tell NO ONE! No one knew about Queen, KISS etc, and that is what makes IDOL the huge show it is. Love it or hate it, this show has its place in the industry as a star making show. (I thought Adam should of won btw!)

I will have some more blogs on the last couple of recordings for BK3 so look for that, and of course since Grand Funk will be in its busy season in June and July check the schedule and come see the "American Band". You will love the music. I get a chance to really burn on these great songs from the band.

Have a great holiday weekend to kick off the summer season, and of course enjoy the summer months ahead with your family and friends.

- April 29, 2009 -

Well after some exciting work in Vegas and Australia, it was time to get back to some Grand Funk shows. We had a great gig in Biloxi, Mississippi, and the fans hung in there in the windy weather to rock with us.

The following weekend Pompano Beach, FL has their annual seafood festival where thousands show up on the beach. We played on a stage built right on the sand! But besides the wind from the powerful Atlantic ocean I had a blast rocking out to a capacity crowd. People were standing in the water to watch us!

This week begins the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp and I will be updating with a blog, so keep your eyes on the site for all the news on the daily activities. As always, I know it will be fantastic.

I want to thank all the fans that ordered the Limited Edition Australian BK3 EP. It has three songs from the upcoming BK3 disc and it will be collectable for sure. I am more than half sold out, and I made a batch of 1000, so thanks! And to the people that ordered, please send in your comments on the music.

I am happy to say that three more songs for the full length BK3 will be done middle of May, and that leaves me one more to work on. Very excited about the music, and again thank you all for your continued support.

By the way, I saw Jeff Beck in concert in LA last week. Simply a legend on the Fender Strat. And towards the end of the show Rod Stewart came out and sang two songs with him! Surreal!

- April 9, 2009 -

I want to share with you all my latest international trip, my long journey to Australia for 4 guitar clinics. After two exciting 3 day weekends in Vegas performing with Monster Circus, it was a stressful Sunday before my long flight. I had a late Saturday night performance at the Hilton, and said my goodbyes to the band and staff from Monster Circus. With only an hour of sleep, it was off to Vegas airport to catch the first plane back to LA.

Once I came home I grabbed 3 hours of sleep, and then it was time for final packing before heading to LAX for that 16 hour journey to Melbourne. Knowing how many smiling faces I would see "down under" made the trip easier of course in combination with the sleeping pill that worked wonders on my tired body! When I arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday morning, (since you travel over the international date line it takes almost TWO days to get there) I was greeted by Vince Sanna my tour manager from the ALLANS music chain that booked me at 4 stores in different cities. Vince was happy to tell me that the clinics in both Melbourne and Brisbane were sold out with many people still calling for tickets and that the last two were already close to being SRO. That was quite a good welcoming for a tired BK.

After settling into my hotel in downtown Melbourne, I was taken to a famous Italian place Billy Joel likes to call home when he is in town. Pellegrinis on Bourke Street is totally old school classic Italian food, and I stuffed myself well. Took a photo with the owner and then it was time to take a quick nap! After that rest, I met up with my friend Paul Drennan, who is my guitarist and tour manager that I work with when I do my band shows in Australia. We had a great time catching up on everything since my last trip with ESP back in 2006.

The next day would be my first clinic, but Vince had plans for a trip to a famous Australian radio show called Jono and Dano. The interview was very funny and I even played some guitar on the show, with them singing along some songs. (You would have to hear that one!) I Was Made For Loving You and God Gave Rock N Roll To You never sounded so crazy with them singing along the lyrics to the songs incorrectly.

The first clinic was close to the hotel, and after sound check the crowd came in, and I was very pleased to see their reaction to the music and all the info I shared with them. After my 6 songs, there were questions about my guitar technique, song writing, and of course my work with KISS were some topics of discussion. I debuted a track from the forthcoming CD BK3, an instrumental called "Between The Lines" featuring Steve Lukather from TOTO.

It was a relief for me to get the first clinic done and it was a huge success for the store. I brought my new Limited Edition Australian EP that I prepared from my upcoming BK3 CD available for these clinics, and the crowd was happy to grab copies. For more info on the EP click here.

After another great meal (again at Pellegrinis), it was off to bed for a tired BK. The next day it was time for a flight to Brisbane. Upon arrival Vince and I were sad to see all the rain. On and off the weather was extreme and wild. My pants were soaked and I learned a new trick with the hotel hair dryer. Place dryer on chair, lay wet pants over dryer = dry pants... in about 20 minutes! Vince knew a famous pancake restaurant and we made a point to eat there twice!

