Message From Bruce

- December 18, 2017

Bruce KulickI want to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. There have been many things I am grateful for this year. My journeys to perform for my fans included almost fifty US gigs with Grand Funk. In addition, I did shows in Australia, Norway, Finland and the KISS Kruise VII. I will never forget the KISS Kruise performance on the kickoff night!

KISS expos in Los Angeles, Indianapolis and New York City were also very exciting events. There was the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Crazy Nights, Revenge being 25 years old, and many other milestones during the year of 2017.

A new song, a single from me and my wife Lisa Lane Kulick, was released in April. (A video will be coming soon as well.) And I was inducted into the Rock Godz Hall of Fame. All in all, quite a successful year. I am blessed to be playing my guitar, something so important to me.

Happy Holidays and I hope to see you all in 2018!


Bruce Kulick

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