Message From Bruce

- August 3, 2016

Bruce KulickI hope everyone is enjoying summertime! I have been traveling quite a bit with Grand Funk this year. We just had a short break in July, which was nice, but now we're busy again, booked almost every weekend for the next few months. Most of these shows are outside, and we have been lucky with great weather and huge crowds.

I have to admit, with this being our 17th year the band is grooving along wonderfully and the reaction from the crowds has been terrific. It's always fun to play with this band, and if you haven't seen me with them you are missing out on some good music and an entertaining show. My guitar playing is featured quite a bit, and having a rhythm section of Don and Mel is a dream come true musically.

I had a great time on my recent weekend in Detroit and near Dayton, Ohio doing back-to-back gigs with Grand Funk. I also did a clinic for ESP Guitars at Rock City Music (good name huh, as in DRC!), which had a fantastic turnout. I really enjoy those and I fit them in my busy schedule whenever I can. Thank you ESP, and Nick, the owner at Rock City for an awesome event for me and my fans.

Keep your eye on my FB and Twitter accounts, and I want to thank all my fans for supporting my career. I do love playing my guitar for you all. Have a safe and wonderful summer and come see Grand Funk!

All the best,

Bruce Kulick

PS-Photos by Daniel Sarkissian, a young filmmaker who is the creator of a new documentary these photos may be featured in called "What is Classic Rock?"
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