The music store was in a busy mall, but sadly as the shopping center was closed during my clinic time we had no A/C! But the crowd was very cool with me, and once again I had a great time playing my Gibson Les Paul and explaining all my tricks to the fans. I felt a bit more relaxed for this one and I loved the questions and support the fans in Brisbane showed me.

Next city was Adelaide. It was bright and sunny there and after some rest in the hotel, it was off to the store for sound check. This shop was in an older part of town, and the staff was great in making me feel welcome. Once again it was standing room only for the event. My sound guy was Sam, and I wound up calling him WORF from Star Trek. Use your imagination, as this guy was tough looking, but very helpful with me especially during the meet and greet after the show.

After some late night pizza with friends, it was off to the last clinic early in the morning. Sydney is the largest city in Australia population wise, and you know you are in their "New York" as soon as you land. My hotel was great, and I remember staying there before. George from the KISS Army Australia did Vince and I a favor by picking us up from the busy airport and he made us feel very welcome in his city.

Before heading to the store, I did an interview with Paul Southwell for Australian Guitarist, so that was fun talking about my career for the press. There were many questions about my last few years of work, and an overview regarding me as a guitarist in so many bands.

The Sydney store was a bit larger as they have an upstairs area that can accommodate a large crowd. I filled the place, and it was fun but sad for me to finish my last of the four clinics. Each one had its highlights, but they were equally enjoyable for me. My friends from RIOT Distributors took Vince and I out to some amazing Japanese food. Thank you John and Mike! I got a chance to play them some of the other songs for BK3 that are finished on my iPod, and the smile on their faces made all hard recording work worthwhile.

By the way, all of the meet and greets after the clinics had some funny moments. Along with the guitars to sign, people with their girlfriends AND ex-wifes on line for autographs, and future tattoos to sign, I get the most fun from the families with kids as they are so excited to meet me. Also, my friend Marina V, a very talented singer songwriter who I have seen many times in LA, happened to be in Sydney visiting her Mom and doing some solo shows and she came by my clinic. Thank you Marina!

So no time to sightsee, so don't ask. I did do what I wanted to accomplish; meet my fans, play my guitar, get them up to speed with my new music and, in conclusion, know that I have their support. As long as my guitar and my music make a difference for my fans, it makes the long trip, and little sleep from the road all worthwhile.

I want to thank ALLANS music for bringing me over, and special thanks to Vince for making a tough tour easy. The staff at all the stores were totally supportive of my requests, so thank you all. Thanks again to George for helping getting the word out and thank you Paul Drennan for all your help with this trip.

PS - More pictures from my Australia trip are posted in my PhotoAlbum!

- March 23, 2009 -

The big opening night in Vegas, March 19th, was a huge success and considering how complex a production we have brought to the famous showroom at the Las Vegas Hilton, it was totally an amazing time for everyone. Big lights, sound, pyro, hot vegas dancing girls, acrobatics, juggling, fire breathing, a manic DEE SNIDER going wild on stage made for quite a performance. There was a great vibe with the audience which made the opening night totally rewarding. I felt great playing on that famous stage where ELVIS did so many years of his magic. My guitars were SCREAMIN!

We have three more shows next week, Thursday through Saturday, and I can tell you this is a show you don't want to miss! Finally the blending of a hard rock extravaganza with Vegas elements, working to make this effort a memorable experience. You can tell what fun me and the boys are having playing the classic hard rock hits, but most importantly how the crowd is truly digging the whole experience.

I want to thank the HILTON Las Vegas for believing in Rock n Roll at their superb showroom, and the rest of the band, performers, and our crew for all their hard work.

- March 6, 2009 -

Hello everyone! It has been over a week since I have been back from my amazing journey with ESP in Europe. We went to 7 countries, played 13 very excellent shows, and accomplished what we set out to. Play for our fans, and simply have a great time with them. We started in Germany and at the first show was also a KISS expo in the afternoon. Eric and I had a chance to greet the fans that attended and answer some questions and sign for the crowd. Later on after a sound check for the Expo fans, it was time to get ready for our first show. It was great considering we were all exhausted from the big trip overseas. It felt great to see how our set list would go over. We did some of our usual, but added some interesting new cover tunes the crowd loved.

German food, cars and their technology are always awesom, so I am always fascinated when I am there. Keep me away from the pretzels! They are amazing and everywhere! I mean the soft king btw! After three shows in a row in Germany, we drove to Holland. I got to hang out with my friend from Amsterdam, Sidney who always is hilarious to hang with, so that was fun walking around the city of Uden. Got to visit a music store and you all know how I feel about looking at guitars! The next day we flew to Prague, a city I have never visited before. The Czech Republic was very fascinating to me. I took tons of pix as everything there was "different" and I really enjoyed the culture. From McDonald's to the mall near our hotel, it was so cool to visit a country that has such and interesting history. The crowd was insane for us at the sold out show. The people who ran the hotel, were amazing and offered us wine in the lobby after out successful gig. Party time! So I hope to come back to CZ!

