Koolick's Picks

Very few people have the opportunity to pick the great guitarists they want to play with, but fans do get opportunities to obtain a pick that has been played with by a great guitarist. Below is a reference guide to the various guitar picks used over the years by Bruce.


Official Tour Picks

KISS: Animalize Tour 1984-1985
When guitarist Mark St. John came down with Reitter's Syndrome just before the Animalize tour, KISS called upon Bruce Kulick to fill in. Not knowing which guitarist would appear on stage, and since Bruce was not a full-time member of the band at the time, his signature did not appear on the picks. As we all know, Bruce fit in so well he became the guitarist for KISS for the next 12 years.
KISS: Asylum Tour 1985-1986
Bruce is now an official member of KISS. The brown version of this pick was only used for a few limited dates on the tour.
KISS: Crazy Nights Tour 1987-88

This same design would later be resurrected for the Hot In The Shade tour.

A rare silver version used on some of the last shows of the tour in the UK.
KISS: Hot In The Shade Tour 1990
Carried over from Crazy Nights tour.
KISS: Revenge Club Tour 1992
In support of the album, KISS played 20 specially selected club gigs in various cities around the US and UK prior to embarking on their world tour.
KISS: Revenge Tour 1992-1994
Also known as the "arena" tour.
KISS: Conventions & MTV Unplugged 1995
In reaction to the successful fan-based expos, KISS decided to stage their own conventions, where they stripped down and played their songs purely acoustic. This of course culminated in the now famous MTV Unplugged special.
UNION 1997-2001

After leaving KISS, Bruce teamed up with frontman John Corabi to form Union. Together with Brent Fitz on drums and James Hunting on bass they formed something powerful, magical and unique.

Union toured sporadically, but did not really have tour names or tie their schedule to specific album releases. As far as I can tell, Bruce started with black print and went to silver print. Note that his first picks did not have the Union diamonds in the logo.

Union's first tour kicked was in 1998, with the band going on hiatus after playing Sweden in 2000. Though a few one-off appearances occurred after Sweden, no new picks were made for those limited shows.
Grand Funk Railroad 2002 (Prototypes)

The first attempt to use the Grand Funk logo was a little too busy, resulting in the modified, simpler version commissioned below (2002-2004).

The second attempt used this modified, simpler version of the Grand Funk logo. Ultimately, the logo work would be rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise in the final approved version of the tour picks.
Grand Funk Railroad 2002-2004
Although Bruce joined Grand Funk Railroad at the end of 2000, he did not have custom picks until the beginning of 2002.
Grand Funk Railroad 2005-2006
The initial artwork Bruce initially hoped to use back in 2002 was perfected, making these look very sharp! If you notice, Bruce also used a different variation of his signature with these picks compared to his first GFRR picks.
Grand Funk Railroad 2006-2008
New colors and the block print logo in white print this time around.
Grand Funk Railroad 2008-2009
Two new pick colors in the block print logo with gold print this time.
Grand Funk Railroad 2010-2012
Transparent blue replaced white on the pick color palette and silver foil print replaced the gold foil of the previous set.
Grand Funk Railroad 2012-2013
New graphics featuring The American Band slogan and Uncle Sam "I Want You" hand.
Grand Funk Railroad 2013-2014
Grand Funk shortened to GFR on these red, white and blue pearl picks.
Grand Funk Railroad 2015-2016
Two different logos. The first 3 came out in early 2015. The second much later in the year.
Grand Funk Railroad 2017-Present
Go see Bruce on tour with Grand Funk Railroad and you just may catch one of these brand new designs!
Kulick & Gava Live on Tour 2011
Bruce played a couple of dates on March 11th in Buenos Aires and March 12 in Rosario with his friend Sebastian Gava.

They played songs from each of their respective solo albums and some KISS classics.
The Holy Grail!
If you've made it this far down the page, you must be a serious pick collector! Although Bruce certainly has used many of the picks shown above, THIS is what Bruce plays with most...a generic .73MM Dunlop nylon pick.

Novelty and Promotional Picks

Musicade Promotional Pick
These picks were sold through magazines in the mid-1980s. The signatures are upside down from the logos on the other side.
Fan Club Pick
This pick is from a Dutch fan club in the mid to late 1980s called Kiss Army Explorer.
ESP Guitars

These picks were made for handouts at the annual NAMM conventions (with the exception of the green one, which started off as an accident. The pick company used the ESP Guitars logo instead of the Eric Singer Project logo. Since Bruce endorses ESP guitars, they just let him have the picks). There are different plastics, different size picks and different size logos used over the years. Also, the E in ESP is different on the Japanese versions from the American versions due to a copyright in Japan on the speaker in the E by Electrovoice.

Return of the Comet
Promotional pick for the 1997 tribute album to Ace Frehley.
Eric Singer Project
Promotional pick for the 1998 "Lost and Spaced" album. Incidentally, this is the pick they were supposed to be making when the green ESP Guitars pick mentioned above was made.
Unholy Down Under
Oversized promotional picks (5" x 3") from 1996 to commemorate the Unholy Down Under featuring Bruce and Eric Singer. It was a series of clinics and jams in Australia in the wake of the KISS make-up reunion of the original 4 members.
I Walk Alone
Oversized promotional picks (5" x 3") from 1998 to commemorate the release of the Carnival of Souls album featuring Bruce on vocals on "I Walk Alone".
Promotional pick for Bruce's 2001 solo album, Audiodog. The dog reference is to Bruce's dog, Joe.
Promotional picks for Bruce's 2003 solo album, Transformer.
KKB 1974
Promotional picks for Bruce's 2008 release of KKB, which features music recorded back in 1974!

Promotional picks for Bruce's 2009 solo album, BK3.

Style 1 came out in 2009 in 18 different colors. Some were printed in gold, some on silver and some in black. The inspiration for the logo work on this one is drawn from the Australian EP pre-release.

Style 2 came out in 2010 in 6 different colors, all with gold print. These utilize the font from the full BK3 release on both sides of the picks.

Style 3 came out in 2011 in the same 6 colors as style 2, but this time with silver foil print. These utilize the cool font from the full BK3 release on both sides of the picks.
Joe the Audiodog 16th Birthday Party 2011
Bruce had very limited quantity special picks made to celebrate the 16th birthday of the one and only "Joe the Audiodog."  Due to overwhelming popularity the extras were sold, with part of the proceeds from each sale donated to the Pet Adoption Fund in California, where Bruce adopted Joe.
Bruce's Wedding Pick
Given out as table favors and in gift bags at Bruce's reception on January 4, 2014.
Bruce Kulick Model Guitar - Rock N' Roll Relics
These were available with Bruce's BK Model guitar produced by Rock N' Roll Relics, which was sold exclusively online by Rebel Guitars (2014 debut).
BK3 Vinyl
Promotional picks for the 2015 vinyl release of BK3. One random color included in each album.
KKB Got To Get Back
Promotional picks for the 2015 Got To Get Back re-mastered release from KKB, Bruce's first band. One pick included in each CD.
Promotional Appearances 2016-Present
First personal picks not tied to a band or specific CD. Used during personal appearances.
Crazy Nights 30th Anniversary - 2017
To honor the 30th anniversary of the release of Crazy Nights, Bruce offered both full size and miniature replicas of his yellow ESP M-1 "Banana" guitar featured on the back cover of the Crazy Nights album. These picks were included in the packages.
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