Our next stop was to fly to Milan, Italy and drive about three hours to a hotel not far from Venice. We had the next day off, so off we were to visit one of the most incredible cities in the world, Venice! We have a few friends, a great photographer Alex Ruffino who lives there, and Stefano a friend of the band for the past few tours. Having some tour guides to help us made it much more fun, and I have to say it is wild how people can live in a city that for the most part, has canals as streets.

Shopping is king there so I bought some cool Versace shoes and a nice watch near Piazza San Marco Square (St Marks Square to us non Italians). Had an excellent dinner, (with the pre wine hang out at a special wine bar, a tradition in Italy) and rode in a gondola and taxi up the grand canal and the small alley canals. I have to say I was simply blown away with the life in Venice. So beautiful and as Eric would say, this is a city you take your significant other to for a great holiday.

After two very fun Italian shows it was off on a long drive through the alps, where you have to get the van on a train for a short trip through a tunnel to save time. It was like an amusement park ride! Twice we did that. We had a blast even though we drove that day for 11 hours. We went through Switzerland, saw the snowy Alps that are so majestic and beautiful, and after driving through France for a short while, and stayed in a nice hotel in Germany.

Our long journey to the next show in Belgium still wasn't over. We drove the next day through Germany for about 4 hours finally arriving in Belguim for our show there. The hotel was attached to a tennis court. Was a bit strange, but cool. The club was great, called "Spirit of 66", so there were posters all over the place reflecting Route 66 in the US! The gig was fun, and the promoter prepared a Rice Pie for us which is a Belgium specialty... I should mention that of course I had great food everywhere, but I forgot the amazing Pizza I found in Italy! Awesome!

Next it was time to head back to Germany for our last show there. We stopped off to do a quick signing at the music store that provided the back line gear for us. It was cool seeing some great guitars so far from the USA. After that show and hanging with our friend from Metal Hammer Magazine, it was off to Basal, Switzerland. I have been to Switzerland many times, as our tour manager Nicolas lives there. The club was large but we filled it, and the crowd went crazy for us. The Swiss fans are always wonderful.

After leaving the land of watches and Swiss Chocolates, we were off to our Scandinavian part of our journey. Zurich to Oslo, Norway, and after Sushi at the airport in Oslo, off to another large city in Norway called Bergen. The club called there called "The Garage" is very much like the famous "Cavern" club in Liverpool. The fans really support the band here, and the place was packed. Bergen has a nearby mall, where they have some great stores. I found some cool scarfs and clothes, and we nice cafe restaurants. And of course a cool music store as well! Next day we traveled to Oslo by plane, and played about 45 min away from Oslo in a town with a very cool club. It was totally snowy and blinding white and incredibly beautiful. The hotel reminded us of The Shining! In the afternoon there was a KISS expo, and the fans were there in full force. Families, babys, die hards all! They are so wild in Norway, and the young ones can go to the club to see a band. So they really went crazy for us. I love the fact that KISS fans are created every day, and they come out and support our music.

One more city left, Helsinki, Finland! It was many years since I last visited, and you can't get much closer to Russia as you are very North and far from the rest of Europe. The gig was sold out and the crowd intense. Again young people and I will never forget the 13 year old who fainted screaming my name! John gave her one of my guitar picks and that pushed her over the edge! She fainted and had to be rescued from the crowd. We did a meet and greet afterwards as there is a large KISS army there. It was the perfect show to end out successful tour.

I always enjoy my trips to Europe, but this one really was my favorite. I met so many fans that told me how much it means to them for us to play in there part of the world. But the truth is, we are so fortunate to have them wanting us! It was the perfect trip, even the long flight home to the US. It always is hard to readjust after an experience like that with all the traveling for three weeks straight. But as usual, I just dive into my work, and of course I had so much to catch up with from me not being home in the US. Thank you to Nicolas, Ben our driver, Drumboo who was like our mascot, a gentle giant if I ever met one, Stefan Huber who gave us many cool gifts, all the promoters who treated us really well, Harald and Cato and Lars, Keith Leroux who organized the Expos and of course all the fans who made it all worth while. THANK YOU!

So March is here, and I have lots going on. Grand Funk gig this weekend, KISS expo in Indianapolis, and then two weekends with the Monster Circus show which I told you all about last December. Right after that last weekend in Vegas, I fly to Australia for 4 clinics for Allans Music chain. I have something special planned to bring to share with my fans down under. Three songs from BK3 will be made into an EP! Can't wait to blow away my fans with some new music. When I say I dive into my work, it was a challenge to get the artwork, master the songs, and get everything ready in 4 days for this trip to say the least!

So, enjoy the pix from my journey and I will give you some reports from all the exciting work coming up for me.

- January 23, 2009 -

So last week was the big NAMM show in Anaheim, CA and of course anywhere with that much gear and musicians is a good place for me to be. I was asked by the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp to be part of a jam gig for Bugera Amps, made by a very large famous company called Behringer. Kip Winger was on bass and vocals, Mark Hudson on guitar and vocals, Earl Slick on guitar and Chris Slade on drums rounded out the all star FC band, and we kicked off the pre NAMM show with our songs Wednesday at the Hilton next to the convention center. We did Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zep, AC/DC etc, and the president of the company, Uli Behringer (who is a great keyboard player) got up and jammed along on some of the songs.

After our show, it was time to get some rest but of course I was approving a final mix for one of my songs for BK3, the instrumental with Steve Lukather (using my laptop in my room at the Hilton is not the most ideal, but I have no worries with my trusty headphones making sure it was great). Sometimes you have to work on your music on the road. Check out the article on the MacWorld site regarding my Apple G4.

Next day the convention started and I have so many companies that have supported my career, so I was off to thank them and discuss their products, take pix, and of course drool and I mean drool at all the great gear that the manufacturers present on the floor. Gibson, Fender and ESP, PRS and Marshall were my first stops, having friends at all of those places, then it was off to SIT, Waves, Duncan Pickups, Tech 21, Orange Amps, LM Straps and Schecter Guitars. Of course I had to REVISIT a few of them and back at the Gibson room I ran into Dave Amato from REO and we had a short jam that was really cool.

At the end of that long amazing day, Fender was having some big hush hush party. I saw my friend from MUSICIANS FRIEND (ironic right!) and he hooked me up. That hush hush party was a meet and greet with none other than Eddie Van Halen! Having seen him last year here in LA, his playing was amazing and I was excited to get a photo op with the man himself. His new Wolfgang guitar that he introduced through Fender is quite amazing, but I have to say, meeting him was even better!

I was very impressed with all the gear I saw this year. All the companies seem to know how to make gear that really works well, plays well and sounds AND looks cool. I want to thank all of them for being supportive of my career.

Six songs are mixed now for BK3 and a separate page link dedicated to the CD will be appearing soon. Also I hope all of the European fans will be out to see me with Eric, John and Chuck (Eric Singer Project) this coming February.

PS - To check out my full NAMM photo gallery, click here.

- January 6, 2009 -

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hope you all had a great holiday season. It was long, and as usual I had to work through most of it, but that is always fine with me. My work is music so that is a blessing.

I did make lots of progress with my BK 3 CD so please go ahead and check out the studio blog with all the news of what I got done in December and even top of January 09. So other than all that work, I was busy with a few events. Two in Phoenix that started the day AFTER Christmas, and one in Vegas right after New Years.

I was asked to do an in-store appearance at Raptor Guitars, in North Phoenix, and the following day, Grand Funk had a show to celebrate a new light rail system in the Mesa area of Phoenix. The in-store was fun, and the owner George is a HUGE KISS fan, so he was thrilled to have me at his shop, and of course the fans came out in support. His Corvette is customized with Paul Stanley as he is a Washburn dealer. These pix were up on Kissonline recently.

I played a few guitars for the fans along with my backing CD and signed autographed afterwards. This young fan was SO excited I was in her city! The thing about KISS that always amazes me is how the music of the band is passed down to each new generation. She asked me if I could play "Shout It Out Loud!" Since that one was fresh in my mind from the MONSTER CIRCUS show, it was easy to give her a treat with the guitar parts.

Next day was the GFR show, and it was cool for Phoenix but the sun was shining bright for us to perform. There was a large crowd for sure, and we played great. I will keep you all posted about the dates this year for Grand Funk.

On Saturday the third, after working in the studio, I flew to Vegas to jam again with the SC SINNERS, this time at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV. (Just 15 minutes from the strip). I LOVE this hotel! My forth time there. Grand Funk has played the room twice and I took a short vacation there a few years back as well. Highly recommended. The set I do is many KISS classics from my era, and the crowd loved the song selection. Thank you Vegas!

So once again, hope your holiday season was great! I will get more news on the completion of BK 3 and all things BK in the coming weeks.

PS - I spent a great New Year's with my parents Harry and Alice.